Blaque Ink Archives: Words, Words, Words

The following was posted February 12, 2011

Talk. Some people love to do it; some people are full of it, and some are great at using it to get their way. For whatever reason, some people believe that all it takes is a few words to get something done. Those people will simply speak, and that will be the end of it. However, there are those who are tired of mere words. They want action to follow those words, and they want such action to reflect those words. It’s a natural expectation all people want and deserve.

It comes down to trust. A person’s trust can be fragile when all that person has been fed with nothing but delightful words and promises only to have been disappointed one way or another numerous times. This person may conclude that trust is useless when it comes to people (or certain kinds of people), and as a result, that person may never trust (certain) people again. Some may even go so far as to box everyone in the same category. It becomes a defense machanism because that person doesn’t want to let his or her guard down again. That person is afraid that his (her) trust will be ruined again, and so continues viewing the world based on the people in the individual’s life and the pain associated with it. 

That doesn’t mean that something is wrong with the person. It means that person needs support. That person needs more than just mere words to make him(her) feel better. He(She) needs a reason to trust, and that reason involves action. 

All of us has been through this kind of “word play”. Everyone has used it from next-door neighbors, teachers, and children to community leaders, politicians, and diplomats. We’ve all either gave or received words to make others feel or think differently than before. However, we all haven’t used action every, single time. Some barely use action half of the time. 

I can only conclude by saying that all of us, myself included, must not be fooled or manipulated so easily by the words of certain ordinary, famous, or powerful people without asking questions or doing research (depending on the circumstances). We also must not make promises we can’t keep, or fail to practice what we preach. 

Words without action are like potato chip bags after you’ve eaten them all, empty, and like those bags, they become useless.


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