Blaque Ink Archives: White Women Annoy Me

The following was posted January 11, 2011

This post was inspired by Ankhesen Mie’s blog which featured a letter by an esteemed, mentally composed white woman (laughs). Also, this isn’t talking about all white women, but if you are one and you are offended, I don’t care.

Why do white women annoy the hell out of me? 

Maybe it’s because they are part of the history of racism whites in this country desperately try to ignore, and try to get everyone else to ignore. 

Maybe it’s because of the endless pleas for help from mentally unstable white women in the past and present that people of color harmed them in some way which turned out to be false. 

Maybe it’s because this society puts white women on a pedestal as definitions of beauty, grace, and purity, given the privilege of not being judged collectively with the white women’s antics on entertainment like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and Girls Gone Wild. 

Some white women believe they are princesses who are incapable of doing anything wrong. They believe they are the centers of the universe. This society helps maintain such images in advertising, fashion, and even toys. 

Some of them compete to see which one of them out of a certain number is the prettiest. 

Some of them who are mothers with daughters will have their daughters compete in pageants. Is it because of fun, or something they hate to admit? 

White women believe they are immune to the illness of racism. Yet, they continue to prove themselves and others wrong everytime. 

Some believe dating outside their race is proof of their “colorblindness”, but admit they love certain men for the myth of their sexual talents. 

Some constantly assume that women of color are jealous of them, and that they have every right to be. After all, white women are awesome, right? 

Some believe they know how to treat men of color better than their female counterparts. 

Some know that even though they will make mistakes, they are still loved by the public. Afterall, they are the default victims of the crimes of society according to the media. 

Above all, some white women are like their male counterparts. 

They don’t know or don’t want to know jack about racism or its effects.

They think they are blameless when it comes to…anything.

They believe they are experts on…everything.

They think they are the epitome of beauty, grace, and purity.

They see themselves as “basically” good.

They are a combination of the superiority and inferiority complexes, but obviously prefers the superiority complex as it feels good.

They see themselves as saviors, part of the superiority complex.

They are hypocrites.

They hate the truth, and…

Lastly, they will take one look at this post, get pissed off, send a comment or letter, and will express their disgusts, probably make racist remarks and will claim how racist they aren’t. Maybe.

Man! White women annoy me.


24 thoughts on “Blaque Ink Archives: White Women Annoy Me

  1. I read that missive you linked to. Maybe you should hook her up with unamused. They sound made for each other. Here’s a particularly enervating trait many of them have; the ability to start crying at the drop of a hat! This occurs if they are accused of being racist! You can accuse them of being bitches, whores, sluts, motherfuckers or cunts. They will want to fight you for that. But call them racist? The tears start to flow! I just want to smack the shit out of them when they do this, but I don’t want to go to jail!

    I had this one white woman come to me in tears because someone called her a racist. With tears streaming down her freckled face like Niagara Falls, she implored me to tell her if I thought she was racist(crack out the violins!)? Anywho, I told her I didn’t know but obviously someone thought she was. Her response was to sob even harder. This incident put me in mind of a comedy skit. Of course I was the evil negress for not comforting her and assuring her she was not.

    I also find some of the ones married or hooked up with black men to be hilarious! Some women have said to me “my kids are mulatto”. Or my husband/boyfriend is black. When I asked them as to why they are telling me this, they are at a loss for words. I told one that when her ‘mulatto kid’ gets stopped by the cops, they will be black not mulatto, especially if they are caught committing a crime! They are of course taken aback by this. You see, they have blessed their ‘mulatto’ child with natures blessing;white blood. Of course they are not all like this, but the ones who aren’t are few and far between in my experience.

    I had one heifer whisper conspiratorially in my ear that she loved black men! I will say though, that I have never come across some of these birds accusing black women of being jealous of them. Funnily enough, many of them have black girlfriends. They take on the stereotypical, what they perceive as ‘black culture’. Some are ridiculous in the lengths they will go to mimic these stereotypes. I once had one ask me a question in patois. I said “pardon me?” She reverted back to her bland white Canadian self and asked for directions. Not only do these broads copy stereotypes, they assign them to random black folk. Anywho, enough comedy!

    1. I always say that white people think being called racist is worst than being called the Anti-Christ. Some white women have adopted two archetypes: the Princess Perfect or the Queen Bitch. The Princess Perfect thinks she could do or say no wrong, and is easily fragile when faults are presented to her. She breaks down and tries to flip the script. The Queen Bitch is similar in that they both think they are faultless and that the world revolves around them (more or less). However, she’s the angry white woman-type that will go off. Still, both archetypes have “friends” or followers that will support her and hang with her no matter what for some reason. I ran into two types in the same setting before, and it is not pretty at all.

  2. Here’s something that white women do that annoys the crap out of me; I’ve only seen some self-hating black women do this in favor of their white friends – the practice of ‘saving a spot in the queue’. This happened at the coffee shop this morning: I had walked in about a minute before some white broad, who was busily digging in her purse and taking her sweet time. She pulled out some gift card, then jumped in line 4 people ahead of me. Never mind that others have been patiently waiting their turn!

    Funny, too, that white guys never seem to have a problem when one of their ‘ice queens’ does this, but you can bet the hue and cry that would be raised if I dared do this for another sister!

  3. Another thing: they seem to never outgrow the high-school stage, emotionally. Because of this, they always seem to need male attention – especially if said male happens to be talking with *GASP* a BLACK WOMAN!
    Again, this just happened today, here at work – not 5 minutes ago! A woman is here from one of our other offices. I’ve tried to talk with her a couple of times, and she basically ignored my attempts to be cordial. Hoever, I was talking with a couple of my male co-workers as they’re heading out to lunch – guess who suddenly turned into ‘Chatty Cathy’ for the sole purpose of interjecting herself into my conversation? If I did something like that, I’d be glared at as if I were a rude bitch! 🙄

  4. I came to the same conclusion before even reading this blog. Yes white women think they are the center of the universe. All I see on Tv and commercials are white women trying to act and be cute. There are many women of other ethnicities who should have just as much or more exposure as white women. There is no denying that white women are easy on the eyes, but they perpetuate that and bask in their own glory. Isn’t it time we open our eyes and embrace all wome of all ethnic backgrounds?

      1. this society values white women like it values money.

        That’s the sad truth, right there…

        Just like all of the tripe that is trotted out on television: every ad shows some anorexic white chick with ridiculously large breast implants, striding in slo-mo in short, tight skirts and fuck-me heels, long hair blowing in the breeze. White women are allowed to be beautiful even if they’re supposedly a tweaked-out meth-head, or the new term “adorkable” (WTF is THAT supposed to mean?!?) – it’s patently obvious that the media is biased, and white women believe the hype that allows them to be placed on pedestals. Funny thing is, they don’t realize that those pedestals are made of shite and built on quicksand…

    1. I’m just curious…what makes white women “easy” on the eye.

      You find beauty in all cultures around the world–this is true–but you just fell into your own trap by giving “white” beauty the “no doubt” labeling…which defeats the purpose of highlighting all beauty in its various shades because you basically just admitted–“there is no doubt that white women as a whole are easy on the eyes” which will blind and bias you against the beauty of “others”…

  5. This is some of the most hypocritical bullshit I’ve ever read. You’re all typing about how awful racism is (which it is) and you can’t even see how fucking racist you are being to white people! It’s a two way street you know and this kind of tripe is exactly the problem of racism, no matter what “side” you are on.

    “Good point. But like I always say, whiteness is never based on logic.” – brothawolf.

    You racist piece of shit. Take a long hard look in the mirror before you open your stupid mouth again. I don’t care what color you are, an ignorant dickhead is an ignorant dickhead.

    You are not nearly as smart as you think you are.

    1. And yet, my blog was appealing enough for you to take some time out of your busy schedule to tell me how racist and ignorant I am.

      Here’s the deal, I am racist. Why? I was born into a racist society. I was programmed to think a certain way in regards to color. Am I proud of it? No. However, I am honest enough to admit it.

      Here’s another point. My racism won’t even make so much as a dent in white racism. So, you have nothing to worry about from me, except that I will continue to write what I feel and what needs to be written.

    2. Oh, won’t someone think of the poor white people. Sure they’re the center of the universe and their word has sent thousands of black men, women and children (along with countless PoC’s) to destitution, prison or death. Sure white women sat smiling at lynchings in front of burning, hanging bodies yet now claim they weren’t complicit in the racism that was frequent in every era since the U.S. was formed. Sure, they stood against rights for PoC women while at the same time demanding rights for themselves, and still, right now, openly ignore abuse against WoC in favor whining over minor infractions and name calling. Sure, they make WoC choose between their race and gender yet still won’t let them have an identity of their own. Sure they sit there in their ivory towers and claim slightly offensive jokes are more traumatizing than child slavery, sex-slaves, or prostitution. Sure, at their instance, they can even get away with terrible deeds if they just say “a black man/woman did it”. Sure, white women have often manipulated racist attitudes to get away with their own less than savory actions (Susan Smith, etc.). Sure they have the power to have entire black cities cordoned off or burned to the ground in the name of “justice” (Tulsa, Rosewood, etc).

      In the end, we must all remember that nothing any PoC has ever experienced in regards to bigotry will be compared to the terrible pain white people will feel for centuries by reading ONE post about hypocritical white women who go out of their way to seem “buddy” with black people until they see them as a threat, and suddenly “Mammy” turns into “Jezebel” and it’s time to remind black people where their place is…under white women.

      I thank you for telling us how it really is.

  6. How is it “annoying” that they don’t know or don’t want to know anything about racism?

    After all, if they are not racists, it stands to reason they would have nothing to do with it, or even the slightest interest in such.

    I take an interest in racism, because I see the negative and disastrous effects of Amerika’s AntiWhite racist policies. Which spread like wildfire to whites, turning whites into antiwhite racists and self hating “guilt sufferers”.

    Propaganda against Whites is believed even by the Whites. We should all pull our Slave Card out, and say Whites have been stolen from Europe’s coast in the millions, by black moors from afrika, or muslims from the mediteranean or russians who deported into siberia or their isolated work camps that escape was impossible for normal untrained whites, without any ranger or explorer skills back then and even now.

    Whites never pull out their Slave Card. Though historically we have every right to. When Alaric conquered and sacked Rome, he didn’t kill romans or destroy the city, he merely freed the 40.000 + Visigothic slaves the romans captured from Wallachia.

    And the list goes on. If you count the Romans as Latino or Semitic like Egyptians, which is likely, considering their Patricians were Etruscans, who are white, while most romans were just pleebs or conquered tribes from Greece, Lybia, Carthage, Spain, Iberia of Asia, Persia and other non-white majority provinces, like Egypt.

    Then that proves PoC tried from ancient pre-christian times to take white slaves from Europe. Rarely being released on exception whenever a brave conqueror like Alaric conquered the western lands, to place White Europeans as the Ruling Class of Arian Christians in most regions of Central, SW,W,NW and Northern Europe. Even in North Afrika, where they conquered Carthage, defeating the roman fleets.

    Believe it or not, white women have much superior things to worry about than “racism”, which is totally not amongst their interests. Unless someone makes it their interest, by paying them or using them as mouth pieces and preaching pigs.

  7. This is a very interesting subject.


    As a white woman, I honestly can not be offended or disagree with any of the above. I can absolutely see where white women would be perceived as described; it is DEFINITELY annoying and almost sounds like a bad joke when someone spells it out like that. It’s kind of embarrassing and shameful, but the hardest part on the subject is: there is absolutely nothing I as a white woman can do about it. All I can do is go about my business and treat every person politely and respectfully.

    Race isn’t something I personally think about, probably because I am white and have never been on the receiving end of racial descrimination.. atleast not to the degree any non-caucasion individual goes through every single day. So it’s easy for me to forget that racism is still a thing… White people, black people, whatever.. I don’t think about it. It’s a snap back to reality to think about the fact that we all still force ourselves and each other into unspoken class systems. I’m not sure if it’s conciously chosen thing, or somehting the cultures have been conditioned to over centuries…

    And the only comical part about it is that there is no possible way for me or any other white woman to defend ourselves because it’s for the most part true, and the more we deny it, the further we enfore it. I suppose it’s not our battle to fight, really. What could I possibly do to stifle this white-woman stigma that I don’t already do? Nothing, without being precocious, honestly. But then the irony is, if I didn’t try to fight the stereotype, I’d be considered indifferent and further illustrating the profile.

    We’ve come a long way, but I guess we’re still not there just yet.

    Thanks for the read 🙂

  8. As I sit here at a mall I see mostly white people. I remember in school seeing all girls as fair game until I reached high school then the rules set in. Somewhere, some how white girls are programmed to not get involved with say a black guy. But in college they liberate themselves for 4 years until its time to once again rejoin “privileged” white society. I say privileged but what I mean is middle to upper class. Lower class whites are basically in a similar boat as a minority in some respects.

    With such a topsy-turvy experience with white girl and white women I find it easier to just ignore them. Look at them but don’t get involved. Its just too taxing mentally speaking. If you think about every one of them has had an incalculable degree of shifts in perception with other color people that it makes me (a black guy) just feel like its stepping in on land mine after another.

    The other funny thing is a white woman is more open to other race relationships after they’ve been either: divorced, dumped too many times, divorced and a single mom. Its like whoever/whenever the programmer of their social competence is/was they then and only then feel duped enough to say eff it I’m doing what ever (heaven forbid) I want with who I want. And of course lets not forget the caste out white girls, you know who they are.

    Oh and another thing a little off topic but white girls (people ) love jogging, running. But I think it has more to do with the professions they have. Many ho run have desk jobs and having a once limited movement desk job myself I can tell you I did jog a little but not to the extend of white people who may hold those kinds of jobs for decades.

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