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The following was posted January 11, 2011

This post was inspired by Ankhesen Mie’s blog which featured a letter by an esteemed, mentally composed white woman (laughs). Also, this isn’t talking about all white women, but if you are one and you are offended, I don’t care.

Why do white women annoy the hell out of me? 

Maybe it’s because they are part of the history of racism whites in this country desperately try to ignore, and try to get everyone else to ignore. 

Maybe it’s because of the endless pleas for help from mentally unstable white women in the past and present that people of color harmed them in some way which turned out to be false. 

Maybe it’s because this society puts white women on a pedestal as definitions of beauty, grace, and purity, given the privilege of not being judged collectively with the white women’s antics on entertainment like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and Girls Gone Wild. 

Some white women believe they are princesses who are incapable of doing anything wrong. They believe they are the centers of the universe. This society helps maintain such images in advertising, fashion, and even toys. 

Some of them compete to see which one of them out of a certain number is the prettiest. 

Some of them who are mothers with daughters will have their daughters compete in pageants. Is it because of fun, or something they hate to admit? 

White women believe they are immune to the illness of racism. Yet, they continue to prove themselves and others wrong everytime. 

Some believe dating outside their race is proof of their “colorblindness”, but admit they love certain men for the myth of their sexual talents. 

Some constantly assume that women of color are jealous of them, and that they have every right to be. After all, white women are awesome, right? 

Some believe they know how to treat men of color better than their female counterparts. 

Some know that even though they will make mistakes, they are still loved by the public. Afterall, they are the default victims of the crimes of society according to the media. 

Above all, some white women are like their male counterparts. 

They don’t know or don’t want to know jack about racism or its effects.

They think they are blameless when it comes to…anything.

They believe they are experts on…everything.

They think they are the epitome of beauty, grace, and purity.

They see themselves as “basically” good.

They are a combination of the superiority and inferiority complexes, but obviously prefers the superiority complex as it feels good.

They see themselves as saviors, part of the superiority complex.

They are hypocrites.

They hate the truth, and…

Lastly, they will take one look at this post, get pissed off, send a comment or letter, and will express their disgusts, probably make racist remarks and will claim how racist they aren’t. Maybe.

Man! White women annoy me.