Blaque Ink Archives: Television, a Religion

The following was posted April 3, 2011

Its bible is the TV Guide. It has six sub-groups of of its sect. It’s chapel is located in homes all over the nation and beyond either in square boxes or flat screens, and the gods are wealthy, old white males. It is a religion that has grown since the chapel’s invention in the early 20th Century, and it is driven by profit and ratings. We pay offerings through cable and satellite bills. On that note the surmons are transmitted through cable or satellite. 

It’s television, and it’s a religion. 

Television (TV) has become something most people can’t live without. We use it as a source of information and entertainment, but mostly for entertainment. It’s an invention used to decrease boredom either on its own or with other devices like video game systems. Still, TV is a tool for entertainment… 

Or is it something more?

It’s been said that you can’t believe everything you see on TV. However, can a simple machine be powerful enough to destroy the border between truth and fiction? Can it distort reality enough to produce fantasy? Can what appears to be news and information still contain inharmonious and invalid messages of deformed information strong enough to warp a person’s mind about themselves or the world?

There are those who feel that such suspicions are unfounded. They believe TV is not a powerful appliance but a mere home entertainment system and nothing more. Those people believe that people who do learn from TV, particularly from entertainment stations and various, certain programming, are mentally deficient. To some blaming TV is about as blasphemous as blaming God. 

However, there are those who believe that other programs like news programs and channels, are considered useful information about the world. 

The TV media presents limited images about the world, and has broadcast entertainment with the help of limited talent and circumscribed viewpoints. Only certain people are reasonable choices for certain kinds of TV for certain audiences. In a nation such as the United States there are certain villians and certain heroes in the TV religion. Certain heroes are mostly of a certain color, gender, nationality, etc. and the same goes for the bad guys.

There are certain kinds of entertainment for certain kinds of people. If certain people are left out, it seems to be of little concern. If certain people are demonized, who in the media cares? If certain opinions matter, then who cares what anyone else says? 

Everything in TV is certain, but who ultimately determines it, the big bosses or the audiences? Is this the result of the neverending greed of major media companies still looking for more outlets to own to use as their mouthpieces? Is this the result of the public ultimately not caring anything about what really matters in the realm of TV, that they prefer to feel instead of to think? Is this the result of society’s money-mongers preferring the public to live in docility as doing so will make it easier to tell them what to think and what to do?

Do we worship TV more than we want to believe?


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