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So, after several years, Osama Bin Ladin, leader of the terrorist group Al Qaeda, and poster boy for American fear and hatred towards Islam, Muslims, and Arabian culture in general worldwide, has been killed by gunfire by U.S. Navy SEALs in Pakistan. As expected, people all across the US and beyond are jumping for joy, and the fear of a possible “revenge” from Al Qaeda soldiers begins to surface. Nevertheless, Americans see this as a victory of sorts, that they finally got the man responsible for a heinous attack on US soil killing thousands. Love for the good ole USA is shown on Ground Zero, NYC, and other places across the country.

However, this is no victory, nor is it a cause for celebration.

America has always been seen as the land of freedom and opportunity. Americans see themselves as the people fortunate to live in a land that is supposed to be the greatest nation (ever) on the planet. They believe this is truly a land of the free and the home of the brave, and anyone and everyone who disagrees in the slightest hates this country and its “freedom.” Such was the case made when waging the War on Terror.

But Alas, the reality is that the United States was built from the genocide and slavery of Natives and Africans in which white supremacy was spawned like a demon to suppress POC into a space where they are forced, one way or another, to believe and accept lies created by those who benefit from such a system. The United States while proclaiming to be a model for civility, morality, justice, and freedom, is nothing more than a self-absorbed, delutional, lying bastard of a young bully who can start fights with any country and feel proud in doing so.

While Bin Laden has been killed, some people could really care less. Of course, he was responsible for 9/11 and the leader of Al Qaeda, but how many people were killed in the process of finding one man, a search that took almost a decade and all for the goal of freedom that is reserved for some and not all? How many billions, if not trillions, of dollars was spent to find him as well as to fund this endless, meaningless, and winless war that still goes on even after the fact? What could possibly be gained from this?

Even though Americans have been proud of this moment, this country will continue on its road to self-destruction. More and more black and brown people will continue to end up locked up in prison thereby swelling the population further. More poor communities, especially those of color will still get the short end of the economic stick while the small population of rich and wealthy will remain at the top. Education will never get the urgent reformation it needs to fully accommodate all children and strengthen a poor child of color’s chances of making it in a society that sees him(her) as a throwaway threat. Racism will continue go unchecked on a national and historical level. Gas prices will rise while financial prosperity and stability will go down. Environmental destruction will continue for power and profit and covered up by denial and excuses. Politicians will continue to lie and cheat. Efforts to keep as many Mexicans and other foreign POC from enterting this country as possible will continue as a guise of “maintaining democracy for descent (usually meaning white) Americans.” Media companies will continue to shortchange i’s viewers, and military manufacturers will continue to profit by providing innovative ways to kill more and more people indescriminately.

Yet, God blesses America.

Killing Bin Laden is a hollow achievement as America has proven that its lust for racism, materialism, and militarism is what this country is all about; all three will eventually be the catalysts of this nation’s downfall.