I’m Not Racist, But…

The following is a response to this website called I’m Not Racist, But… I’m not racist, but… I’m not racist, and some of my friends are______, but… I’m not racist, but______need to… I’m not racist, but______are so… I think you’re getting the picture. It’s an infuriating message that serves as its own contradiction while at […]

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Average Blogging

Why did I started blogging? I started the old Blaque Ink blog over a year ago mostly to help vent my frustrations about this country. In particular my greatest frustrations came from…well, living in a nation stubbornly attached to the many “isms” that continue to divide us. A lot of what was posted was mostly […]

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Reverse Racism

There are whites who learn and understand the concepts and consequences of racism, admit that it is a major problem this society must confront, and are committed to trying to end a destructive ideology. However, you have those that still don’t understand, and those that don’t want to understand. Some of them fear that the […]

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Onstage Comedy or Pedophilia?

WARNING: Suggestive content. I saw it, but I couldn’t believe it! A Youtube video shows a clip of what appears to be a concert in the Netherlands in 1993. Openly gay Dutch comedian, actor, and singer Paul de Leeuw performs a duet with a little boy (probably around his pre-teens) in front of an audience. The song […]

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Victimizing Victimizers

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, leader of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), was arrested at the John F. Kennedy International Airport shortly before his flight to Paris, France. He was accused of sexually assaulting a maid who came in his room to clean it around noon at the Time Square Hotel. According to reports, he allegedly crept up behind the maid naked, […]

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Dissing Sistas as Science

Here we go again, another so-called scientific article that “proves” that something is wrong with black people! This time, the prejudice is targeted towards black women. As a black man I must speak up on it. This is the reason why so many of us are angry, and we have every damn right to be so! […]

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