This entry is especially dedicated Unamused, BD, GL Piggy, Chuck, and all their pals.

Racism is everywhere, including in cyberspace. While there are online movements to counter this plague, there are those that will keep racism alive even if it means invading anti-racist sites. Some people refer to these types as trolls because they basically show up to undermine a topic or discussion for reasons one can only imagine. Some do it briefly, and some are consistant. Those that troll briefly show up in one or several comments before they ultimately stop posting either on their own or if the moderator had enough of their bullshit.

Racist trolls are especially troublesome because racism is the very thing that does more harm than good. No one knows this more than POC in the good ole’ U.S. of A. Regardless of that simple truth, racist bloggers and trolls seem hell bent on maintaining it even in the face of logic. To them racism is justified for some reason or another and anyone who’s against it is in denial. Some choose to blog about, some like to just go to anti-racism sites and refute it, or both.

There are sound explanations, in the minds of these racists, as to why certain people, namely blacks, are inferior. Some believe that black people lack good behavior in public, commit more crimes in this country, can’t speak the King’s English, etc. etc. In blogs, forums, and various other websites they state such things but lack reasonable evidence. Nonetheless, they know there are blacks who do not behave so “savagely”, but they believe most blacks in the millions upon millions of blacks in this nation act this way. So, to be racist against blacks is okay.

Some choose the more (pseudo) scientific approach stating everything from I.Q. testing to the Bell Curve to blaming the liberal agenda as plausible sources of information. Even though all of them are biased if not loaded with flaws, they support them and anything or anyone else who use science as a guise to present their racist viewpoints. They especially love to throw that “it’s all about genetics” shit at you.

Some, who are more liberal, try not to present themselves as racist, but will type racist comments. Anyone with a keen eye and an understanding of racism will identify it in an instant. Usually, a debate or argument follows along with typical denial, and it begins a cycle of back-and-forths with this individual often leading others in the mix. Still, the person avoids the reality that he or she has a racist mindset.

Then, you have the usual “bottom of the barrel” racists that use racial epithets in as few sentences as possible with at least one spelling error.

Racist trolls in anti-racism blogs tend to love derailing any issue on race to spread their racism (some but not all). However, one thing is more than clear. These racists are not interested in learning anything or changing their minds. They do not wish to know that POC, mostly blacks, are still suffering from racism, and they don’t give a damn how much evidence you present to support your argument. It is futile to argue with a stubborn, ignorant-ass racist totally commited to the cause. All they seem to care about is telling people why racism is…understandable!