The Royal Treatment

By now, whether you care or not, something “exciting” happened! Prince William of Cambridge marries…whatshername (Catherine Middleton). The event was so important that major media networks, including Spanish-speaking network Univision, devoted at least a couple of hours of broadcasting it live. From what I’ve seen, there was a huge crowd of people waving Union Jacks […]

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The Un-American President

Poor Barack Obama. As soon as he was elected many Americans believed that this nation has finally achieved something that seemed impossible, they believed that this nation has now become a “post-racial” society or a nation of “colorblindness.” In both cases, those people wish it was true. In almost no time this nation’s white resentment and […]

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Racist News Rant

This is mostly a rant, but it doesn’t make it any less important. I also know the questions I’ll ask have obvious answers, but I’ll ask them anyway… In my former blog I’ve written about the news media, and my personal disgust for it. When it comes to news, there is almost nothing worth reading, hearing, or […]

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Black Unity

This post is based upon a guest post by Greg Dragon featured on Abagond. Black unity is a goal many brothers and sisters have been striving to achieve for years and years, the goal to unify all people of African origin under a common goal of empowerment, enlightment, and achievement, among other things. Black unity […]

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Racist Trolls

This entry is especially dedicated Unamused, BD, GL Piggy, Chuck, and all their pals. Racism is everywhere, including in cyberspace. While there are online movements to counter this plague, there are those that will keep racism alive even if it means invading anti-racist sites. Some people refer to these types as trolls because they basically show […]

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Working Hard

There’s a belief among some folks that those at the bottom of the socioeconomic caste system chose to live struggling to live day by day. To their logic they made the decision to stay poor and out of the mainstream. Those same people believe that if one works hard and pulls up their bootstraps, they […]

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