Black Folks Can Think For Themselves


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There seems to be a recurring, static theme among Republicans that black people, in general, vote for the Democratic party because we have been manipulated by them. There’s an even crazier notion that by joining the right, everything will be fine and dandy.

I’ve dealt with this mindset before dealing with a certain conservative blogger. He or “they” apparently think that black people aren’t smart enough to think for themselves. That’s why we somehow always vote Democrat as if we all vote for the left. Judging by black politicians Dr. Ben Carson and Colin Powell alone, they would see that we are not all down for the Dems.

Those of us that are, however, do so because we generally go for the lesser of two evils. We don’t all think the Democratic party is all good. We see that it has its share of demons in the form of racism and discrimination. So, we keep an eye on it as we would Republicans and their bullshit. The only thing is that they are more covert, careful, clever and quiet than the right. So they deserve extra special attention since they’re all for free speech, stricter gun laws, legalizing marijuana and all that shit. How will all that benefit black folks? See what I mean?

The thing that drives most (white) people crazy, especially those on the right, are people of color with minds of their own. They want us to be obedient to them the same way slavemasters want their slaves to be docile and quiet. It’s funny how we’re supposed to get over slavery coming from those who still like like slavemasters and their negro “helpers”.

All in all, we are not a monolith of mindless drones as many conservatives and just as many liberals think. We are all individuals with our own mindsets, thoughts and feels. And there are times and issues where some of us can agree on, and some of us think the Republican party is cray-cray and stupid when it comes to real world problems and situations. Largely speaking, they choose not to know what the hell black people need and they are purposely ignorant of the issues we face daily. Their dismal record of not knowing a damn thing about what the black community goes through speaks for itself.

Again, in case someone doesn’t fully understand, black folks can think for themselves. If there are some who side with the right, sad as it may be, we accept that. We are not all one hive-mind collective. We are a group of individuals with minds of our own. If Republicans don’t respect that, then it’s totally on them, not us, especially those of us free-thinkers.

Black Lives


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It’s hard being black in a white dominated world. Even though there’s a movement to dismantle a proven ideal, black lives truly don’t matter, unless they’re doing the bidding of the demons of white supremacy. But even then, they don’t matter compared to that of whites. When it comes to police, it’s obvious everytime a black person’s life is taken at the hands of cops, one way or another. It’s even more obvious if and when those same cops get off with a light sentence, if they are ever punished. Maybe that’s why so many black folks believe in a place called Heaven. We’re living in a virtual Hell on Earth created by white racism.

From day one, black folks are told in some way that they are worthless or just plain rotten. And there are systems in place to ensure they turn into the very thing white racism wants them to be or else they face death. Either we become complicit of white supremacy, accept it for what it is and its definition of who we are, or we face its wrath which could result in our very lives being taken.

Simultaneously, white people are given the red carpet treatment of positivity. The same system gunning for black people, and people of color in general, nurtures and even protects them from the harsh realities of the world. They tell them that their physical features and white skin are testaments of superiority over the human race, that they are predestined to rule the world and everyone on it. In a way, they are as close to God, whom is white Himself through the ideal of white supremacy, as you can get, This is not to say they live in Heaven or that they don’t have problems of their own, but compared to how we got it, they live in a white utopia of basic goodness while we represent the exact opposite.

That is one reason why the Black Lives Matter Movement is threatening to them. It Some white people prefer to think they are the only lives that truly matter, because somewhere in the white racist fold, they are told they are victims of black racism. They are also scared of the reality that their fellow human beings are being devalued. So, instead of facing it, they run away from it.

Black Lives Matter is a loud and proud response to the constant taking of black lives at the hands of the police, the people charged with the responsibility to ‘serve and protect’ but has done anything else but when it comes to black citizens. No where does it advocate that only black lives matter and everyone else’s don’t. It wishes to acknowledge that black lives are worth just as much as whites.

Black lives are depreciated daily through all facets of society. Black Lives Matter is one way of changing that for the sake of humanity. Those who see it as a bad thing obviously need their moral compass fixed.

Vern’s Venting: Get Your Own House In Order


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By Lavern Merriweather:

Lil Duvall, a very unfunny and annoying comedian, shared the sentiment of a lot of white folks when he stated that the #blacklivesmatter movement should also cause a stir when black people kill each other. He, like a lot of misguided Negroes, seem to believe that there is no outcry from the community when black-on-black violence occurs.

While I feel that he couldn’t be more wrong, the thing that pisses me off the most about that attitude is does he not expect that we would be upset when it’s the police? So, according to him and stupid Negroes like him, there is supposed to be a hierarchy of outrage, that we are somehow being hypocrites, because our anger is more palpable when the perpetrator is a white male authority figure.

Somebody needs to remind that clueless black soul that maybe we get more pissed off about white males is because for the longest time, we couldn’t. For decades, black people had no say in the murder of another black person by white hands.

Once upon a time in America, a lynching was held in a public square. White people would show up by the thousands to watch a black male, and in some cases black female, hung by the neck until they died. Much of the time it was for no damn good reason at all. It could have easily been because some arrogant ass white prick was irate that day. And the best way for that fucker to fuel his aggression was to take it out on the most expendable person available. No secret who that hell that was back then.

Not only that but a number of times, white people would bring their families to a lynching. White women would bring the kids, food and drink. It would often times be considered a party or picnic outing. So maybe THAT’S why our feathers become a shitload more ruffled when the person gunning down a black person wears a badge and has white skin, particularly when the end result of a lynching is basically still the fucking same. Our lives can be taken at a moment’s notice with no consequence or justice involved pretty much how it was 100 years ago, even as some white folks whine that they aren’t responsible for what their ancestors did. You are when you have turned into your ancestors, asshole! You commit the same exact behavior, yet deny your guilt of what they did. It don’t work that way partner. You are no different and just as much of a fucknut if you are repeating history in the name of police duties.

Another thing, those gangbangers killing other black people will face a form of punishment. The cops on the other hand have nothing more to worry about than maybe a suspension or probation.

Now, you know when even ex-cops are saying that sonofabitch needs to burn for what he did, something ain’t right. Very few people including fellow officers are justifying the cop in Cincinnati who brutally murdered Samuel Dubose recently. The offending officer has since been charged with murder and has a million dollar bond. As skeptical as I am, still it’s good to see somebody in blue finally held accountable. This would not have happened if we had followed the rhetoric of people like Duvall. Are some black people being rather inconsistent with their argument of black lives matter? Of course, but that doesn’t mean every black person is. And it damn sure doesn’t mean that our passion about the desire to protect ourselves from reckless, stupid thug police officers should slow down in any way, in spite of how some foolish ass Negro feels, especially when he probably isn’t doing that much for either cause. Those Negroes who squawk the most about other black people most likely don’t do shit else but complain, like the folks who are under the impression that Obama is the only one that can bring about change.

Every time I hear some half-wit like Larry Wilmore or Fake Noise’s best house ho Angela McGlowan piss and moan that our current president isn’t doing enough, I always wonder what the fuck are they doing? Are they creating protest groups or organizing marches, you know the stuff that black folks used to do before the butter biscuits took over and convinced the rest of us that racism had become a thing of the past? The problem is we have gotten far too lazy and complacent while the dummies with the biggest mouths have taken the mike. If that ain’t bad enough, their agenda is mostly clouded in the hopes of appeasing their white bosses. Trust when I say that Lil Duvall’s motivation relies solely on a paycheck from the people he has to keep happy, the same way black folks stepped aside and viewed their own dying in record numbers.

I would bet that there have been more black people killed in America by the practice of lynching than in the last five world wars combined. The statistics don’t reflect the truth, because the only raw numbers white people state are the ones that say we commit most of the crimes in America while yet another black family makes funeral preparations because some dick cop was having a bad day. Sound familiar? Yeah, because that’s just what it is. I can shoot to kill and get away with it because nobody cares about those darkies. The one thing missing now is the beer and potato salad. A party is probably what that prick will get after he gets away with murder. A black person killing a fellow black however gets prison food and jail time. Perhaps Lil Duvall thinks that’s a fair trade off, but I sure as fuck don’t and neither do a lot of other black people. That’s why the fight against somebody white takes on a whole different and much more significant meaning, despite the protests of those who never lift a finger to protest anything in the first damn place.

Vern’s Venting: Same Shit, Different Name


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By Lavern Merriweather:

Yet another black person has been senselessly murdered by a member of the cocksuckers on the police force [sigh!]. If it sounds like I have no respect for law enforcement, that’s because I don’t. Cops have become the scum of the fucking Earth to me. Don’t give me that song and dance either about being a in a noble profession or putting their life on the line blah, blah, blah. I don’t want to hear it, because that doesn’t mean shit to me. They don’t mean shit to me.

Still, those not on the receiving end i.e. white people, especially those at Fake Noise, just can’t figure out why those angry darkies hate the police so much. I tell you assholes why. It’s because they deserve our damn hatred! It’s because they have declared open season on us, and then expect us to tolerate it. Besides they feel that they can bogart our saying for their own purpose when the numbers of their deaths are not evenly matched to ours.

Samuel Dubose, a young, black and unarmed male from Cincinnati has become yet another notch on the belt of black lives stolen by the police. I won’t call Mr. Dubose a statistic, because I feel that lessens his value as a human being, something that has been happening far too often with the police shootings. It’s a pattern of insensitivity I refuse to engage in. Just like I won’t indulge the high minded Negroes and white folks on social media by saying that he had it coming. Bottom line, many black folks, especially young black folks, have EVERY right at this point to not want to respect a cop’s authority, to not want to do as we are told particularly when you take into account that he wasn’t doing a damn thing wrong.

Mr. Dubose was sitting in his car near a school district. So naturally, cops had to be called because a scary black man was sitting in a vehicle minding his own business. Apparently in this day and age, that has been deemed grounds for murder when you are black. The thug cop harassing Mr. Dubose, of course, tried to lie and say that Dubose was dragging him even while his dashcam video says otherwise. Then when that load of bullshit didn’t work, he said that Mr. Dubose attempted to run him over. The offending officer is now in jail with a million dollar bond awaiting trial on a charge of second degree murder.

Although we have seen this scenario play out before with cops allowed the freedom to take black lives with impunity, the fact this sonofabitch is being held accountable to some extent still makes me hopeful. Needless to say, there have been protests, not riots, after the murder of Mr. Dubose. The mayor of Cincinnati John Cranley has called for peace in his city and says he won’t tolerate lawlessness. It looks like that puissant already has seeing how he isn’t saying that same shit to his officers. Typical that the same white folks crying for peace never feel the urgency to instruct their agents of law to not be thugs themselves. They call for calm when they have spent years permitting chaos by their own civil servants. Sorry chief, but it’s a little late in the game to cry for ——— when your boys are killing black people with as much reckless abandon as they can.

During a protest in Ferguson on the one year anniversary of Mike Brown’s death, violence erupted when a youth fired shots at officers. Several officers were wounded but none seriously. It didn’t take long for both sides of the media to use this as an excuse to point fingers and claim that this is why police presence in certain areas is imperative. I say that maybe he was shooting at cops because of the vicious and sadistic way we have been abused by authority. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon to attack and distance themselves, I would be cheering that young brother on. The only thing I hate about it is that there were no fatalities for the cops.

If you think that’s a rotten thing for me to admit, then consider what happened at the Danziger Bridge in New Orleans ten years after Katrina. Two black families were trying to leave the city when they were confronted by some approaching police cars. The police who got out started an altercation which resulted in shots being fired and two of the party killed. A black crime reporter working the case at that time says that when the police reported that there were two fatalities on their side and none on the police side, there was applause. Another classic example that black lives DON’T matter to 5-0, including black people that were just trying to find help after a devastating tragedy.

You think that cops would have reacted that way towards the mostly white people on the East coast affected by Hurricane Sandy? No! Nor were any of the Sandy people called stupid because they believed that staying and protecting their property was a better priority than finding refuge elsewhere. Plus, none of the Sandy people would dared be called looting while searching the city in hopes of getting food or clean clothing.

Then there is the story of college player Christian Taylor. Mr. Taylor was a stand-out football player who broke into a car dealership one night in what appears to be a drug induced haze. He ran around the building hopping on cars and even smashed the glass of one, got in then rammed it into the front door. The cops were called and, as usual, when they arrived, Mr. Taylor was treated with disregard and disrespect. Mr. Taylor refuse to comply with police and was shot where he later died of his injuries. Many on Twitter and YouTube are whining that Christian got what he deserved, because he was being defiant with police and that he committed a crime.

While I don’t know what set Mr. Taylor off, I can say without question that it probably didn’t have to end in him being murdered. And for those who complain that he brought it on himself, let me remind them that there are a number of videos on the web showing white people getting into fistfights with cops and they are still alive. Hell, I’ve seen white people shoot at cops, sick their dogs on the police, even try and run a cop over. Yet, they aren’t lying a in a morgue somewhere.

There were only nine people killed in that biker melee recently in Waco, Texas. I would even bet my last dollar that some of them didn’t die at the hands of the police, that it was other bikers who killed them. The point is that if their logic is right, then cops should have been gunning those bikers down by the dozen. That, however, isn’t what occurred. The bikers had few casualties despite the fact that they were shooting at the police present.

Spare me the cock and bull about cops. They do treat black people differently. It was that way 65 years ago and it’s that way now. So how the hell can you expect us to not feel that it’s about race when you go out of your way to make that fact as obvious as day?

Vern’s Venting: Butthurt


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By Lavern Merriweather:

When legendary actor Jack Nicholson uttered the iconic line for his classic movie “A Few Good Men” “You can’t handle the truth!” he couldn’t have possibly known how right he was. It seems that a lot of folks in America are averse to anything resembling truth. It’s something that has become a passion of my boy Brotha which is probably why he created this website. And why he speaks every day to the constant injustice faced by those not on the winning side of the supremacy lottery, particularly black folks. Yet, we are supposed to stay silent lest we piss off some folks.

Recently I wrote a post about the complaints of whiny prick Michael Wilbon. He didn’t like the fact that he and his partner on “Pardon the Interruption” were facing the heat for their reluctance to discuss the rape accusation against Chicago Blackhawk [grrrr!] player Patrick Kane. To that, I say tough shit, Not-Magic Mike, because you chose this as your profession. You also choose to criticize young black males every chance you get when they are accused of something regardless of how minor the infraction.

People in the media make a federal case out of anything involving black males while keeping their lips zipped about white men. No surprise that some white male sportswriters on the web have used this as an opportunity to pretend fairness while rehashing cases mostly about black males. They haven’t uttered a peep about the rape allegations against Marv Albert, Christian Peter, Mark Chmura or the football team at the University of Colorado.

Recently, Christian Taylor, who was a college football star, broke into a car dealership and caused some property damage. When the cops showed up and Taylor didn’t comply with their commands he was promptly shot then later died. A member of FOX Sports blathered that if Mr. Taylor wasn’t at that business doing what he was doing then he wouldn’t be dead now. Well, he wasn’t exactly thrilled when I not-so-nicely reminded in an email about New Orleans Saints player Barrett Robbins. A number of years ago Robbins was at a club in Miami during the off-season. He was being disorderly and sloppy drunk. So the bouncers there told him to leave. Robbins then started a fistfight with the men and the cops were called. Once they got there Robbins, proceeded to choke one of the officers where he was shot then arrested.

My point is that while Mr. Robbins was wounded it wasn’t fatal. He is still alive and well breathing the fresh air of whatever team bothers to pick his sorry ass up. He could inflict physical harm on a cop and still not lose his life. Christian Taylor, on the other hand, would have no such fortune, even as many in the media and in the blogworld try to justify his murder by saying that it was his own irresponsible conduct which led to his death. Okay, if that’s the case, then why didn’t the cops shoot and kill Barrett Robbins? He was attacking a police officer by strangling him but the cops didn’t end his fucking life. On top of that Robbins has never been vilified by the same media defending the death of Christian Taylor. Robbins was seen as a pathetic figure making a cry for help. The same bullshit excuse white males always make to exonerate themselves from their criminal behavior.

In addition to the rape allegation, Patrick Kane is also guilty of beating up an elderly cabbie over a minor fare dispute. That act of thuggish stupidity has been ignored by the high and mighty folks of the media as well. And woe to you who dare say anything about their hypocrisy.

My new hero, entertainment reporter Claudia Jordan, recently aired her disgust with the racial inconsistency of the media on HLN’s Daily Share show. She almost seemed afraid to state her opinion after getting browbeat by the host but I totally appreciate the fact that she went there, something that rarely happens with other Negroes in the world of American news. I get that you have a job to do and that it might not be the most popular sentiment to call out certain athletes. However, when they want to talk all their shit as if they are the world’s most determined crusaders, then they should be held to that standard that they have set.

I don’t even think that Michael Wilbon is a crusader, he’s really a COWARD. And he’s the worst kind of coward because he placates the very racism that holds Negroes like his simple ass back. It’s what excuses the cops killing a promising young black talent while going easy on a lowlife white male being violent with police. In fact Robbins doesn’t have a very squeaky clean record seeing how he has been arrested eight damn times. Much of that was for assaulting other people, yet he isn’t brutally gunned down by the police. I’ll bet if you look at some white male athletes that get in trouble with the law they have a laundry list of illegal activity. What they don’t have is the need to look over their shoulder when it comes to law enforcement. They have plenty of peace of mind when dealing with the police. The same way they do when the media begins whining about athletes and bad behavior. They know that their names won’t end up on that list.

So if Mr. Wilbon wants to be mad because his feet are actually being held to the fire then too damn bad. Maybe he should spend more of his time questioning why a young black male not causing that much trouble has his entire life destroyed as the white males he chooses not to piss and moan about get to move on with their lives. He might also want to consider whether or not he is a part of the solution or just another part of the problem.

R.I.P. Tuskegee Airman Calvin Spann


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From Stars and Stripes:

Calvin Jack Spann flew 26 combat missions as a Tuskegee Airman, including a marathon sortie from Italy to Berlin in 1945. After a civilian career in his native New Jersey, the groundbreaking black pilot moved to North Texas, where he often spoke to inspire younger generations.

Spann, 90, died Sunday of natural causes at his McKinney home.

Services for Spann in North Texas will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at Covenant Church, 2660 E. Trinity Mills Road in Carrollton. A viewing will be from 8 to 9:45 a.m. at the church. Military honors will include a funeral volley and a flyover.

On Monday, Spann will have hometown services at 7 p.m. at Mount Ararat Baptist Church in Rutherford, N.J.

Click here to read the rest of this article.

Commentary on Kim Davis


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The news has been runnin’ wild with stories about this formerly unknown county clerk named Kim Davis who made headlines because she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. In short, the Bible says it’s wrong, she’s abiding by her religious faith, and all that jazz that right wing pseudo-Christians love to impose on the world.

As a side note, it seems to be the only “belief” so-called “good” Christians, those to the right of the political aisle, are heavily focused on. It seems no other verse or chapter from the Bible is as important as the infamous Leviticus 18:22. They don’t take other parts from the Bible as seriously as that one as evidenced through their actions. You may have seen the type. They are against gay marriage but they’re not as against adultery.

Those on the right believe in “God’s authority” but they rarely practice it. And that’s where Kim Davis came in, despite her being in her third, or is it fourth(?) marriage and having a child by a former husband while still being married to another one. But then again, conservatives are so falsely “worried” about other people’s businesses but rarely do they take the time to look at themselves in the mirror and examine their own flaws. But then again, gay marriage is no flaw by any means. But to the right, it is. Why? The Bible says so.

It seems to be the only thing the Bible says about anything when it comes to these religious nuts.

Davis was arrested and was later freed. Immediately after her release, she was hailed as a hero along the ranks of the likes of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King by none other than the right, the same people who appropriated the aforementioned civil rights leaders for their own means. But to do so is not only incorrect, but downright ridiculous. Both Parks and King fought against prejudice. Davis fought for prejudice. There is no comparison to be made, unless you want to compare Kim Davis to the likes of deceased former Governor of Alabama George Wallace, Then it would be more sensible.

As this sage plays out in the national media landscape, we will continue to see those like Kim Davis who uses God, religion and the Bible to advocate in the name of bigotry and hatred. We will definitely see it from the likes of right wing foot soldiers, and possibly from the left as well. Marriage should be between two people who love each other regardless of their gender. And it looks like the struggle for this right is reaching a tipping point in which more and more people favor it. However, there will always be other people like Davis who will not have any of it as they believe they’re acting in favor of a higher power, a power they see themselves as, haters of all things necessary, just and progressive.

The Blame Obama Syndrome


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It seems like whenever something wrong happens, there’s only one person some people (mostly conservatives) will blame, and that person is President Barack Obama. ISIS? Blame Obama. Any mass shooting anywhere? Blame Obama. Natural disasters? Of course, blame Obama.

As you can see it’s quite comical, if not totally sad and insane. The right has this nagging habit of finding things, virtually and literally anything, to blame the President with no matter how nonsensical it is. The argument is that liberals blamed the previous president George W. Bush on everything. So, why can’t conservatives do the same with Obama?

Barack Obama may not be the greatest president this nation had. But there are a few things he did that deserve some props:

The economy has grown considerably.

Job openings have risen and unemployment dropped.

The stock market doubled in value after Obama took office.

Gas prices has been dipping in prices and is still dropping.

Osama Bin Laden, the man responsible for 9/11, was killed under his watch.


And yet, the Right continues to dump all over the Obama administration’s accomplishments and instead find the most preposterous reasons to find fault, no matter how outlandish. If a cop is killed somewhere in this country, well, it’s obvious that it’s Obama’s fault.

When you think about it, it’s similar to when people blame black folks for everything wrong with this nation. Rape? Blame the black man. Single mothers? Blame the black woman. Gangs? Blame black youth. Since Obama is a black man in the highest office in the world, it’s safe to make a reasonable connection between blaming him and blaming black people. Black folks are this country’s scapegoat whenever a crime or something ridiculous occurs, especially when a white person is a victim. This syndrome of blaming Obama for everything is not much different. In fact. it’s basically the same.

The sad part is that after Obama finishes his second term in office, he will likely still be the target of the Right’s bullshit just like black people will continue to this nation’s scapegoat. We have already seen conservatives try to discredit and demonize the Black Lives Matter movement by pinning recent notable mainstream murders of a policeman and two newspeople onto the movement as if it was advocating violence against cops and white people. And it has been gaining traction among the Right since.

It’s obvious to anyone that blaming Obama and black people for whatever happens is nothing short of racist and pathetic. Since Obama took office, it seems that racism came out of the closet and became more and more overt. Sadly and almost ironically, the right blames Obama and black people for that too, because to them the real victims are the ever-so-innocent white people. Obama and black folks are the usual suspects of white racist paranoia garbage, and I blame that on white racism and their douche bag disciples.

Scapegoating #BlackLivesMatter


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The Black Lives Matter movement is a response to the numerous and ongoing assault and extermination of black men and women at the hands of law enforcement. It is a nonviolent push to acknowledge the worth of black lives being taken by police and the worth of black lives over all in a system that deems them worthless. There is no indication of any violence associated with the movement. But there are some who have used the recent murder of a cop at the hands of black man to the movement to push their racist agenda.

A few days ago, a police deputy veteran by the name of Darren Goforth was shot to death, execution style, by Shannon J. Miles. Although the motives are unclear, Sheriff Ron Rickman, during a press conference decided that the killer with a criminal past and history of mental illness was somehow a representative of the Black Lives Matter movement:

“We’ve heard black lives matter, all lives matter,” Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said at a press conference following the shooting. “Well, cops’ lives matter, too. So how about we drop the qualifier and just say lives matter?”

Waiting in the wings was Fox News, or as my fellow writer Lavern Merriweather calls them ‘Fake Noise’. Elisabeth Hasslebeck concluded and asked why hasn’t the movement been declared a “hate group”. Bill O’Reilly went ahead and called it a hate group, comparing them to the Ku Klux Klan, and has announced that he will run them “out of business”.

When the Black Lives Matter movement marched to the Minnesota State Fair with members chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon”, that helped to justify Fox News’ assumptions with the conservative media leading the charge to demonize a much needed movement.

As a black man in this country, I am a part of a group that is often blamed for the problems society faces like violence, murders, rape and assault. We are the poster children for those problems, because society has not only allowed it happen, but it also pushes for those associations to be shown worldwide. There is no explanation as to why. The fabricated image suggests that black men (and women) have some built-in pathology that breeds a fucked up culture of deviancy and a malice against white people extreme enough to want to kill them. There is no reason given, and the only solutions society suggests are incarceration and death.

The Right’s noise machine knowingly decided to take down the image of a just movement and pin a known criminal on the movement’s motives they invented as a “murder movement”. The simple link they invented is that Miles is black who killed a white cop, and the movement is by blacks is against police brutality at the hands of mostly white cops. Before you know it, the campaign to dismantle Black Lives Matter strengthened.

Black lives are constantly under attack from all sides everyday. Scapegoating them as the source of society’s problems are why the Black Lives Matter movement matters. To do so is to promote a racist agenda to show that black lives do not matter, as it has always been in this nation. Black people have always marched and demanded to be treated with the same respect that white folks are treated. To some, that is racist in itself.

Fox News and other die-hard conservatives have no shame in trying to denounce a movement on behalf of black folks. Instead, they prefer to use an incident, usually an interracial crime where the black person is the perpetrator and the white person as a victim, and twist it into an example of reverse racism at its worst canceling out any and all claims that racism against blacks exist. To them, the only hate crimes out there are black-on-white.

Black Lives Matter is sorely needed during these times where police killings of unarmed black men and women far outweigh the killings of officers at the hands of black folks. The lives of black people are at risk due to the racial climate of hatred, and the Right is helping to make sure that black people pay for asking for justice and equality.

R.I.P. Wes Craven


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From ABC News:

Wes Craven had died.

The horror legend had been battling brain cancer, according to a statement from his family. He was 76.

“It is with deep sadness we inform you that Wes Craven passed away at 1 p.m. on Sunday, August 30th,” the statement began. “Craven was surrounded by love, in the presence of his family at his Los Angeles home.”

Click here to read the rest of this article.


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