Vern’s Venting: The Black Person Did It


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By Lavern Merriweather:

It has become apparent that when white people are too fucking lazy and stupid to express disgust at any other racial group, they always hurry to fall back on the same old standard. If they can’t get the race right, they go after the darkest non-white, black folks.

A video on YouTube surfaced that has taken the internet by storm. Several months ago at a skate park in Cannery Park, California a semi-famous skater named Leland Goldberg was doing some tricks with his buddy there filming. In the middle of doing a fancy move Goldberg accidently ran smack dab into a small 4 year-old child and knocked him to the ground. The boy’s aunt immediately came over and picked the child up as Goldberg stood next to her profusely apologizing for what happened. Seconds later, the boy’s mom walked over and after shouting some obscenities, she proceeded to shove the skater. The woman then laid a right hook on him that Evander Holyfield should be taken notes on. Obviously this woman cares more about perfecting her mean right hook, because she didn’t spend one minute checking on her son. The whole thing was caught on tape where it was of course uploaded for the entire planet to see.

I read most of the comments about what she did, and many of them were funny. A lot of people were of the mindset that she overreacted and that he had every right to hit her back. I agree. She was a complete thug and her behavior was way out of line. However, the problem I have with the video are the comments made by dumbass white people who have an obsessive passion with black folks. They seem to see us in their pee because there were assholes that had the nerve to use this woman’s irrational act to once again target black folks for no fucking reason. Although it’s clear as day from her hair and accent that this woman is Latina, [I have since found out that she is indeed Mexican] a select group of dumb shits made derogatory statements about Negroes. One even used the n-word, then when he was called on being so utterly stupid instead of admitting he was wrong, he tried to play it off by saying that he calls ‘any’ ignorant person that.

Give me a fucking break, bitch! You didn’t know what the hell you were talking about, because you enjoy being conditioned to the idea that whatever bad behavior that’s committed is done by a black person. In fact, not one of the fools that mistakenly referred to that woman as black made any amends that they weren’t right. Then again what else is new? This is the legacy of white pathology, regardless of their guilt, dumbness or being incorrect, that doesn’t matter because their whiteness will make up for it in some way or another.

This brings me to another video on YouTube that has sparked a lot of outrage. It shows a bunch of thugs attacking then-stabbing hero Spencer Stone outside of a bar in Sacramento, California. Mr. Stone is the white male American who bravely wrestled a knife wielding psychopath to the ground on a train in Italy with a group of other men. He was celebrated in the media for days and even received a medal and handshake from President Barack Obama. Cue to a few weeks after that, and he is being assaulted by some sorry ass losers for a reason that has still hasn’t been determined. Perhaps they were just jealous of Mr. Stone or maybe this was the result of a drunken bar brawl. In any case, what was done to Mr. Stone was disgusting and reprehensible. Still rather than show concern for a fellow white male that was brutally abused by worthless thugs, some very stupid white people on YouTube saw an opportunity to yet again throw black people into the mix for nothing. James Tran a 28 year-old unemployed Vietnamese male from the area was arrested as leading the attack on Mr. Stone, but a few pricks on the website called the gang beating on “ruthless n**gers” despite the fact that there weren’t any black people involved. Hell they probably weren’t even any black people in that BAR! Yet stupid little shitty-ass white people see nothing offensive about them not getting it straight, because we have become the stand-in for every POC in this country.

When comedian Suey Park, who is Asian, blasted late night host Stephen Colbert for some derogatory jokes he made recently, a certain really dumb white person on the blogsphere felt the need to whine about black people not keeping their neighborhoods clean. I asked that loser what the hell did that have to do with the video interview of Ms. Park, and true to form, he didn’t have a rational answer. They never do. That’s because they have an irrational mind. So warped and stupid that they will fabricate any chance to make disparaging remarks about Negroes even when the situation doesn’t have a damn thing to do with us. I could chalk it up to black people, more specifically black males, always being the token whenever there is a need for white people’s brand of diversity.

However, FUCK THAT! While I’m at it fuck them. There will be no excuses given for white people’s failure at recognizing their own failure or faults. This happens practically every time with black people. Even when white people are flat out wrong, they are still in some way right in their own world like the asshole who made a feeble attempt to justify his stupidity by saying that the mom looked like a black woman.

Hang on a second while I go call Mr. Bullshit. So that makes it acceptable that your dumbass let the racism spew like water from a broken dam? Yeah, no it doesn’t anymore that she was justified in socking that guy on the jaw. Good thing I can’t meet those idiots on YouTube in person. Otherwise they would see an actual black woman take a swing at someone.

Invoking Collective Guilt


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Recently, the city of Paris was rocked by a terrorist attack. The Islamic state known as ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. As expected, the right jumped on this tragedy to blame Muslims, condemn Islam and lose their conservative minds over Syrian refugees whom they try to link to the terrorist attack and terrorism in general.

I’m not a Muslim, but I am a person of color in a racist society, and I know what it’s like to be collectively blamed for the actions of a few. Whenever there’s a crime committed by a black person or when black people do something stupid, the whole race is blamed, questioned and examined as if to figure out why we’re so fucked up without blaming racism, in most cases. When it comes to Muslims, their religion and even nations and races are lumped as the face of worldwide terrorism. When a terrorist act is committed anywhere in the world, Muslims are the usual suspects, even the ones not responsible. Guilty until proven innocent.

The sad truth is that in this nation, you’d have a better chance of being killed or injured by a crazy ass, gun toting, right-wing white male jackass than an Islamic extremist. But you would certainly never know that by watching the Western media. Islamic terrorism gets hyper-coverage while white male terrorism gets individualized and excused. “He was a lonewolf with mental problems” is the narrative for those stories.

If you’re a part of “the other”, there are certain things that is expected of you. For Muslims, whenever something goes down, you are seemingly expected to condemn the actions of a particular individual or group that committed the act in the name of Islam. At least it appears that way in the mainstream media.

But what is not reasonable to do in some media circles, especially of the conservative variety, is defend yourself and your religion. If you’re a member of “the other” and you or your people have been the victims of some kind of bigotry, it is unacceptable to not only defend but also demand respect and change. Instead, you’re expected to just shut the hell up, let it go and go about your business. And if it happens again, repeat.

Right now, Muslims and Syrian refugees are being demonized because of the attacks, and if they speak up and command decency, they are further lashed out because they are guilty of association. It’s like what’s happening with black college students all over the country who are speaking out against racism. They are denounced by some media pundits for having the gall to command to be respected as human beings.

The fact that certain people have to fight to be recognized as people says a hell of a lot about a society. Such a society is far from being civilized, and pathetically, there are some people who are proud of it.

Vern’s Venting: Fuck You, Tarantino!


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By Lavern Merriweather:

Vulgar and obnoxious movie director Quentin Tarantino has made some enemies in the police departments across America recently. The big-headed jackass made some inflammatory comments that cops misinterpreted when he stated that some cops were murderers with a badge. They quickly took offense, then declared that they would boycott his latest film “Hard Eight” and any future movies of his.

The filmmaker further ruffled police feathers when he took part in several #Blacklivesmatter marches in New York. Fellow movie maven Michael Moore and actor Jamie Foxx have since come out in full support of this jerk.

Now, I am all for a white person or any person for that matter engaging in a cause that is not their own. That shows humanity as well as a streak of unselfishness. Still, does it have to be this prick?

I absolutely despise Tarantino for the films that he has created throughout his career. Many of them make light and mockery of the dreaded n-word by over using it. Then instead of being the decent human being that he’s pretending to be now and recognizing his assholeness, he defended his disgraceful position by calling his racism ‘art’. You don’t get to have it both ways Trick Baby Tarantino. Much of the derogatory language that you glorify perpetuates the same ideal that makes cops and their white counterparts believe they are justified in destroying black life with no consequences. I get that he is just a movie maker and that Hollyweird is a place of fantasy, but let’s look at the bigger picture, shall we?

Hollywooden has, for the longest time, been a cheerleader and instigator for racially maligning imagery. They are every bit as culpable as those who work on the nightly news and most media outlets. The fact that you attempt to wrap your racism in a package that has been prettified and celebrated by stupid, clueless movie critics and a gullible public doesn’t do a damn thing to change that. You Quentin are very guilty of making racism acceptable and all the damage that comes with it.

There are some extremely dumb Negroes that tried to protect the bigotry of this jag-off by claiming that since his last film “Django Unchained” was set in slavery times, then that made it okay for him to use the n-word as much as he liked. Well, here’s the problem with that. He has made many other films that had nothing to do with slavery where he also used that word to his heart’s content. I feel that I have covered this ground with this fool before. However, since some moronic black folks are like the hungry dog with the bone, I have this need to repeat myself. We look for love and allies in all the wrong places. Fuck apologizing to the police. He still hasn’t given US one yet! But here these black folks are walking side by side with this dickweed as if he were our new crusader. Umm no he’s not. He’s a manipulative, sleazy, phony creep that knows how desperate black people are for allegiances and white approval. Tarantino is using those people the same way he thought nothing of disrespecting them, and he is the guy black people are looking to as a current hero? Are you fucking kidding me? How thirsty can you Negroes be?

Jamie Foxx? I’m not that surprised. He’s been drinking so much of the Kool-Aid that it’s basically dripping down his chin and messing up his shoes. Those other black people and Moore on the other hand have no excuse. You know what this asshole stands for, and it was never about standing by you. I wouldn’t be that shocked to find he is just hoping to get publicity for his picture which seems like it will be crap anyway.

Tarantino’s dad Vinny has since come out and chastised son, saying that he raised him to have respect for law enforcement. He damn sure didn’t raise him to respect black folks though. Keep it real, people! An apple ain’t going to fall too far from its tree. Whatever notion that Quentin got thinking that saying the n-word willy nilly was all right most likely came from his father.

And no, Quentin your mom parading a slew of black male athletes in front of you when you were a little shorty because she loved black manhood doesn’t get you off the hook. If anything it makes you even more of a fucknut seeing how in all likelihood those men were nice to you and perhaps gave you souvenirs or autographs. That still wasn’t enough for him to not want to use the world’s most hateful word regardless of context. So don’t expect me to think that now all of a sudden you are more than willing to play in the black kid’s sandbox.

Tarantino didn’t give a damn about using the n-word but he wants to somehow make amends by saying that yes black lives do matter. I, for one, ain’t buying what this con man is selling. This guy is a joke as well as a hypocrite, although I get that using an insulting word isn’t nearly as bad as what cops in America are doing to black folks. However, I believe that the line goes: if you’re not part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem. No thanks Tarantino, you have been on the erroneous side of that equation far too long for me to ever start trusting you.

French Lives Matter…Over Black Ones?


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Recently, the city of Paris was rocked by a series of shootings and explosions that took the lives of more than 120 people. France has declared a state of emergency for the nation. The BBC has outlined the series of attacks:

La Belle Equipe, 92 rue de Charonne, 11th district – at least 19 dead in gun attacks.

Le Carillon bar and Le Petit Cambodge restaurant at rue Alibert, 10th district – at least 12 dead in gun attacks.

La Casa Nostra restaurant, 92 rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 11th district – at least 5 dead in gun attacks.

Stade de France, St Denis, just north of Paris – explosions heard outside venue, three attackers dead.

Bataclan concert venue, 50 boulevard Voltaire, 11th district – stormed by several gunmen, at least 80 dead.

Meanwhile, not far from the Place de la Republique and the Place de la Bastille, three busy restaurants and a bar were targeted by gunmen armed with Kalashnikovs.

Around 40 people were killed as customers were singled out at venues including a pizza restaurant and a Cambodian restaurant, Le Petit Cambodge.

The other target was the Stade de France, on the northern fringe of Paris, where President Hollande and 80,000 other spectators were watching a friendly international between France and Germany, with a TV audience of millions more.

“We heard the sound of guns, 30-second bursts. It was endless. We thought it was fireworks,” Pierre Montfort, a resident living close to Le Petit Cambodge said.

However, earlier this year, there was a terrorist attack in Kenya where more than 140 students were killed. Fusion reports:

The brutal massacre happened at Garissa University College in the eastern part of the country close to the porous Somali border.

Members of the Islamic extremist group Al-Shabab claimed responsibility — calling it revenge for Kenyan troops fighting Somali rebels in 2011. This same group gained international attention in 2013 when they brutally killed 67 people at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi.

At Garissa, a handful of militants stormed the campus. After separating Muslims from Christians, they killed the Christians execution style.

Don’t get me wrong, I mourn for the people in Paris, and I still mourn for the people in Kenya, as well as other victims of mass murders elsewhere in the world no matter where they are. But it appears that our Western media, as well as its viewers, seem to only care about certain victims and show solidarity with the nations of those victims. It seems that as long as you’re white and(or) from a European nation or a nation colonized by Europeans, you have the privilege of being mourned by many, many people, including black Americans.

For example, on Facebook, I’ve seen dozens of pictures of black folks with their profile pictures donning the colors of the French flag, but I haven’t seen almost all of those same black folks don the red, black and green when Kenya was attacked or when black people have lost their lives due to police violence. Now, I know that having your picture colored after a flag on some social media webpage is small potatoes as opposed to actually getting off your ass and doing something. (How many of them would support black students of colleges of universities facing everyday racism?) Yet, and I’m sorry to say this, some black folks are too hard-headed to do those small gestures but will jump right onboard to do others for people that don’t look like them. A sign of interalized racism perhaps? Maybe.

I bet some of you haven’t even heard of the terrorist attack on Kenya. That’s okay, if you’re a news viewer. It wasn’t covered very much in the Western media. But as people we should mourn for those lives as well as we mourn for the people of Paris. Yet, some fools will come up with all kinds of lame-ass racist excuses not to. They will even tell us not to engage in the Black Lives Matter movement, but instead to focus on the tragedy unfolding in France as that is somehow more important. Half-assed humanity is completely anti-humane.

Over all, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t send our thoughts and prayers to the people of Paris, especially if that’s what you want to do. But we shouldn’t ignore the lives and victims of our brothers and sisters who are terrorized every-damn-day! We can support as many causes and send love to those in multiple tragedies as we want to, but we can not and must not overlook certain people simply because of skin color or region, especially to those who share the same skin color as we do.

Vern’s Venting: Moral High Ground


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By Lavern Merriweather:

Let me start by saying that while I don’t find domestic violence acceptable, in fact I think it’s completely abhorrent, I don’t feel sorry for every single solitary woman that gets hit by a man. Nor do I feel that we should still continue to tolerate white people holding black men in judgment for violence towards women. I am done as of right now, D-O-N-E with white people, especially white men, thinking that they hold the moral high ground when it comes to domestic violence.

Recently, Dallas Cowboys player Greg Hardy was released from the team once a picture surfaced of the bruiseshe inflicted on his now ex-girlfriend. Despite what I previously stated, this incident was most likely unwarranted. So Hardy is getting exactly what he deserves by the team. What Greg doesn’t deserve however is to have a bunch of racist, self-righteous, arrogant, two-faced assholes judging him as if their shit don’t stink. And yes I said racist because I have never in my whole life seen a white male take crap from the media, public or court system for his thuggish behavior against a woman.

Always on the cutting edge of being so racist that they make the Klan jealous, the scumbags at TMZ showed the picture of Hardy’s ex. Of course there were no shortage of pious little shits whining about how horrible a person Hardy is and calling him thug. Granted I think what Hardy did was repugnant, but lets be fair here. A MMA fighter named Jason Miller who goes by the nickname of ‘Mayhem’ did his damndest to try and live up to his nickname when he viciously assaulted two different women and the police officer that attempted to apprehend him several months ago at a bar in LA. I have only read about the Miller attack once on some obscure sports website.

I highly doubt that TMZ, Sportscenter, Sports Illustrated, or any other publication where sports and entertainment meet will spend nearly as much press on Miller as on Hardy. Keep in mind that Miller is an MMA fighter. That means he not only makes a living beating the holy shit out of other people, but he’s also skilled at it. This means that he probably has every ability to truly physically hurt another person, particularly one that is smaller in size than him without an audience, referee or rules to follow.

And spare me the bullshit that the sport of MMA fighting isn’t as popular as the NFL as a reason why what Miller did isn’t getting as much coverage as Hardy. I don’t give a rat’s ass which sport has more fans or has higher ratings. What Miller did was JUST as reprehensible as what Hardy did, if not more. Miller attacked three people, two of which were women. Yet the media and those pissants crying foul on TMZ’s website can’t find enough time in their life to vilify him? Sorry but that’s straight up bullshit.

White males in the media are very careful in who they target and you can bet millions of dollars that aren’t even yours that the males they demonize – the majority of time – will not look anything like them.

TMZ also failed to mention in any way, shape or form bit player actor Emile Hirsch. Hirsch physically attacked a female executive at the Utah Sundance film festival this January. The woman he beat up stated that it took two people to pull Hirsch off of her. Yet Hirsch only got 15 days in prison and had to pay a $4800 dollar fine. Interesting that many white folks on the blog love to whine on how easy those overpaid Negroes have it. That if this were anybody else, they would be in jail.

Oh really? Then why isn’t Hirsch sitting in prison for the next 20 years like he should instead of getting off so fucking lightly? Pray tell, could it be the fact that he’s a wealthy young white male that has made a couple of modest hit films? It could also explain why TMZ has said nothing about him and why that dickweed Perez Hilton rushed to defend Hirsch by claiming that he was drunk that night. Big fucking whoop! Lots of men drink and get stinking drunk. They don’t, however, violently beat up a woman for no reason whatsoever.

If that weren’t bad enough we have Journey drummer Dean Castronovo who was recently kicked out of the group when they discovered that he physically assaulted his now-ex-finace. I thoroughly applaud the act of the band to get rid of Castronovo. He seems like a major league punk and when interviewed about it made some rather lame attempt to make excuses for himself by saying he has drug demons. Come again? Being an alcoholic, drug addict, Italian, Irish, stressed out, fired, broke, etc. does not justify him hitting a woman, especially when the same folks so quick to criticize certain offenders stay quiet when they share the same racial make-up.

When I pointed out in a less than polite way about the white males guilty of beating on women, I was shut down. Or the angry sanctimonious mob got very silent real quick. They can’t face their own villainy but are more than happy to get 5,000 kinds of holier than with darkie males. On top of that are the white people justifying what that cuntbag Ben Fields did to a black female teen in South Carolina weeks ago. Add to that a number of videos that have surfaced showing white male cops behaving in the most brutal ways imaginable to women. Apparently white folks want it both ways. They are mad as a cave bear when a Negro male strikes a woman. Yet find no fault when it’s a white guy, provided that he has either a badge and uniform or name famous enough that they can forgive his drunken ‘indiscretion’.

Well which is it white people? Is it okay to hit a woman or ain’t it? Because at the rate you all are going you are confusing even your own agenda by yet again caring more about your racism than what you were supposedly so fucking concerned about in the first place. Regardless of your answer, the fact has become perfectly clear that you will no longer be in a position to judge when and if it does happen again with a black man, unless you are willing to accept that same judgment, and we already know that you aren’t. So I say from now on I’ll save the sermons for Jesus and not you.

R.I.P. Allen Toussaint


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From the New York Times:

Allen Toussaint, the versatile producer, songwriter, pianist and singer who was a fixture of New Orleans R&B, died after appearing in concert in Madrid on Monday night. He was 77.

Alison Toussaint-LeBeaux, his daughter, confirmed his death. Javier Ayuso, a spokesman for Madrid emergency services, told The Associated Press that rescue workers had been called to Mr. Toussaint’s hotel early Tuesday and were able to revive him after a heart attack, but that Mr. Toussaint later stopped breathing en route to a hospital.

In concert, in the studio or around his beloved New Orleans, Mr. Toussaint (pronounced too-SAHNT) was a soft-spoken embodiment of the city’s musical traditions, revered as one of the master craftsmen of 20th-century American pop.

“In the pantheon of New Orleans music people, from Jelly Roll Morton to Mahalia Jackson to Fats — that’s the place where Allen Toussaint is in,” said Quint Davis, the longtime producer of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, where Mr. Toussaint played almost every year since the mid-1970s.

Click here to read the rest of this article.

Vern’s Venting: What’s Mine Is Mine and What’s Yours Is Mine


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By Lavern Merriweather:

I’ll start this post by saying that I used to be a very big fan of comedian John Leguizamo. But now, I feel that he can seriously go fuck himself! I say that because John joined a group of Latino protesters angry about the appearance of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on SNL last Saturday for his inflammatory words about Mexicans. Besides that, the Donald has eagerly expressed his plans to end illegal immigration once elected by getting rid of any illegals and building a bigger wall to keep new Mexicans from coming in.

Trump also stated that most of the crimes being committed in America right now are being done by illegals, be it drug cartels or murderers. He even pointed some stories about two women from LA that were killed by Mexican immigrants here illegally. Now while some may say that what Trump said was racist and insulting I had no dog in the fight either way. I have heard far too many horror stories from black folks about the shitty way they were treated at immigration rallies by the very people that they were there to support to get worked up over a white man’s words no matter how hate-filled.

That isn’t however what has me hopping mad at Leguizamo. It’s him having the nerve to, yet again, pull that tired, offensive and selfish as hell trope of if this were the blacks or Jews. Once more I am going to have to use my post to put a thoughtless, stupid, insensitive dumbass of another color in their place.

I guess John has been hiding in a cave the past few months. Otherwise, he would have heard about Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Samuel Dubose, Rekia Boyd, Marlene Pinnock, Charlena Cooks, Eric Garner, Deejera Becton and now the black female teen violently pulled to the floor then dragged out of her classroom by thug white male cop Ben Fields. I notice how John boy and many other folks of color have stayed relatively silent about all the horrific, brutal and unjustified killings of Negroes by the police. Which reminds me of a truth I have already known but many black folks keep forgetting, that the minute white supremacy rears its ugly head against us black people, WE ARE ON OUR OWN when it comes to facing racism regardless of how blatant! Yet, these same assholes that don’t give a damn about black people always expect us to play race police and jump on their bandwagon whenever a white person offends them.

I will say this for the last time. IT’S NOT BLACK FOLKS JOB TO PROTECT YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!! We have our own shit to worry about if you weren’t so damn busy being arrogant dumbasses to notice. Don’t forget, John works for the Hollyweird industry. So I don’t for one second think that this is his first rodeo when it comes to being exposed to racism. Yet, somehow instead of calling out the white powers-that-be, he targets what he considers the most vulnerable target.

Psychologists call this displacement, which is when someone is too much of a pussy ass to attack the one that is attacking them. So they go after a perceived weaker subject. Not this time John. If you have a beef with a white man, then take it up with that white man, fucknut!

I have zero sympathy for any person of color so caught up in their own trauma of racism that they callously and easily forget that the group they are complaining to the most not only ISN’T responsible for the egregious statement but that it just plain old ain’t my fight. You are a big boy John and a grown man. Black people don’t need to hold your hand when you cross the street any more than you should demand that we be there to have your back, because a rich white guy running for president didn’t care about hurting your feelings. Guess what John. I don’t care either! You aren’t my son, friend, husband or someone that means anything to my life. You are a somewhat talented funny actor that I used to like and admire. The best thing about this is that I now know what an obnoxious prick you are. I won’t have to waste one penny on any of your movies or watch one more TV show that you perform on.

Besides him there is the world’s dumbest little shit and hypocrite Terry Rambler. Rambler is the head of an Apache group that spearheaded an effort to get the owner of the Washington Redskins football team to change its name and logo. This past Halloween Rambler proved how full of shit he and a lot of non-black folks are when he appeared in blackface and dreadlocks pretending to be reggae legend Bob Marley. Not to be outdone in the dumbass department, a number of white folks happily defended this asshole’s right to dress up in blackface. They seem to be forgetting that Rambler himself met with President Obama to get him involved in his hopes of changing the mind of Redskins owner Dan Synder. Apart from the fact that Mr. Obama has far more important shit to worry about than Rambler’s ego, he showed his gratitude by being a total bitch.

For any white person that defends this I say fuck off. First, this doesn’t have shit to do with you. And second, if he dressed as Frank Sinatra in whiteface there would be an outright outrage from uptight white folks. So, don’t even try it! Might I remind them that they got all kinds of butthurt and ass bent out of shape when chocolate thunder Idiris Elba was picked to star as a Norse god in the first “Thor” movie and when he was suggested by current Bond producer to be picked as the next Bond after my boy Daniel Craig leaves the series?

So no, white people. You don’t get to defend what Rambler did while whining like hyenas, because you didn’t approve of a casting choice. Plus to say that he did it out of respect to Marley…Spare me the stuck on stupid routine, white people. We ALL know by now that blackface is meant to be one thing and one thing only. An insult, particularly when it comes from some dickweed upset about the name of a football team. The next time a non-black person complains about if this were the blacks I will tell them that when it is us, we have to deal with racist shit by ourselves. As far as I’m concerned they are more than welcome to do the same.

White Rapists, Black Women & White Juries


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Daniel Holtzclaw was an Oklahoma police officer who has been accused and arrested for raping and sexually assaulting 13 black women. He is currently on trial, but there’s one major problem. It’s a jury of his peers: eight white men and four white women. Needless to say, this is one huge fuck up.

Colorlines reports:

Ultimately, Holtzclaw is being charged with 36 separate counts, including first-degree rape, stalking and burglary. Writing for the New York Daily News, journalist and activist Shaun King cited an Oklahoma City-based reporter’s Twitter when describing how Tuesday’s jury selection process ended up with this composition:

Every eligible African-American juror was removed from consideration and the final jury selection was composed of eight white men and four white women. Not one black woman even made it into the final larger pool of jurors. Three black men made it into that pool, but were each removed. Not even the alternate jurors were black.

Now I know there are those who will call me a race-baiter. I’m bringing up race in this situation when race has nothing to do with it, or some other bullshit. Anything to deflect the reality and gravity of this case avoiding the forest for the trees. But the truth is that the instant that the jury was chosen which comprised of nothing but white folks and mostly white males, that’s when race was a factor. As always, it’s white people who decides what justice is. And given this nation’s history and atmosphere, I’m not too hopeful about the outcome of this trial.

The Vox reports:

Many, many studies have found that juries are inherently biased, and different racial compositions can make them even more biased in certain directions. Specifically, the whiter the jury, the more likely it is to convict a black defendant.

But this isn’t a black man on trial. It’s a white dude. So, if a white jury is more likely to convict a black defendant, would it stand to reason that a white jury is more likely to acquit a white defendant? Again, all one has to do is take a look at this nation’s history and how whiteness is treated when it comes to crimes against black people and you will understand why so many people are highly skeptical and worried about what the jury will decide.

Throughout history, white males have been raping black women over the course of three centuries, and there has not been one time where white men have been punished for it!

Racism Review reports:

During slavery, and later under legal segregation, many African and African American women were sexually coerced and raped by white men, including white sailors, slavemasters, overseers, and employers. Such sexual violence symbolized white male power to everyone in local communities. Under the North American system the children resulting from coerced sexual relations were automatically classified as black, even though they had European ancestry. Indeed, it is estimated today that at least three-quarters of “black” Americans have at least one “white” ancestor. No other U.S. racial group’s physical makeup has been so substantially determined by the sexual coercion and depredations of white men.

Numerous surviving narratives from enslaved women have accounts of such sexual exploitation by white men. For example, in 1850 a prosperous Missouri farmer, Robert Newsom, bought Celia, then a fourteen-year-old, and soon thereafter attacked her. Over the next five years, Newsom sexually attacked her many times, fathering children by her. In summer 1855, when Newsom came to Celia’s cabin to attack her again, she hit him with a stick, and he died. In a travesty of justice, Celia was convicted in a Missouri court of the “crime” and hung in December 1855. Black women typically had no redress for such brutal crimes against them.

In the case of Celia, she was raped many times. She defended herself, killing her attacker. But she was the one who got punished in the end! The “trial” was not about a woman being raped by a man. It was about a black woman killing a white man. It didn’t matter if he raped her and wouldn’t stop. She had to pay for killing him!

Now, what if the races were reversed. We all know what the outcome would be. If a black man was accused of raping a white woman, his ass is grass. No question. Even if he was innocent, he would still get lynched. We learned from Emmett Till that even flirting with a white woman would mean certain death by racist white men who would end up acquitted by an all-white jury. And we learned recently in Hamilton, Ohio that black boys who so much as stare at white girls could end up suspended from school.

So, spare me the crap about how white juries don’t matter in cases like this. It does! I fear that there will be no justice for the black female victims on this rapist cop. I also fear that Holtzclaw will probably get his job back. (I hope I’m wrong about this.) White folks, overall, haven’t proven that they truly are above color. To this day and age, they still see color and to many of them, that’s what matters. That’s why we have an all white jury. And that’s why, as a black man, I worry about the outcome of this trial.

Black Lives Matter Under Attack…Again


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Blaming Black Lives Matter is no different than blaming black people which is one of this nation’s past times when it doesn’t want to face its own bullshit. Yet, there are people who are warm and comfy about doing just that when it fits their racist anti-black agenda. They won’t admit it in so many words, but it all comes down to their white racist mindsets working overtime to find anything they can to blame the movement, even if it makes no damn sense.

Recently, an Illinois police officer Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz recently took his own life. At first, it was believed that he was murdered. So what happens. The lovable loons over at the conservative base decided to take that opportunity to point fingers at the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Surprisingly, someone over at Fox News decided to check those fools. Shep Smith, a commentator, revealed a lot about the officer who was discovered as being far from Illinois finest:

Smith pointed to fresh revelations in the documents, including that Gliniewicz attempted to hire a hit man to kill a village administrator he “feared would expose him as a thief” and text messages stored in his phone that indicate he considered planting cocaine on the administrator to “discredit her as a criminal.”

Investigators also unearthed evidence Wednesday that Gliniewicz had been stealing money from a local police program he oversaw for years.

See what I mean about this making no sense? But that doesn’t matter to conservatives as they are too stuck on white skin and badges to care about learning about a cop they wrongly defended while throwing Black Lives Matter under the bus. I’ve yet to hear anything from the right about apologizing for this and over blunders. And you will likely not get one as they will continue to imagine this “war on cops” as more urgent than the safety of black people from trigger-happy police.

I wish they and others would stop blaming a movement that’s trying to highlight the value of black lives in a nation that deems them inferior or worthless. But that is just wishful thinking as they would not relent on their continuous fuckery. To them, its black lives who are responsible for getting taken down by cops. It’s black people who must get their shit in order to keep from getting killed by cops, not the police. In the end, they may as well come out and say what they really feel, that black lives don’t matter to them, but police lives do because…police.

Angela Box vs. Quanell X


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Like it or not, there are a lot of white people out there that have a pathological problem with people of color, and most of those white people are afraid to face that truth. They will fight tooth and nail to show how not racist they think they are by ironically showing how incredibly racist they truly are.

There’s a video going viral about an on-air verbal smackdown between former teacher-turned-conservative commentator Angela Box and civil rights activist Quanell X. The pair were discussing the now-infamous video of a white male cop slamming a black female teen student in a South Carolina classroom. The cop Ben Fields has since been fired from his job while the teen sustained some injuries, but will survive nonetheless.

Box tried to defend the officer and begins by blaming “black culture”. Quanell fires back by suggesting that the officer’s firing was appropriate and proceeds to bring up white males shooting schools. Needless to say, the exchange got heated very fast.

Raw Story reports:

During a KRIV news segment called “Face Off,” Angela Box argued that Deputy Ben Fields should not have been fired for violently throwing a 16-year-old school girl to the ground because he was “doing his job.”

To Box, this teen was no saint. She should’ve followed directions and be obedient to white authority. Since she wasn’t, then she deserved to get her ass kicked.

“It’s time we start addressing the root cause of all this,” she said. “The disrespect of teachers, this Black Lives Matter movement, this perpetual chip on your shoulder against everybody that’s not like yourself. It’s got to stop. We’ve got to address the culture.”

Maybe Box should get off her white ass and start researching the why’s behind why we have this “perpetual chip on our shoulder”. Contrary to what most people think, it didn’t come from a vacuum. Maybe she should find out what Black Lives Matter is really all about instead of listening to the wrong sources and not asking any questions. Maybe she should talk to black people instead of at them as if she’s the only one entitled to talk about any damn thing as if she’s a freakin’ expert.

Activist Quanell X calmly asserted that the officer should have been indicted in addition to being fired.

“Ms. Box, nobody supports a disruptive student in a classroom because it stops other kids learning,” Quanell X explained. “But what I do have a problem with is, men should never handle a woman like the way that cop handled that little girl, to turn that desk over the way he did, grab her around her neck, then grabbed that child and threw her across the room, that is unbecoming of a man with decent character and conduct.”

“Now for you to say that we need to deal with the culture of black kids in schools,” he noted, taking a deep breath. “Let’s deal with the culture of these crazy fanatic white boys who go in schools with guns and shoot and kill everybody.”

Quanell addressed that no one supports a disruptive student but at the same time, no man has any right to put his hands on a woman. In this case, it was a grown man physically abusing a teen girl.

Box should’ve been smart enough to see that as a problem, but clearly, her privileged mindset is incapable or unwilling to do just that one simple thing. She instead chose to see this as a case of a disrespectful black thug mouthing off to a good white police officer. But when Quanell mentioned the continuous problem of young white males committing school shootings, something that should be discussed and examined, that’s when her claws came out.

Box began shouting back but Quanell X continued: “Columbine, killing the kids at the [Sandy Hook] elementary school, the shootings in other cities across the America have all been crazy little white boys shooting up innocent people so let’s study that culture!”

With her finger in Quanell X’s face, the teacher-turned-pundit fired back by blaming Democrats for destroying black families and their “self worth.”

“Address the black culture, the perpetual chip on your shoulder, blame whitey!” she yelled.

“Show some manners,” Quanell X replied. “Don’t tell me a damn thing about the black culture and kids in school when it’s white boys who go in school and murder all kinds of innocent people. Don’t tell me that! We need to study these fanatic white boys!”

He does have a point. But Box wasn’t having any of that.

“When you go in these inner cities and start teaching there, you let me know,” Box quipped. “Then you can have something to say about it.”

“I went to inner city schools!” Quanell X exclaimed. “And at the end of the day, there’s wolves in sheep’s clothing teaching at inner city schools.”

“How dare you say that to me,” Box gasped.

“It’s the truth when it comes to you!” Quanell X concluded.

It should be noted that Angela Box is the same woman that publicly wished that President Obama would die from Ebola, called Muslims “goatfuckers” and filed a lawsuit against Quanell X in the recent past for defamation for calling her a racist! It’s funny and typical how white people when caught with their bigotry will blame everyone and everything else and never take any responsibility for their bullshit. Clearly, Box doesn’t like to be called out on her shit, but she sure as hell doesn’t mind dishing it out.

Box felt entitled to lecture a black man she seemingly deems as lower than she is and is less informed about the problems facing this country’s education system in how it deals with children with issues. She didn’t talk to Quanell X like a human being or as her equal. Instead, she lashed at him, tried to shut him up, and had the nerve to feel disrespected when he tried to speak his mind, defend himself and disagree with her. Through all that absurdity, Angela Box has shown why she’s the perfect Fox News commentator, and what’s wrong with white privilege, white entitlement and of course, white racism.


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