R.I.P. Frank E. Petersen, Jr.


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From the NY Times:

Frank E. Petersen Jr., who suffered bruising racial indignities as a military enlistee in the 1950s and was even arrested at an officers’ club on suspicion of impersonating a lieutenant, but who endured to become the first black aviator and the first black general in the Marine Corps, died on Tuesday at his home in Stevensville, Md., near Annapolis. He was 83.

The cause was lung cancer, his wife, Alicia, said.

The son of a former sugar-cane plantation worker from St. Croix, the Virgin Islands, General Petersen grew up in Topeka, Kan., when schools were still segregated. He was told to retake a Navy entrance exam by a recruiter who suspected he had cheated the first time; steered to naval training as a mess steward because of his race; and ejected from a public bus while training in Florida for refusing to sit with the other black passengers in the back.

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Your Thoughts: The Virginia Shooting: Racists Emerge


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From Raw Story:

At about 6:45 a.m. local time, WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward were shot point-blank, allegedly by Vester Flanagan who goes by the broadcast pseudonym Bryce Williams. Williams apparently filmed the attack and tweeted his confession.


…Some concluded that the Black Lives Matter movement, which seeks to end police brutality and racism in the criminal justice system, was somehow to blame, though Flanagan made no mention of the movement in his Twitter confession or recent Facebook posts.

The following are the tweets obtained. The last three are from the Huffington Post:


A black man murdered two white colleagues on live t.v. Keep giving #BlackLivesMatter a voice, MSM. They’re killing YOUR COLLEAGUES.

Do all lives matter yet?

#WDBJ shooter was a black SJW. Feminists and #blacklivesmatter are at fault here. Racists

#BlackLivesMatter Is at fault for #WDBJ. Make no mistake about it. We live in a world where you can lose a job and its “Racism’s” fault.

I wont be surprised if the shooter is a member of #BlackLivesMatter mob, he seems as braindead as them. #WDBJ

Your thoughts please.

Vern’s Venting: Double Standards DO Exist


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By Lavern Merriweather:

Recently Brotha was lamenting in one of his posts that he wished there was a famous white male celebrity/athlete/politician accused of something or in trouble with the law. I had to remind him that there is such a white male and his name is Patrick Kane. Kane is a starting forward for my hometown hockey team the Chicago Blackhawks. He is currently being investigated for a claim of rape by a young woman in New York where he lives during the off season.

The two supposedly met at a bar last month where they were seen cavorting with one another. The young lady in question then reportedly went home with Kane and that’s where she said the rape occurred. She has since alleged bite marks and a scratch on her arm which probably won’t take very long to determine who caused them.

Yet that hasn’t stopped many in the blog world to already paint her as a gold digger. They whine that she is just out for money or attention even when this seems like a lousy way to make a fortune. The never-fail-to-disappoint media crowd is – of course – staying quiet about these damning allegations until all the ‘facts’ come out.

ESPN host of “Pardon the Interruption” Michael Wilbon once again showed his true house Negro colors by moaning about how we should wait before passing judgment. It seems Mr. Wilbon is very butthurt right now because he and his equally douchebag of a partner Tony Kornheiser are being called to the carpet by some folks on social media. I know this, because he was foaming at the mouth at the idea that his arrogance and pious hypocrisy was actually coming under fire. Apparently some people have said, and I agree, that the attitude of ‘wait and see’ by white males was not evident when LA Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant was also accused of rape. They complain that the media, which includes Wilbon, hurried in very racist fashion to condemn Kobe before charges were even filed. After they were, it became a feeding frenzy by the media to as usual call a black man guilty from minute one.

Wilbon seems to have short-term memory loss, because any time a black man is accused of something, he blathers on and on about entitlement, how these young black males have no direction or responsibility, because they have been coddled all their life and were never held accountable. Interesting that when Mr. Wilbon himself is expected to have that same sense of accountability for his words he gets 3,000 kinds of mad about it. Now ‘Magic Mike’ is upset, because there are those in the public who can see right through his bullshit, that since the times we live in allow for those who aren’t in his same position to have a voice where he is the one under the gun.

It appears that those who mistake their arrogance for intelligence hate to find out they had it all backwards. That they aren’t as brilliant as they believe, just very egotistical. Not to mention inconsistent to boot. Rarely, if ever, are white or black males in the media, especially the sports media so fucking patient about the outcome of a situation when criminal activity is alleged by a black male athlete. Nor are they as silent as they are when it’s non-white folks behaving badly.

A few days ago, New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith was punched in the jaw by a teammate over some money he owed. The teammate has since been released and picked up by the Buffalo Bills where he will get a second chance. Smith, on the other hand, will have to sit out 6 to 10 weeks until his broken jaw heals. In true to form fashion a lot of high and mighty white people in the sports media jumped all over this story. The only part they left out was calling Smith’s teammate a thug, their new favorite code word for Negro males. Although I’m not defending what Geno’s ex fellow Jets player did, I’m not the least bit prepared to agree with the holier than hypocrisy coming from the old white fart media whine brigade.

Former Raiders coach Tom Cable punched his assistant coach in the face causing the man to fall off his chair onto the floor. Cable then proceeded to scream obscenities while threatening that he would kill the man he had just attacked. Upon hearing this, Cable’s first wife came forward and claimed that Cable also used to hit her. The same media speeding with the velocity of a Road Runner went on to criticize both Jets players said absolutely nothing about what Cable did. They went merrily about their lives as if nothing had happened. Not one white male spoke out even when Cable admitted that he did commit spousal abuse on his ex- wife.

Another case involves media darling and latest golden girl soccer star Hope Solo. It’s reported that Solo physically assaulted her younger sister and nephew. Granted I can understand why people are more inclined to be outraged when a beatdown is not evenly matched as in the case of a male versus a female. However, Hope Solo is much stronger and bigger than her sister so she can inflict a lot of damage if she wants. In fact, she caused multiple bruises to the other woman and her 16 year-old son. Still, the media praises Ms. Solo and the rest of team USA for winning the World Cup title. They haven’t made one mention of the despicable thuggish thing she did to her family members. And don’t think for even one second that the media is showing any compassion to Geno Smith. The snide, sanctimonious comments being made are vilifying both men.

It should be noted that Patrick Kane is also guilty of beating up an elderly cabbie over a fare dispute. But that little tidbit of information is getting lost in the shuffle of white supremacy as well.

I’m going to give Brotha the real deal and cut the crap here. We don’t hear about white males behaving badly for the simple fact that they never discuss the wrongdoings of other white males! It all boils down to that in a nutshell, they don’t talk about it because they refuse to believe it. They are like the 43 year-old aging party girl who continues to frequent the club because she can’t deal with the fact that she’s no longer 25. That time and good sense have long passed her by. Apparently time is standing still for white males because they are hopelessly stuck in 1955

Black Men: The Face of Domestic Violence


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Crimes committed by black males are newsworthy in today’s mainstream media circle. They are especially trendy when the culprit is a famous black male. Not only that, they become the face of a social problem that is regularly not exclusive to one race.

Soon after the release of the hit movie ‘Straight Outta Compton’, Dr. Dre, a former member of the group NWA, the group for which the movie is based on, became the center of the subject of domestic violence against women. Michel’le and Dee Barnes, women with whom Dre had relationships with, spoke out against the movie for omitting out his past violence against women. Dre has since publicly apologized for his actions. But it seems not a lot of people have bought it. Many believed it was a publicity stunt to maintain his ‘safer’ image.

Dr. Dre’s domestic violent past is the talk of the day among many in the liberal news circuits as it should be. The conversation has been ignited the same way it has for Chris Brown, Floyd Merriweather and Ray Rice, to name a couple. However, it seems that whenever a famous black man is reported or caught beating up women, that’s when society suddenly perks up to talk about the issue of inter-gender violence. Despite it being a social issue, black males are the face of domestic violence in the media and society at large.

Let’s not get it twisted. There should be a national movement, if not conversation, as to what to do to stop a worldwide epidemic of misogyny that exists in all cultures. And the black community is no exception. However, it’s false and misleading to only regulate it to one culture as being exclusive to this problem. Painting black males as potential woman beaters and only have that image circulate throughout the world is wrong on so many levels.

However, it’s also wrong to ignore this problem in our own communities. We can not afford to ignore or excuse this problem which is destroying black women. We must be held accountable for our actions as it is the number one killer of black women. But still, so does the rest of society. It needs to get off its ass and do something about the problem inflicting other women. But I don’t see that happening as long as society continues using black males as scapegoats

We never seem to have conversations whenever a white male, famous or not, has committed a wrongful act. We never paint white males as the face of domestic violence or any of sort of crime. It’s all due to that little thing I like to call white privilege. Even though we have white female victims of domestic violence, especially in Hollywood and in the sports world, and of course, white male abusers, they are never held accountable for their crimes, at least not very long or as often. Why is it?

I can only guess that there’s an agenda to maintain the stereotype of the black brute, a black male with zero respect for women enough to assault and rape them, all the while portraying certain people, mostly white, as those who truly care about the issue. Are they truly concerned with domestic violence? They seem to give a damn only when it’s a famous black male abuser in the mix. They spot it and run with it, addressing it as a ‘social problem’. And it happens everytime.

For white males, it seems that they are given more leniency. Stories about domestic violence in white communities are not as frequent or long-lasting. Most of the time, it’s a non-issue. There’s not a lot of white women out there addressing the issue whenever a white male is the accused. And it appears as this is clever ploy in the game of white supremacy to portray white males as the better “choice” for all women. The narrative seems to be that white males don’t beat their women as often as black males. And so many people have fallen for that crap.

No matter how many famous white males have been accused of beating their wives, girlfriends and lovers, the call for a conversation seems nowhere to be found. There are no feminists out there calling for those men to own up to their bullshit. There are no calls for those men to be punished. In fact, if those white males ever did anything positive, that overshadows and even diminishes the accusations, either that or it’s overlooked entirely, brushed aside as the world moves on to appreciate their acts on screen or on the field. And they especially love it when they say or do something considered progressive against the social norm.

Domestic violence has been racialized, and it’s a huge detriment to all women. Sure, we need to talk about Dr. Dre’s past, and hell yes, he needs to own up to it, if he hasn’t done so already, but so does Charlie Sheen, Robert Downy Jr., Mel Gibson, Bill Murray, and all other white males, famous or not – no, all other males period. We can’t say that we’re against men beating up women when we only focus on one kind of man while giving the rest a pass.

Vern’s Venting: My Outrage


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By Lavern Merriweather:

It always gets me whenever there is high profile racially charged case like Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown where white people will say why don’t black folks get just as bent out of shape over all the black on black violence. Well, talk about the pot calling the fucking kettle!

I could write a 400-page long book about the many instances of white people’s selective outrage. Those same folks seem oblivious to their obliviousness when there is violence among people of the same race. Usually, that’s anyone who is black or of African descent. They don’t want to admit that they aren’t 100% perfect. So they trot out worthless excuses like the white males guilty of slaughtering several people with a gun at one time are mentally ill. Or that they have a predisposed disease making them that way.

Well, I have a condition too! I’m what’s known as crap intolerant. I’m very, very allergic to bullshit. Something that has been in great supply the past year with white people in the media. Yes, there is a problem in the black community with some young people not respecting themselves or each other enough. Either they haven’t been taught the value of every human life, including theirs, or they just don’t give a rat’s ass, because it’s safer to target other black folks.

Still, that doesn’t mean we should sit silently when the perpetrator is white, especially if it’s an authority figure who likes to abuse his power. Maybe the powers-that-be never holding thug males in uniforms accountable is what gives young black males such a sense of hopelessness about themselves in the first damn place! It’s very hard to imagine your worth or dignity when so many others keep telling you every day that it doesn’t exist, that your life is on contract that you are an expendable commodity. It was the norm 150 years and it’s the same way today, despite claims from white people to the contrary.

Fake Noise’s most annoying Stepford wife Kimberly Guilfoyle actually had the temerity to whine that black leaders who don’t speak out enough about black-on-black violence are being racist. Oh really? Because from where I sit, the white folks at Fake Noise have taken racism to a level. Even the most ardent bigot didn’t know that it could go. This is just another opportunity for them to hem and haw about how unfair those mean old darkies are being. Well guess what, bitch. It ain’t your kids and young people dying on a daily basis at the hands of police. So don’t expect your arrogant, privileged protest of hypocrisy to hold any water, particularly when those at Fake Nosie have become experts at hypocritical statements, as well as hypocrisy in who they choose to vilify and demonize.

We can’t pretend that to a large extent that the self-hatred we express to one another didn’t spawn from the wretched treatment by whites. Not that I’m saying black-on-black violence is acceptable somehow, because it isn’t. However, to proclaim that there is a lack of concern or outrage when the victim and aggressor are both black is a flat-out lie. It continues more ridiculous propaganda from folks that have no clue about what black people do with straight up bullshit.

Recently hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons set up an outreach group in Chicago comprised of parents from several black neighborhoods who are fed up with gang violence. Unlike those in the media, some black people do believe in consistency and are protesting against self-inflicted destruction in black communities. But those stories aren’t that salacious to warrant much attention or give white people in the media a reason to degrade any young black male murdered at the hands of a white person. It’s always about ‘blame the victim’ for them. Yet, they can’t do that when there’s no racial angle seeing how white people in the media love to play racially motivated games so they can once again pit Negroes against everybody else. They enjoy attacking a young black person’s character by implying that they had it coming, that society was a done a huge favor by the death of this impudent Negro. This is why they can’t wait to rehash whatever bad thing a black male celebrity is accused of doing. White folks will rush to point fingers and say see that’s a typical thing for them. Of course when a white male does the same thing they will either make up flimsy lame ass excuses or ignore the story altogether. They put their blatant hypocrisy on display for the whole world to see while they criticize black folks’ contradictions.

Another thing is who the fuck do those assholes expect to speak out on behalf of black people? It damn sure ain’t them considering that the only voice they appreciate is that of white male politicians, cops and lawyers. They never invite the Negroes that encounter police violence on their shows. They never have a balanced or diverse perspective. So guess what, stupid asses. Yeah we are going to complain when there are vicious assaults on black people by white folks regardless if it shatters your fantasy of finally getting the chance to play the terrorized rather than the terrorizer. The media hates it when a story portrays the people they that happily believe to be the villain into the victim. Anything that ruins their illusion of black people always being the bad guy is way too much for them to bear. So they have to find any excuse to demonize a Negro even one that is concocted and even when they are in chaos.

Let’s not forget the false tales told about the supposed crimes going on in the New Orleans Superdome after Hurricane Katrina. I have yet to hear anybody from the media make amends or a retraction about the boldfaced fabrications told by the news. Then again, the media in spite of which side they fall on have forever been a tool by the government to justify the behavior of police. Perhaps that’s why we get so much angrier about the cases of evil done by those who aren’t black towards us. There is a lot more at stake if we say nothing while you get to say everything no matter how wrong and untruthful you are.

Vern’s Venting: Say, Brother


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By Lavern Merriweather:

Lately it seems that there is a serious amount of animosity between black men and black women. Don’t get me wrong; we as a people, like every other group, have our issues with gender. As much as we need and want to embrace each other, there is also the need to express our dislikes and disappointments even when we aren’t always at fault for what’s pissing the other group off.

A number of black women who have their own blogs on the internet are complaining about the multiple shootings of black men by cops. They aren’t just speaking out about how disgraceful and wrong it is but that they feel slighted when it comes to concern for black female lives also. Granted, I can understand their frustrations. However, that’s not really the fault of black males. It’s the fault of the very media that rarely gets called to the carpet by said women. It may be easier to vent at ourselves rather than the dominant society.

But methinks that’s a huge mistake. We shouldn’t be bickering at one another about whose life matters more, or who has it worse. That’s another thing black people appear to enjoy doing a lot these days. There is a considerable back-and-forth attempt to one-up the other side as if neither side even remotely gets the many painful struggles we have all been through regardless of gender.

Speaking of which, I don’t believe it helps matters when some black women chose to find allies in the gay and feminist communities. Those organizations have their own agenda that often times only includes black females when it suits them. There is also the matter of several black women in the media that side with the white led media to demonize black males in high profile cases all while decrying the deaths of young black males at the hands of police. This is a classic example of trying to have it both ways which has obviously led to negative repercussions. That’s not to say that black males are free of creating any hostility themselves. Not at all. Particularly if you happen to visit a website called “Hollaback” that shows videos of women dealing with street harassment. The white couple that started the website has since apologized and promised to make their criticisms more fair and diverse in the future. Still that doesn’t exonerate the black males who get their jollies making stupid, crass and very sleazy comments to women. Often times it’s mostly black women, because we still live in an environment where black males shouldn’t dare feel free enough to invade a white woman’s space.

Don’t get it twisted either, the perversion spewing from the mouths of these idiots isn’t about empowering the woman they are pestering. It’s about them feeling better for themselves because they degraded someone else, a person weaker or deemed less than. That’s a problem in the black community black men are responsible for and do need to fix. Yet, that still doesn’t justify the black women in the public eye who hurry to jump on bandwagons of white males meant to paint every black man with the same brush of lewdness. Not all black men are rapists any more than all white males are pedophiles or thugs who will shoot and kill people in a movie theater.

Then, there is the matter of having babies out of wedlock with multiple partners. Both sides are guilty of that behavior yet to hear either side tell it it’s a pattern of foolish actions committed solely by the other gender. Black women like to whine that there are no good brothers out there and the over-abundance of baby’s daddies. While black men love to point to that travesty “The Maury Povich Show” saying that black women have sex with so many men they don’t know who the damn daddy is anyway. Funny how we site examples of moronic conduct from the show of a white male, more of the same pitting ourselves against each other for white people’s entertainment. It’s like we have become the modern day equivalent of the Mandingo fights from slavery days. Only now instead of balling up our hands, we attack one another with words and opinions.

Yes, black men and women do stupid, ridiculous and destructive shit that gets on each other’s nerves with good reason. However, that’s no excuse to constantly air our grievances among a bunch of self-righteous assholes who don’t truly give a rat’s ass about us to begin with. Let’s face it. The outcry of sympathy, if you can even call it that, for pop star Rhianna was fake as was the outcry for Janay Rice, particularly when you consider that there have been countless opportunities for those same folks to show compassion when the perpetrator was a white male. Where are all the feminist institutions speaking out for Sandra Bland or Marlene Pinnock? They rushed with a jet pack on their back to condemn NFL commissioner Roger Goddell when this was Ray Rice. But they have yet to utter a peep about the same killings of black women that the black females on the blogs are bitching about getting ignored. So their idea of a solution is to somehow rely on the very same heffas that care about them only when they feel damn good and ready to?

They might also want to remember that when black women were being beat down by cops it was black men protecting them, not Gloria Steinem, Betty Freidan or Bella Azbug. And black men might want to remind themselves that when they were getting their ass handed to them or are dying by cops it won’t be those white women that you chase after healing your wounds.

My post isn’t meant to be some Pollyanna plea that we come together and finally put aside our differences. Men and women despite their race will never see eye to eye with each other, there will forever be conflict. What I am saying, however, is that before we hurry for comfort and allegiance with those who aren’t our actual friends, we should at least try to resolve the issues between us by ourselves first.

Vern’s Venting: Do Black Lives Really Matter?


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By Lavern Merrweather:

Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders was giving a speech several days ago at a public square in New York when two black females approached the stage. They questioned Mr. Sanders about what he would do about the many police shootings happening to unarmed black folks. Feeling overwhelmed Mr. Sanders stepped away from the podium and allowed the women to take over. The two ladies then addressed the crowd about the importance of the next Commander–in–Chief doing something to prevent ongoing police violence in black communities.

As to be expected, both sides of the media were not too pleased about what happened. They, of course, referred to the women as being overly bold and saying that they accosted Mr. Sanders. Every derogatory stereotypical expression for black women was expressed when the media spoke about this story. Typical words were used like ‘loud, angry’ and ‘irate’ even while Mr. Sanders himself showed them no ill will and graciously moved aside so that they could let their voices be heard for once.

One smart ass pissbag even called them ‘Predators’ which was a film starring Ah-nuld from 1987 possibly because they had long braids. It’s bad enough that the powers that be media are creating an act of aggression where there was none, but they are using petty, snide comments to do it. Exactly what do those assholes believe, that we should just sit back and wait for them to save us? If we don’t do it nobody else will, certainly not the high and mighty media who resorted to bitchy, childish mean girl comments over something so damn serious. People are losing their lives and they are behaving like cyberbullies. Worse than that, they are once again perpetuating a time honored old racist adage that they get to tell us when we can achieve goals. God forbid Negroes stand up for ourselves and do things in a manner which white folks find unappealing.

Now, we have a number of Fake Noise house Negroes going along like good little darkies and saying that cops lives also matter. That all lives matter and that the movement black people created is divisive. Well no fucking shit, dickweeds! It’s separate, because this whole fucking country has been preaching separate justice, rights and value for black people ever since America’s inception. We have been constantly reminded on a daily basis about where we sit on the totem pole of importance in America. So, they will have none of it when we actually decry getting treated with such savage and sadistic brutality by law enforcement. I could understand their point if it was a two way street but it ain’t! Black lives are being annihilated in record numbers with no repercussions. It’s ok for white people to be up in arms about a lion in Africa but they will be damned if black folks demand the right to survive on any level.

How the fuck can cops lives also matter if THEY are the ones always recklessly pulling the trigger? They started this feeling of animosity with the black community and want to pour salt in the wounds by disrespecting and disregarding our desire to say that we matter too. For their info, white people, particularly white males, have not been that polite in how they handled legislation they wanted changed. Anyone who has seen the 1990 Jack Nicholson flick “Hoffa” about the former teamster president Jimmy Hoffa knows that white males are not subtle when pursuing their rights. Yet, any time we get just a little too fucking bold, it’s problematic.

Well guess what assholes? Sometimes you have to bust the door down to get attention. You can’t just walk in with a humble manner and ask for things nicely. That shit don’t work especially when those that you are protesting against take no responsibility for the part they play in the situation. Or make matters worse by appropriating a development that sprung out of their failure to rectify their own wrongdoing. They want us to imagine that cops lives matter as well while they continue to tell us that ours don’t. How the fuck can you demand that we put the same value on you that you absolutely refuse to put on us? Apparently they can command respect but we can’t. This is why it’s vital that sometimes we don’t always act in a gentle fashion and why we have to bulldoze our way in on occasion and take over, like it or not. And if certain folks’ delicate sensibilities get offended in the process, then that will be their cross to bear. We have much more important shit to worry about than hurt feelings.

R.I.P. Julian Bond


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From the Wall Street Journal:

Julian Bond, a civil-rights activist and longtime board chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, has died. He was 75.

The Southern Poverty Law Center said Mr. Bond died Saturday night in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., after a brief illness.

The Nashville, Tenn., native was considered a symbol and icon of the 1960s civil-rights movement.

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Vern’s Venting: When Coons Attack


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By Lavern Merriweather:

Raven Symone, the one time adorable TV star moppet, is not one of my favorite people. Her annoying and meandering rebel wild child shtick on ABC’s “The View” has gotten beyond tiresome. Now her irritating, supposedly progressive ‘I speak for everybody and everyone has a voice’ claptrap has reached a new low.

Recently, Democratic nominee Martin O’ Malley was booed then criticized by many black activists for proclaiming that all lives matter not just black lives. When the women on the morning show gabfest tackled this story, Symone immediately defended this idiot and his insulting rhetoric. A white female comedian by the name of Michelle Collins became a voice of reason by explaining to the young nitwit why black people there and across the country were so upset. I agree with Michelle when she stated that O’ Malley was, yet again, appropriating a movement meant to benefit Negroes. Then, he had the nerve to twist the words around, because he can’t stand the idea that compassion for black lives is being deemed a priority by anyone.

Symone wasn’t having it as she whined incessantly that black people don’t own the hardship of police brutality. It didn’t help matters that Raven was cheered on by her equally moronic co-host Nicole Wallace who also believes that it isn’t just black folks worrying about 5-0. Maybe so, but it DAMN sure is the majority. However, to hear those delusional heffas tell it, black people aren’t the only ones suffering in this country. Nor are we the only ones vulnerable to the notion of a tyrannical police state. If that’s the case, then why are the overwhelming majority of crimes committed by the boys in blue mostly against Negroes?

Little Ms. Symone can hide her head in the sand or up her ass all she wants, but the reality is that when it comes to police violence, black people are always first on the list. Apparently some delusional Negroes have to wait until they get their very own personal ‘ni**er moment’ to understand.

I wrote a post about a homeless white man in California named Kelly Thomas who was beaten to death by cops. The two cops responsible only got suspended leave and probation. Now while I sympathize completely with the dead man’s family, his story and the story of any white person victimized by the thin blue line is just a drop in the bucket compared to what black people have endured for decades. A number of people, it seems, Ms. Symone included, think that the protests because of police brutality are a new thing. She needs reminding that terror has been inflicted upon black people by the police for a very, very long time – in a lot of cases way before she, I or even Brotha were born.

Still that doesn’t stop her and many other foolish Negroes from totally disregarding their history with asinine arguments. House Negroes like Symone give a big boost to the assclowns and bigots on Fake Noise who of course also don’t like the treatment of O’ Malley.

Fake Noise host Kennedy of MTV blathered that using the hashtag #blacklivesmatter is divisive and exclusionary. Funny that she doesn’t seem nearly as troubled by the fact that her network is extremely divisive and exclusionary. All that bothers her and many whining ninny white people is that any sense of compassion be directed at black people. So I get especially pissed when some clueless, stupid, arrogant moron wants to downplay black history to make herself more acceptable to her white bosses and audience. This is a slap in the face of black folks who have fought, been jailed and died just so her dumbass can have the right to sit on TV and disrespect them.

It also is an outrage to those black people that keep losing their lives at the hands of police. Days ago a black woman from my hometown of Chicago named Sandra Bland had relocated to Galveston, Texas. She was pulled over by a white male cop for failing to use a turn signal while switching lanes in traffic. Last time I checked, that was neither illegal nor cause for an arrest, but she was stopped anyway. Video evidence from a dashcam shows the trooper being belligerent and obnoxious to her from the start. Ms. Bland even laments about how ridiculous what he’s doing to her is. People from every corner of the globe change lanes without signaling. Hell, some people will cut right in front of you and not care. However, this particular cop felt the need to play some version of Dudley Do Wrong and harass yet another black person for no good reason.

Ms. Bland was later found hanging dead in her cell from what the cops are claiming is a suicide. It should be noted that Ms. Bland was a political activist who ironically organized several protests against police for the murders of Freddie Gray, Mike Brown and Eric Garner. Sadly, her name will be added to the increasing and sordid list of black people dying while in police custody.

As I have said, I am not a conspiracy nut but there is obviously a shitload of bullshit to the cops’ description of what happened. Ms. Bland’s family has already demanded an investigation that will begin soon. Still, I don’t hold much hope that it will do any good or have any progress in making racist cops accountable. They haven’t been forced to face any consequences so far, so I ain’t expecting very much to come of this. We have seen justice for black people denied time and time and time again. Even when it is blatant as hell and caught on video, somehow the cops always manage to elude punishment. Color me not shocked to discover that Sandra Bland was deliberately targeted. The fight ain’t over despite what some dumb black folks seem to imagine. It won’t end until there is finally restitution. When that’s going to occur? I don’t know.

What I do know is that I’ll be damned to see some puissant like Raven Symone benefiting from the hard work and sacrifice of other black folks as she sits in the ivory tower of her white massahs playing the game by the rules of the very same people who have her ass oppressed in the first place.


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