R.I.P. Roddy Piper


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From the NY Daily News:

Legendary wrestling champion “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has died at the age of 61, World Wrestling Entertainment has confirmed.

The WWE Hall of Famer passed away in his Hollywood, Calif. home of natural causes, TMZ reported.

Piper had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2006 but last fall said that he was cancer free.

“WWE is deeply saddened that Roderick Toombs, aka “Rowdy” Roddy Piper – WWE Hall of Famer and Intercontinental Champion – passed away today at the age of 61,” WWE said in a statement. “WWE extends its sincerest condolences to Toombs’ family, friends and fans.”

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Faced With Fatigue


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I’m beyond tired. I’m sick and tired. I’m sick and tired of hearing about another black woman dying in prison. I’m tired of black men dying in the streets. I’m tired of these confederate-loving assholes marching everywhere defending their flag and inciting overt racism. I’m tired of being pissed off at Bill Cosby for being the lowlife that he truly is. I’m tired of trying to prove that black lives truly do matter when the rest of the world keeps saying they don’t for stupid ass reasons. I can’t take anymore, and it’s having a toll on my blogging.

I sometimes feel like I’ve written all I can say about today’s world. I even considered retiring from blogging altogether. I would take short-lived hiatuses only to come back days or even hours later. In truth, I never took time to truly rest from living as a black person on the internet living in America, and most black folks know that just existing in America is a full-time job of survival.

I honestly don’t know what else to write about. I felt like I’ve said all that needed to be said. I feel exhausted talking about racism and what it’s like to be black in America only to have trolls come and make it seem like I’m wrong, crazy, stupid or just being whiny.

I feel burned out. My writing is not like it used to be. The stress of being black in America has finally taken hold, and it’s effecting me greatly. The thought that the chances of a black person’s life will be taken are considerably high in this nation puts a lot into perspective. Even worse is the strong possibility that there will be those who will justify it.

It’s hard to concentrate even as I write this post. I’m literally beyond tired, so tired that I can’t even come up with new articles to write about. Sure, there are plenty of issues going on. But I don’t have the strength to write about them. Maybe what I need is a longer break from blogging. Maybe I don’t need to blog so much – as much as I used to. One thing I can’t take a break from, however, is being black in this country. That’s a job with no vacation time.

I’m too tired to even think of a clever way to end this article.

R.I.P. Bobbi Kristina Brown


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From the Huff Post:

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston, died Sunday, according to Entertainment Tonight. She was 22 years old.

Brown was hospitalized on Jan. 31 after she was found unresponsive by her boyfriend Nick Gordon and her friend, Max Lomas, in a bathtub at the couple’s home in Roswell, Georgia.

Multiple outlets reported that Brown had been placed in a medically induced coma and was breathing with the help of a ventilator. Brown was then transported to Emory University Hospital’s neurological department in Atlanta on Feb. 5, before being transferred again in March to Dekalb Medical’s rehab facility in Atlanta.

Things were looking more hopeful for the family in April, when a lawyer for Brown’s father told the press in a statement that the 22-year-old had “opened her eyes,” and went on to say “there has been improvement” in her condition.

However, on June 24, Brown’s aunt Pat Houston announced that Brown’s “condition has continued to deteriorate” and Brown was moved to hospice care. Additionally, the statement went on to say that the Houston family thanks “everyone for their support and prayers. [Bobbi Kristina] is in God’s hands now.”

Authorities are still investigating the circumstances that led the then-21-year-old to become unresponsive.

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Another Mass Shooting By Another Angry White Male


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Another mass shooting by another white male has just occurred at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. John Russell Houser entered into the theater during a showing of “Trainwreck” armed and shot up the place. He injured several people, killing at least two and ended up dead himself. Why did he do it? It turned out he was a tea bagging right winger with a hatred for Obama, women and anything else considered leftist. Raw Story reports:

John Russell Houser, of Phenix City, Alabama, posted frequently across a variety of online forums — from political discussions to message boards for Oldsmobile enthusiasts — where he complained about “moral decay” and media brainwashing.

“America is so sick that I now believe it to be the enemy of the world,” he wrote under the name Rusty Houser in a December 2013 comment on Fellowship of the Minds. “I know next to nothing about Iran, but the little I do know tells me they are far higher morally than this financially failing filth farm.”

The 59-year-old Houser, who told acquaintances that voting was waste of time, was less active on Facebook and Twitter, although he left behind some clues about his beliefs on those social media networks.

“If you don’t think the internet is censored, try reading a newspaper from a country that hates liberals the way I do,” reads his second — and last — Twitter post, from June 2013. The first argues that “Westboro Baptist Church may be the last real church in America [members not brainwashed].”

His Facebook account shows just two likes — the “I hate liberals!” political organization, which uses an avatar that reads “Stand with Rand,” and the Crossroads Irish-American Festival.

Posts on his Facebook page reveals an interest in limiting women’s influence over the church, a hatred for American culture, and complaints about liberals “brainwashing” Americans into hating their own country.

“The bible doesn’t ask me to like what it says, only to obey it,” Houser wrote. “Death comes soon to the financially failing filth farm called the US.”

America, these mass shootings have been occurring more frequently mostly by angry white males. When will you acknowledge that this is a definitely a problem? When will you not individualize this and other mass shootings and face the fact that you have a population of nutjobs with an overwhelming hatred for practically anything not white, not male, not Christian and not straight?

I wouldn’t hold my breath. Apparently, nothing must disrupt white individuality, the concept of the lonely gun-toting bastard that’s never part of a larger crisis or the image of the cosmically good white man. As usual, this will end up as such, and criminality and terrorism will, as usual, be latched on to blacks and Muslims to carry on the white racist narrative. The entire process to protect the image of the white male will process itself through the mainstream as it always does with no progress in the works to stop and re-examine it and the issue of white male violence.

Vern’s Venting: Look Away, Dixieland


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By Lavern Merriweather:

After reading a comment for one of my post about a woman named Karen Cooper, I decided to check out what nonsense she said about the Confederate flag. To my shock and utter disbelief, I found out that heffa was not only not from the South but that she was actually born in New York and that she used to be with the Nation of Islam! HUH?!

Still, Ms. Cooper is defending the land below and the flag they so proudly fly. She even joined a Tea Partyesque group that whined once it was demanded by public officials and concerned citizens following a tragic shooting of nine black people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina that the flag be removed from the State Building.

Although she is a Republican, South Carolina governor Nikki Haley was the first to express disgust with the flag and order that it be taken down. That’s a gallant move on her part. Yet, once again, we see that people of other races are more worried about our welfare than we are. Even if the sickening act of that thug Dylan Roof had never occurred, the flag is still a terrible symbol of hate, brutality and violence towards black folks. The thing that really burns my butt about the issue is those white people who claim that the flag is history, all while bitching to Negroes that it’s a decades old image from a long time ago.

Which one is it exactly because it can’t be both. Perhaps this is just another example of certain white people trying to have it both ways. They want to remember history a.k.a. their own legacy in the nicest way possible. They will be damned if some uppity, mouthy Negro like myself comes along and rips off those rose colored glasses that they are so fucking fond of.

Speaking of history, I was floored when I found out that Ms. Cooper also believes that slavery was a choice. Yes you read that right. This fool seems to think that instead of enduring the pain and anguish of being property that Negroes should have committed suicide by the thousands or fought back with the strength of Sampson, mixed with Hercules and just a dash of Conan. She is the very reason why some black folks say “Harriet Tubman should have left your ass behind”. I say Harriet should have busted a cap in that moron’s ass then reloaded and popped a few other body parts as well. I mean seriously how stupid is this woman?

I wonder greatly about what it must look like at those meetings she attends with her good old boys down South. They must get the world’s biggest kick that they have a highly melanin, utterly idiotic assclown in their midst to justify their mindset/agenda. To say that slavery was a choice is like saying that humans have a choice to live on land or live in the sea. After all, aren’t there countless products to help us survive in an environment we aren’t used to or are supposed to live in? If you think that logic sounds ludicrous, then it makes about as much sense as the idea that dummy is preaching. Slavery was anything but a choice. That’s why it’s called slavery. This means you are being held against your will and are forced to do someone else’s bidding. When the fuck has that ever equaled having an equal say?

By the way, she might want to remind herself that the black people made to come to America by thugs and criminals from the West were kidnapped. That right there completely negates her argument, unless she herself is willing to volunteer to be a slave for 10 years. Then we will see how well her little theory about willful decisions holds up or not.

On top of her royal stupidness are the white folks who blather that the Confederate flag was once a symbol of good, that its origins were not rooted or representative of what the flag means in this day and age. I say too damn bad; it’s way too little, way too late to make that commentary. The people who didn’t want it bastardized should have said something in the first place. I have a very sneaky suspicion that the reason why they didn’t is because they shared the same values and ideals as those using it in a sadistic, evil, cruel way. There is no more room left for ignorance or pretending that we don’t understand the true origins of this country’s most decadent and vile token.

White people can’t have it both ways and they can’t in good conscience protect an emblem that has come to define some very despicable behavior. If white people are so deadest against black people living in the past then they need to stop making movies about Moses, Jesus, Amelia Earhart, Titanic, Columbus, Noah, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Jack Kennedy. Stop moaning that you want an end to racism in America while you hold on to a disgraceful symbol meant to provoke fear and incite terror for an entire group of citizens. Stop decrying incidents of a bygone era when evidence to the contrary is all around you every fucking day. And stop telling black people who shell out their hard-earned money that they can’t complain about a replica of hate decorating a federally funded building that their taxpayer dollars support. They have just as much right to say I won’t pay for something that offends me as you do trying to persuade them to change their minds.

Guess what it ain’t going to happen, because that era you pretend is over is actually over when it comes to Negroes lying down and taking your crap. This time we do have a choice unlike another time in America’s sordid history. Despite what some very backwards thinking black female wants to imagine. Since they don’t really know who put the flag there or why they can’t say it wasn’t an act of bigotry. Don’t forget one-time President Woodrow Wilson had a screening of that extremely racist garbage “Birth of a Nation” at the White House and that sonofabitch loved that movie. So I don’t put shit past white male politicians especially back in the day. Where if there hadn’t been those black voices trying to make a change that loser Cooper would get her wish. However, she most certainly wouldn’t be bitching about keeping the flag flying then.

Side note: As of this writing that infernal icon is finally and thankfully gone for good after the senate in the state of South Carolina voted overwhelmingly for it to leave. Still there are some knuckleheads and fools butthurt about it. I say they can gather with their hoods at the local Wal-Mart and cry in their $8.00 dollar beers.

The Case of Sandra Bland


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Sandra Bland was a young black woman who was pulled over during a traffic stop in a Texas town. She was on her way to a new job as a college outreach worker when police stopped and arrested her. She was thrown into jail and was soon found hanging by a plastic trash bag, dead.

Police reports say that it’s a case of suicide, that she took her own life for unknown reasons. However, a lot of people, including her family, are skeptical about this. For instance, why would someone who landed a new job kill herself? Activists and family members want an independent investigation into her death as they suspect that it wasn’t suicide but murder.

Police say she assaulted the officer that stopped her, but dashcam video footage says otherwise. A recent video has surfaced that captured the whole situation going down. USA Today reports:

The release of the 52-minute dash-cam footage came hours after the Waller County Sheriff’s Office released surveillance video from inside the county jail the morning Bland, 28, of Naperville, Ill., was found dead in her cell, three days after the traffic stop in Prairie View, Texas, about 50 miles northwest of Houston.

The dash camera shows Trooper Brian Encinia immediately ordering Bland out of her car when she refused, about 9 minutes and 25 seconds, into the video.

“Step out or I will remove you,” he said repeatedly, opening the driver’s door as she protested.

“OK, let’s do this,” Bland can be heard saying, as Encinia reached in and grabbed her. “Don’t touch me!”

“I’m going to drag you out of here,” Encinia said, unholstering what appears to be his Taser and pointing it at Bland.

“Get out of the car! I will light you up!” he shouted in anger.

Bland then got out, saying, “Wow, wow, all of this for a failure to signal.”

The trooper ordered her to the sidewalk, out of view of his dash-cam, and handcuffed Bland, who continues to protest her arrest. She complained about the handcuffs being too tight, and some kind of struggle can be heard on the audio.

Sandra Bland was one of an ever-growing list of black people that died at the hands of the police. All eyes are focused on this case and it unfolds.

Stay tuned…

R.I.P. Ms. Melodie


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From the Washington Post:

In an age when the leading female hip-hop artist has crossed over to be a pop cultural icon, it may be hard to grasp the significance of one Ramona Scott, aka Ms. Melodie, the old school rapper who died Tuesday. The Flatbush-born artist only had one album, which didn’t sell many units. She wasn’t a sex starlet like Lil’ Kim or a transcendent performer like Queen Latifah.

But in the mid 1980s, when there were only a few female rappers of consistent note not named Salt, Pepper, Lyte or Roxanne Shanté, you can’t help but think of Melodie now as her own kind of hip-hop pioneer who often gets lost in the shuffle. Like other now-forgotten female rappers like Boss and Nikki D (who came along a little later), there were no gimmicks to her game or extra flourishes to try and make her more than what she was: about the rhyme and how to hang with the boys (and perhaps a few fur coats). And she often used her words to challenge what was becoming an increasing trend of violence in urban communities.

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CORRECTION: Ms. Melodie died in 2012.

Vern’s Venting: The Blame Game


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By Lavern Merrweather:

Apparently, the overly privileged perspective that arrogant white people spew has reached such an astounding level that it must at times boggle even their minds! Conservative whiny shill Laura Ingraham was recently on Fake Noise (Fox News) TV bemoaning how the lack of fathers in the black community is what’s causing all the civil unrest in cities like New York, Baltimore and Ferguson Missouri. I have yet to figure out what that has to do with thug cops feeling it’s become acceptable the norm to eliminate black lives often times with no provocation, justification or consequences.

Yet, to hear those on both sides of the media tell it, we black people are the reason for our own trouble. Did we create our own oppression too? Maybe it’s our own fault that we had to drink from separate water fountains, eat in the kitchen at most restaurants, have scumbags firebomb our homes, get dogs and hoses released on us and get lynched indiscriminately. According to those in the more privileged hemisphere, every problem that we Negroes face is directly related to something we did.

After a video of teens at a pool party being assaulted viciously by white cops surfaced, there were many in the public who rushed to defend the boys in blue. No surprise. They, of course, targeted the black teens despite the fact that it was a multi- racial gathering. Plus, the white teen whose house it was that shot the video himself noted that the cops didn’t brutalize any of the white kids in attendance. The quick-to-talk-shit gang also didn’t mention that the problem started because a few white adults who live in the neighborhood came over to the party to complain and that they began shouting racial slurs with a grown woman striking a teen girl in the face. Naturally when the police show up, they assume that the black kids were the ones creating chaos and immediately went after them, one of them being Dejerra Becton who was clad only in a bikini. Yet, that still didn’t prevent the head bully officer in charge to attack her like she were the next Aileen Wournous.

The officer responsible has since issued an apology and made a sorry excuse by saying that he was having an emotional day. I say tough shit, asshole. Don’t bring your problems to work with you! Furthermore that rhetoric works solely for women. So, come off it.

A number of hypocrites on the blogs and in the media have whined that it’s not about race even while using code words typically reserved for insulting Negroes. Radio host Michael Berry called the teens who were attacked ‘wild animals’ and said that like wild dogs, they needed to be put down. But of course that statement has no negative or sinister racist connation behind it. They never want their words to come off as racist even while they continue to justify senseless murders and thug police behavior, even as they say that the policies of our current president and those that have benefited Negroes in the past are what’s responsible.

Silly me. Here I was thinking it was the policy of Jim Crow and systematic racism when all the time it was what assisted black folks that is the real issue. Obviously cops shooting unarmed innocent citizens 50, 41 and 137 times isn’t what’s causing the strife. Its welfare. Its affirmative action which has actually only helped white women but never mind that shit! In their little world, Negroes are who the government was once again giving a free handout. I guess because they are pissed that the American political structure decided to rectify past wrongs in the most half-assed way possible that justifies open season on Negroes. Just another case of blame the victim in order to protect those that protect and serve their interest.

People like Fake Noise’s third biggest bigoted blowhard Greg Gutfeld tries to downplay these disgraceful incidents as isolated all while chiming about how if we restrict Officer Not-So-Friendly from doing his job civility as we know it will end. I got news for him, civility in America never even existed, unless he believes the genocide by Christopher Columbus of countless Native Americans, the slave trade and the ongoing racism that has followed, the bombing of Japan and the internment of Japanese Americans are acts of civility.

Another thing, prick. Since when is it a cop’s job to overreact to a car backfire, then cause the deaths of two people by firing 137 bullets? Most cops issued guns don’t carry that many fucking shots. So that means the cocksucker reloaded after realizing he wasn’t getting any return fire. Anyone reading this knows he didn’t because Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were unarmed. So you’d think it would be impossible for anybody even the jag-offs at Fake Noise to not find his acquittal a complete travesty.

Well, you’d be incorrect, because they see nothing troubling with the recent rash of cop killings. It’s not the cops fault, it’s the out of control Negroes who have let the government freeloader machine lure them into the false belief that they truly have rights as a human being and an American. Oh no! How dare they! How dare the government support financially the ancestors of those lowly Negroes that spent day and night breaking their backs to provide free services and goods to white folks too lazy to do it their damn selves.

Before anyone cries about how that was in the past, the sin of being allowed to murder a black person without recourse sure as fucking hell ain’t! Neither is the ability they have to live comfortable, wealthy, privileged lives off the backs of others. Like I have written before, don’t expect those in this country not on the positive side of history to share in your basking of selective nostalgia. Those who have experienced what black folks were dealing with back when it was okay to terrorize black people with guard dogs and hoses refuse to give you that luxury. You want to revel in your privilege with the full knowledge that what ails them won’t ever knock on your back door. Therefore, don’t believe for one second that you can tell me how to respond when it knocks on mine.

Vern’s Venting: Whiteface


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By Lavern Merriweather:

There is a good reason why I’m including the pictures of these two specific women. The lady on top is actress Emma Stone who is a very hot property in Hollywood right now. The one below her is one of my favorite actresses, Rosalind Chao, who was wonderful in “The Joy Luck Club”. As you can see, Rosalind is an Asian woman and Emma is not. That however obviously means nothing to the powers-that-be in ‘Hollywhite’ because they cast Emma as a woman who supposed to be half-Asian for the film “Aloha” which also stars Bradley Cooper and Alec Baldwin.

While Stevie Wonder could see that Emma has no business whatsoever playing a woman who is Asian, ‘Hollywhathehell’ thought they could pull off whitewashing people of color once again. I do understand that there are some actors such as Kristin Kreuk and Dean Cain who are indeed half Asian, but they look nothing like Emma. And she doesn’t look anything like them. So, why the fuck is she being hired to play a woman of color? Just another example of white people appropriating, then bastardizing the race or culture of non-white folks.

By now, everyone has heard of the Washington branch president of the NAACP Rachel Dolezal who recently had to step down. Rachel didn’t so much quit as she was most likely pressured to leave, because some nasty truths were revealed about her days ago. Rachel, who identifies as black and has brownish skin and curly hair, is in fact a white woman pretending to be black. Her own parents came forward to state that Rachel is actually a blond haired, blue-eyed white female. They even produced pictures of Rachel at 15 which leave zero doubt to her true racial identity, even though Rachel herself posted a picture of her with an elderly black man that she claimed was her father. Turns out that man wasn’t her dad, because her real father is of German/ Scottish heritage.

Of course, the apologists and defenders have come out in full force to support this heffa. They whine that she has done a lot of good work for the black community, saying that while she is a boldfaced liar, that doesn’t negate what she has done in the past. I still have yet to hear one word about what it is that Rachel has done which was supposedly so great. It seems to me like all she did was manipulate and steal positions from real African-Americans.

The worst part of her treachery in this sordid little saga are the white folks who say ‘So what?’, and behave as if we should be grateful as if being black is such a horrific thing that we should be happy little darkies when some seemingly kind hearted white woman wants to adopt our culture as hers. Or that there is only one race and that’s the human race.

Well I say that is the biggest cop-out bunch of bullshit I ever heard spewed by some of the stupidest people ever! Empathy is one thing. Hell, it’s a great thing. But that’s not what’s going on here. This is about a sneaky, obnoxious, lying white female playing dress up.

Being black is not some costume or uniform that one can put on then take off whenever they feel like it. On top of that, she doesn’t have to worry about losing any of her privilege. Privilege that was in full effect when she was questioned about her ridiculous and, in many ways, bizarre actions. She had the nerve to play dumb when asked by a reporter about whether or not she was truly black. If he asked her to multiply 835 by 782 then I could understand her confusion. However, this was not the case. It was a straight forward question that she refused to answer. This tells me right there that little Miss Rachel isn’t the ally she pretends to be. Particularly when she goes on the “Today Show” with Matt Lauer and evades the issue as much as possible. A person who truly wants to align themselves with a marginalized group would not be so deceptive about it. As Dr. Marc Lamont Hill put it the other night on CNN while talking with Anderson Copper, when she gets pulled over by the cops she won’t want to be black then. There it is in a nutshell. Rachel doesn’t enjoy being persecuted for deceit and won’t realize why many black folks are so upset.

It’s the same thing with that punk son of actor Tom Hanks named Chester who believes that it’s okay for him to use the word ‘nigga’ because he loves rap culture and has black friends. Having skin in America that is black carries with it many burdens and connotations that most white people can’t relate to, regardless if they wear their hair in cornrows and over tan their skin to make it look darker. That flies in the face of people who had to face countless struggles that they don’t get to dance away from by changing their hair or clothes. Chet and Rachel can claim to be down with Negroes all they like, but at the end of the day, unless they are willing to experience ALL of it, the good, bad and ugly, then they are just speaking out of their asses. Plus, they are perpetuating more selfish fetishizing of the same people that they claim to have so much affection for.

Vern’s Venting: Stealing Black Folks’ Thunder


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By Lavern Merriweather

It appears that lately, black people can’t start an argument about racism or the racist bullshit we have to face on a daily basis without it become an opportunity for white folks to whine about their plight. After the former head of the Washington branch of the NAACP was discovered to actually be a white woman masquerading as black, the media came up with the term ‘trans-racial’.

I have yet to figure out just what the fuck exactly is ‘trans-racial’? Is that supposed to be someone that is so above the notion of race that they can transcend any and all races? Or is it just another bullshit term made by stupid, clueless fools that have no idea about how negatively a concept they began affects others not like them?

Most of the major cable networks even went so far as to invite a number of transgender people (whites only of course) to discuss this. They kept making idiotic comparisons between Rachel Dolezal and Bruce…er…Caitlyn Jenner. It’s bad enough that the parallel makes no sense, but what’s worse is that they continue to derail the dialogue about race while managing once again to make themselves the victims by parading around white people who are gay. As I have said before, being a black person in America is not the same as being a gay person in America! That goes especially for those that are black and gay.

Gay white people still have their privilege to fall back on, as does Ms. Dolezal which is precisely why a number of black people are disgusted and disappointed with her lies and deception. She is nothing more than an opportunist who – it should be noted – actually sued the legendary HBCU Morehouse for discrimination. Missy Anne, I mean Rachel, didn’t like that the mean old Negroes she now masquerades as they wouldn’t let her play in their sandbox. You mean to tell me that real African-American officials who run an institution of higher learning felt that protecting the future of the young black people who they serve was more important than servicing the needs of this blond/blue-eyed white woman? The nerve of those uppity Negroes! Humph!

Rachel’s entitled, unbelievably arrogant behavior is the very reason why many black folks are not falling for her con, despite the cries and pleas of well- meaning white citizens who whine that she did a lot of good for the NAACP. What all that supposed good was? I am still waiting to hear, just like I’m expecting that a conversation about racism and the abuse of the system by a scheming white female should not be deflected for gay issues, particularly when some of those same white transgender people have stated emphatically that who they are has no bearing on Rachel’s fake charade.

Are you listening to that media? It’s the voice of reason telling you how stupid and unfair you are being. So, you might want to pay attention, much like the way you are trying to deny that Ms. Dolezal isn’t taking full advantage of her skin even after she attempts, in vain, to change it.

What I don’t get is how could the people that worked right besides this huckster not see through her false persona? The goofy looking spray-on over-tan and ridiculous afro curly wig should have been a dead giveaway to those knuckleheads. That heffa didn’t even bother to change her eye color, and the braids she wore in several photos looked tacked on as well as tacky.

I hate to sound like a paranoid theorist, but I truly have some serious questions as to her intent. It seems very likely that something a lot more sinister is going on here than white people will care to admit. Before the doubters start squawking, let’s not forget that Martin Luther King had spies and traitors in his midst as did the Black Panthers. For all we know it could be something more than just problems with her identity or being pissed off at her parents and heritage by using this as her way of getting back at them. Either way, the ‘trans-racial’ moniker needs to go ASAP. Since race is more of a social construct rather than a biological one, that mentality is complete bunk. There is no such thing as ‘trans-racial’, especially in regards to a phony like Rachel Dolezal.

Another instance in the war of gay vs. black was the extremely heated verbal spat between former host of “The View” Rosie O’ Donnell and current host Whoopi Goldberg. Although I am not a fan of either, I appreciate that O’ Donnell was smart enough to denounce Whoopi’s ludicrous claim that racism is practically over. Rosie made some very valid points to counter what Whoopi was saying. So, she pulled out the ‘I’m older therefore I know better’ card. Whoopi’s condescending attitude and words are proof positive that not everyone gains wisdom when they age. Yet, somehow their exchange turned into once again an excuse for white people to play the victim by making it about gay folks, then create an asinine dialogue about who has it worse in this country.

I’ll tell you right now it ain’t the people that get to have the luxury of nobody knowing what makes them marginalized. We constantly have to look over our proverbial racism shoulder, because we don’t have that freedom. We can’t just sit calmly in a church service and not have to worry about some thug scumbag white male raised on hate to viciously take our lives. Now, we have the dumbasses at Fake Noise along with conservative politicians saying that the tragic and sickening murders of the 9 black people in Charleston, South Carolina was about religion. I guess then that all those years of cross burnings by the Klan on black folks’ lawns was because of Jesus. It wasn’t really hatred of black people; it was hatred for them loving the Lord. Oh that clears everything right on up. Thanks Fake Noise!

Here’s the problem with that rhetoric. Those white assholes burning the crosses pretended to love Jesus too. They sat falsely in a house of worship playing good, decent, honest, hardworking Christians all while killing people of color. Many even did it in the name of religion and the bible. So, I ask just who in the fuck does Fake Nosie think they are fooling?

That punk loser Dylan Roof didn’t do his dastardly deed because he hates God. He did it because he hates black people, something that they refuse to admit still exists, because Fake Noise is responsible for fueling much of that animosity. In spite of the claims of Fake Noise’s fourth biggest blowhard dumb shit Howard Kurtz, he surmises the typical white folks’ script that this white piece of shit was a lone gunman who had no affiliation with any group. Not only was his blather old hat; it gave the white male media establishment another chance to go completely off topic. As they hem and haw continuously about having no clue what his motives were. Who gives a fuck shitbags!? Stop acting like you truly give a damn about the fallen when you spend every moment of airtime proclaiming how rotten them Negroes is. And don’t think for one even half a second you can downplay this dreadful event with your moronic, selfish, worthless attempts at diversion.


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