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Dodging Decarceration: The Shell Game of ‘Getting Smart’ on Crime

It has taken a long time, far too long, but politicians seem finally to have realized how catastrophically expensive it is for the United States to lock up more people than any other country on the planet. Although most had cared little about how much it would cost their districts when they embraced harsh mandatory minimum sentences, or eliminated the possibility of parole, or further criminalized the public health problems of addiction and mental illness, apparently the economic chickens have now come home to roost.

And, of course, as anyone at all close to the everyday and real workings of our nation’s criminal justice system knows, the costs of mass incarceration are not merely monetary. Yes, it costs billions of dollars to have confined more than 2.4 million people to 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 2,259 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,283 local jails and 79 Indian Country jails — as well as in military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, and prisons in the U.S. territories by 2011. But as important, this level of incarceration has devastated the children, the neighborhoods, the lifetime livelihoods, and even the very health, of the imprisoned themselves.

Managing the Optics: Black Conservative Race Hustlers and the Anti-Immigrant Protests in Murrieta, California

The harassment and poor treatment of the refugee families and children in Murrieta, California by Tea Party militia hooligans and thug nativists is embarrassing. I am not bewildered, although I will confess to being disgusted, by how those who wrap themselves in the flag of American Exceptionalism and tired bromides that “America is the greatest country on Earth!” do not understand that a truly great country offers aid and comfort to those in need.

The 24/7 news media is a circus. The Right-wing echo chamber is the center ring, and is in many ways, the greatest show on Earth. As I wrote here regarding D’Souza’s propaganda piece “America”, and have mentioned many times elsewhere, there is a special role to be played by black and brown people in the Right-wing’s human zoo and freak show.

Black Americans (and other people of color) are loathed by conservatives because conservatism and racism are one in the same thing in the post civil rights era. Black Americans are loved by conservatives when they can be used as part of a political blackface routine or passion play, acting as human proof that white conservatives are not racists because they have a “best black friend” who can vouch for them.

Laverne Cox tears up: ‘My whole life is different’

It’s been an amazing year: the Orange star covered Time magazine, “I got to meet the president, I have an Emmy nomination and I can afford to redecorate my apartment. I have a publicist who connected this call. Everything is different,” she says in amazement.

“My whole life has changed. People recognize me wherever I go. Nothing is the same it was last year,” Cox adds. The actress had just gotten off the phone with her mom, whom she hopes to take as her Emmys date (she first asks when, exactly, the ceremony is).

And Cox credits Jodie Foster, who directed her emotional flashback sequence in season one where her character comes out as transgendered, with her guest-actress nomination (in a comedy).

The Palestinian Resistance Will Not Be Televised!

Let’s make this clear: Palestine has no navy, army or air force; this is not a war, this genocide!

The people of Palestine have been suffering for many years but lets start at 1948 when the British, the United Nations and the Zionist Movement decided to split Palestine and allow the Jewish population to occupy their country through a white supremacist settler model of colonial domination. Did they ask Palestine if this was OK? Of course not. This sparked the Arab/Israeli war and by 1949, Israelis made up 30 percent of the population but occupied 75 percent of the land. As a result, Israel has functioned as a military outpost for U.S. imperialism which has exploited and dominated the middle east for decades. It is important to state that the USA was engaged in warfare with the Soviet Union (Cold War) to combat the idea that communism would suppress the freedom of mankind and ultimately the world would sink into a dark abyss. So the USA fought the soviets for “freedom” while supporting the Israelis in their enslavement of the Palestinians? We could spend days on all the contradictions within the imperialistic countries.

When Conversations about Race Get Reduced to Republican vs. Democrat

For the last 50 years, the Republican Party has been on the forefront of policy and ideas that have been detrimental to African Americans, including the painting of black women as “Welfare Queens,” school zoning laws, mandatory minimums for victimless crimes, and a number of others. In contrast, Democrats have often combatted these initiatives and championed efforts like increases in minimum wage, increased access to healthcare, and more investment in public schools. As a result, the vast majority of African Americans are registered Democrats. In a number of Southern states, the Democratic Party is almost entirely black. As a result, what often occurs in conversations about race is that terms like “Democrat” and “liberal” get thrown around when they are not even really relevant. For example, when Crystal Wright of called out her fellow Republicans for embracing people like Cliven Bundy, a number of people who typically eat up anything that she says accused her of sounding “like a liberal.” People of this school of thought ignore an array of nuances. First of all, white supremacy and racism existed before either the Republican or Democratic Party. Secondly, there are issues that both parties have not addressed in any meaningful way. Also, being a Democrat does not foreclose the capacity for white supremacist thinking. Finally, pushing back against white supremacy does not automatically signal an allegiance to the Democratic Party.

Vern’s Venting: Re: Bad and Sexy


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Jeremy Meeks

by Lavern Merriweather

Jeremy Meeks is a name that – by now – should probably be very well known to anyone reading this. He is the young, perfect jawed, bald, bi-racial felon with blue eyes that has many women swooning on the web after seeing his mugshot. Mr. Meeks’ popularity – such as it is – has taken off so much that a few modeling agencies have offered to sign him to a contract. However, it seems that some are not that impressed. In fact, they have eagerly voiced their disdain.

Two white female anchors for the Headline News (HLN) cable news network named Lynn Berry and Christi Paul felt the need to criticize the women falling head over heels for Mr. Meeks. They even had the utter nerve to whine about him being a ‘felon’ while they spent damn near the entire hour of the show talking about him. What should and could easily have been a five minute soundbite turned into almost the whole show of them complaining as they read some negative Facebook comments from viewers.

I mention this, because while I get that Mr. Meeks has broken the law, it’s still sad that this is what passes for news these days. We get a lot of typical self-righteous preaching from a group of people woefully ill-equipped to judge anybody.

Let’s cut the crap here. Mr. Meeks is getting attention and then vilification because he is a partly black male. As I have stated in previous posts, white people going out of their way to piss and moan at a person of color, especially a Negro, can’t come from anywhere but a place of race, particularly when there are some rather depraved and vile stories about a number of white male celebrities who are revered in this country. That shows what completely sick, sadistic, rotten little people they are that would make your hair stand on end and your skin crawl.

I just recently discovered that lead guitarist for the band Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, committed an act of despicable cruelty and perversion. Years ago, Page was at a club where he spotted a young female who was underaged.He instructed one of his roadies to approach the girl, who was only 14, and pass her along. Turns out he did more than that. He grabbed the girl and forced her to get into Page’s limo, where he threatened her if she tried to leave. He told her that if she “fucking moved”, he “would take her fucking head off”, a quote the accomplice of the degenerate pedophile made to keep this young girl from escaping.

Jimmy Page of rock group Led Zeppelin

Page then took the girl to his house and after spending several hours raping and forcing her to drink alcohol, he finds out that she is actually far too young to be a f**k buddy for his creepy grown ass. When this happens, instead of doing the right and humane thing of turning himself in to the cops, Page chooses to hold her hostage for the next three years at his home, in hopes of keeping his secret hidden.

Why this worthless sack of crap never saw a day in prison is beyond me. It can’t be because England has a different set of rules when it comes to the rape and kidnapping of minors than in most countries. I’m not fully aware of what the girl did legally afterwards. If anything, I do know that she wrote a book about her ordeal, even going so far as to defend her so-called ‘relationship’ with Page by calling it romantic while showing classic symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome, where a victim that has been held captive for a long period of time comes to not only sympathize with their kidnapper but protect them from criticism by justifying their immoral, horrific behavior. Maybe that is her way of dealing with such a brutal and wretched situation, but the rest of us don’t have to feel that way. Far as I am concerned, Page is forever tainted in my mind and his sinister actions can’t afford him any other label but a monster. And he’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A member of the legendary rock group Lynyrd Syknyrd is also a lowly little pervert menace to minors. A prominent member of the band raped a 15 year-old girl at the Ozark Mountain Festival in 1975 and has since swathed a path of pedophilia to where he has had to register as a sex offender for the past five years.

Former British rocker Gary Glitter who coined the phrase ‘glam rock’  and was noted for his wild stage persona and flamboyant costumes has been thrown out of Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan because he keeps inviting 10 and 11 year old girls to his house. I’m pretty sure it ain’t to play Barbie dolls or have a slumber party.

Gary Glitter

It appears that the amount of sordid demented tales from the white male rock community of disgusting incidents involving little girls runs very long and very deep, among other shitty, illegal things that would land many of the rest of us in prison where we would belong.

For those of you who question what does all of that have to do with Jeremy Meeks, well I tell you. Granted, I understand clearly that Mr. Meeks is no Boy Scout. He is in jail, after all. But he is being given a second chance, and as far as I’m concerned, he deserves one. I saw most of the things that Mr. Meeks has been in trouble with. Yet, none of it even comes close to be as wicked and evil as some of the shit I spoke about with the rock stars.

So, I question why is it that they get to live as free men enjoying fabulous palatial homes, being showered with millions of dollars, being beloved and worshiped by adoring and, in some cases, unsuspecting fans, while somebody like Jeremy is made into a pariah by the very media that glorifies deplorable scumbags, all in the sake of loving whoever looks like you no matter how miserable a person they are.

And for those of you high minded Negroes who say what white people do has nothing to do with black folks, I say that’s a crock and a cop-out. ANY adult who violates the sexual innocence of a child IS my fucking business and it should be yours too, especially if as many black people seem to claim that they find that sort of act completely reprehensible, which it is. The time has long since passed where black folks can justify holding ourselves to a higher standard than that of white people, if we really truly mean what we say. Either we put every single last bad guy in front of the firing squad or we don’t put anybody there at all.

Vern’s Venting: Get Your Lie Together


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Janelle Ambrosia

by Lavern Merriweather

There is a video that has gone viral for a while, showing a ranting, pissed off white female named Janelle Ambrosia screaming obscenities and racial slurs at an unidentified black male motorist. She claims that she was upset because this man started his car, which startled her two kids. Then, the dollar store shopping stripper is changing her tune by trying to embellish her story, saying that he almost hit her son. Well which is it lady, did he start the car and scare your kids or did he damn near run them over? That’s obviously a rhetorical question because I already know the answer.

Janelle is using a time honored trick among white people to make their despicable behavior towards a black person justifiable when it’s clearly not. She is even trotting out the well-worn out excuse of not being racist because she has a black family member. Okay. What the fuck does that have to do with the price of a steak dinner in New York? She didn’t give a rat’s ass about her cousin when she was spewing hateful words. Big deal. She has a black cousin. That’s most likely someone she has barely spoken to and probably barely knows or associates with.

Janelle’s lucky she didn’t have a black eye, because if that were me she had been talking to, she would have needed medical attention afterward. She also tried to use white people’s favorite new tactic of playing the crazy card by saying that she’s bi-polar. I think most white people who trot out that weak, lame excuse don’t even know what the hell that condition really is. Otherwise, they wouldn’t keep using it. Being bi-polar doesn’t have a damn thing to do with being a raving racist asshole hollering hateful things. That’s like saying the over consumption of alcohol makes you an anti-Semite. It’s not anything, other than this witch was angry about something else and wanted to take it out on the first person she saw. And who better than a man on the lowest spot of the totem pole?

Then, when all else of the bullshit fails, she flips the script on her little story in desperation to make her being a vile sack of crap more potent. Obviously, the whole he-started-his-car thing wasn’t viable enough to defend her stupid and deplorable behavior. So, she makes it up as she goes along to make herself more of a victim. The biggest victims are those two kids who have that loser for a mother and seem to already be showing signs of picking up her bad habits.

This reminds me of the stupid white people on the internet and elsewhere trying to justify that punk George Zimmerman’s actions by saying that Trayvon Martin was ‘casing’ houses or jumping into other people’s yards so he could peek in their window. They also say he was some hulking linebacker for the Chicago Bears standing 6’3 at 217 pounds.

George Zimmerman

First of all, Zimmerman didn’t say jack squat about him actually committing any criminal activity. That prick only said that he looked suspicious, not that he was really doing anything. So, their words of defense contradict the very words of the same person that they are defending!

Second, who the hell picks a fight with someone knowing that they will kick their ass from the get go? That’s right. Nobody does that! So, there goes their idealized notion that he was some hulking behemoth trying to pick locks or pick a fight.

When infamous motorist Rodney king was viciously assaulted and beaten by thug cops on the LAPD, many in the blogworld tried in vain to support the cops’ disturbing behavior. Mr. King was accused of everything from being a wife-beater to being a cop killer. Okay. Now, I would guess a black man guilty of killing a cop or even suspecting of killing a cop, especially a white male cop, would not spend one more second on planet Earth a free man. He would be sitting in a damn jail cell for the rest of his natural born life innocent or not. *Cough Troy Davis cough!*

A frame from the infamous police beating of Rodney King

A number of pundits, both liberal and conservative, as well as white people in the public, whined that King was speeding and high on drugs. Really? Because the drug toxicology report came back negative. Plus, the manufactures who built the damn car said it doesn’t go as fast as the cops claimed. Still, a lot of white people wanted to believe even as the drug test and people who build Hyundai cars said that they were wrong on both counts.

Some people even said that King brought the attack on himself because he lunged for one of the cop’s gun. They must have seen a different tape than I did, because the only act of over-aggression I viewed was from the cops themselves. On top of that, I saw his arrest record and it was for nothing more than traffic violations and drug arrests. There wasn’t one single thing alluding to him being a murderer. That, however, didn’t stop some white people from rushing to defend the LAPD. Don’t forget that cops embellish too to make their wrongs seem right.

Instead of giving an apology, even a phony one, Janelle Ambrosia took the usual route of making excuses, as if a medical condition is the end all be all of controlling your behavior. Newsflash! It ain’t. SHE was the one who thought it was an acceptable idea to verbally attack a man that, from all appearances, wasn’t doing shit to her dumb ass. Now, she is going to lie and deny, making herself look like less of a bad guy.

Guess what sweetie, you have already made yourself the villain in this scenario and telling tales of bullshit won’t get you out of it. And neither will changing your story to justify your hatred. You were the only one in that video being a lowlife fool. I doubt any of the deserved criticism this wench is getting will actually give her pause to take a long, cold hard look at just what type of person she is.

And for anybody saying not to pick on Janelle for being a stripper, well she chose that as well, just like she chose to hurl hateful slurs while being filmed, fully aware that her shouting show would be seen by countless people. If you are having a bad day, year, life, then it’s your job to fix that, and turn things around. Don’t wallow in self-pity and delusion because your privilege came late in the mail as opposed to everybody else’s.

I think it’s laughable that this heffa had the gall to say we have a black president. Yeah, so? We also (still) have the Klan, Neo-Nazi groups, Stormfront and Bill O’Reilly. And we have your goofy ass running around. So, what’s your point?

Vern’s Venting: Excuse You


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Jared and Amanda Miller cosplaying as the Joker and Harley Quinn from the “Batman” franchise.

by Lavern Merriweather

For the past 5 years, there has been an increasingly long and dangerous list of white males behaving badly with guns. The recent act of white terrorism was in the form of a couple from Las Vegas named Jared and Amanda Miller. They were a duo from the sticks who shot and killed two cops and a heroic bystander trying to stop their malevolent path of destruction. Both Millers had a rap sheet while Jared spent most of his time making bizarre and frightening videos where he spoke of being an angel of death wearing make-up looking like the Joker character from the “Batman” movie.

The media has, of course, painted this as a random act of violence by two mentally ill loners disgruntled with society, even though both were associates of a well- known white supremacist prick named Clive Bundy, who himself has been seen in interviews and on video praising the slavery system in America and making thinly veiled racist comments against our current president Barack Obama.

This coming on the heels of the shooting spree at a college in California by a spoiled brat asshole named Eliot Rodgers, who wrote a 140-page manifesto lamenting about why women have been rejecting him basically all his young life. He also made an arrogant self-serving video where he warned the women who blew him off that their day of reckoning was coming as he complained that the women who should have rightfully been his were instead passing him over for in his words ‘ugly black men’. It doesn’t surprise me that when the entitlement he felt about himself and his ideal of deserved privilege didn’t meet his full expectations, Rodgers snapped, wreaking his vengeance on innocent people and unleashing his stupidity of undeserved ego towards those he imagined had wronged him. Yet, rather than look at these instances of several white people letting loose their anger at the times changing too fast for them or just being bad and violent idiots who don’t give a damn who they hurt and how many lives they ruin, the issue once again becomes about gun laws and mental illness.

Elliot Rodger

Give me a fucking break! I’m completely and utterly finished as of right now, this fucking minute, with white people using the real and unfortunate affliction of being mentally unstable to defend criminal and brutal behavior from their white brethren.

Someone recently sent me an email saying that while he appreciates my contributions to his website, I need to tone down the animosity a little bit. Well, I say not this time, because this is some bullshit that white people should have long been called on! Too many times I have seen the notion that white males bringing death and terror upon citizens doing nothing more than sitting at a water fountain enjoying a sandwich should be tolerated because they have a mental deficiency. That’s pure unadulterated horseshit, and the worst part about it is that white people in the media making these justifications know it. They know good and damn well that their sinister acts of violence bear no difference at all whatsoever to a young black male gangbanger that does the same thing to a group of rivals he hates sitting on their front stoop. A thug with a gun who destroys other people’s lives is still a thug regardless of the labels white folks stick on themselves, desperate to distance what they do from those horrid Negroes.

Well guess what assholes? You can’t! Because when you harm others and take lives, you are in the same category and riding in the same damn boat, despite the fact that your arrogant-led delusion has you eager to believe otherwise. Trying to disguise your wrongdoing by switching to a debate about gun control or mental illness changes absolutely nothing, especially when lying to yourself as well as everyone else does a disservice to all. It’s well past time that white people have a big bright mirror held to their faces to remind them who is truly accountable for their wickedness. It ain’t little birdies, talking dogs, an angel and a devil sitting on your shoulder or a smart alecky tiny green alien named Gazoo. It’s YOU!

I can’t say for a fact whether this recent surge of outrage is solely directed to the fact that there is somebody beside a white male in the White House. The Millers could have acted alone or on the urging of Mr. Bundy. I don’t know, and that seems irrelevant to me at this point anyway. What I do know is that white people need to come the fuck off it and stop coddling themselves and each other. I will tell you now that I’m not showing any patience or compassion to some fucker who sneaks into a midnight movie showing at a theater and starts shooting up the place. And for those that do, I will come right out and say that they are either that stupid or that full of shit.

You can’t even begin to tell me that a man of color, particularly a Negro, would get the same treatment, even if he does as in the case of Aaron Alexis. There will still be that underlying attitude that he is just a bad guy as opposed to being physiologically disturbed. How I know that is because I have seen this scenario play out already.

New York subway shooter Colin Ferguson was never once called ‘crazy’. And neither was the shooter from Washington pegged the ‘DC. Sniper’ John Muhammed. A former member of the LAPD named Christopher Dorner who claimed that he was fed up with the way his department was run and the verbal racist abuse he received from his superiors took out his aggression on three people by shooting them to death. Mr. Dorner was never afforded the luxury of being thought of as mentally ill. He was seen as evil from the get go, which is exactly how I feel about the growing number of white males murdering people with the current rash of shooting rampages. They get no sympathy, no bleeding heart rationalizations, no talk of gun reform and certainly no excuses. My mindset is this, fry those fuckers then sweep them aside for the next crop.

If that sounds harsh then imagine how those families are feeling now that they have to bury a loved one, because some egotistical bitter little shit threw a temper tantrum with his 9 millimeter. As opposed to taking a moment of self-reflection, he took it out on those around him. Fuck him and his whiny petulant ramblings and that goes equally for those in the media defending his and other white males failings as human beings by saying it’s a mental deviance. What it really is is that you can’t face the reality of you not being as wonderful and perfect as you believed. Mental illness should be seen as a reason, not an excuse, to further perpetuate your delusion born out of your arrogance.

Vern’s Venting: Thank You, Joel McHale


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Joel McHale, host of E’s “The Soup”

by Lavern Merriweather

Rarely do you have a white male host of some goofy cable show that pokes fun at celebrity gossip and stupid TV antics be the voice of reason. But stranger things have happened.

The other night on E channel’s “The Soup”, comedian Joel McHale who hosts the show mentioned Solange Knowles recent complete and utter moment of ratchetness. He contrasted the attention that story is getting with the amount of attention being paid to the 200 some kidnapped Nigerian girls being held hostage by a psychotic terrorist leader that has boasted on video how many times he and his men have been raping the girls and claiming that they will be forced into marriage. While I hope and pray that isn’t true and that this situation has a positive conclusion, I have to applaud Mr. McHale for his very astute observation.

It seems that the media focusing on the plight of black women in either this country or others depends solely on how moronically we are behaving. They appear to be salivating at the chance to finally find some excuse, no matter how petty, to attack the power couple that is Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z, who – for the most part – have been a relatively controversy free duo, unlike some people in Hollywierd that seem to welcome happily any opportunity to showcase themselves at their highest level of stupidity.

Sure, the media has tried its damndest to find any reason, regardless of how ridiculous and pointless, to criticize the older Ms. Knowles. However, she wasn’t even involved in the altercation between her husband and his sister-in-law. To his credit, Jay-Z showed a tremendous amount of restraint when Beyoncé’s sister was taking swings at him, something I doubt a lot of grown men would have done, especially ones who are wealthy and being kicked, then spit on.

As for Solange, I have no clue what set her off exactly, but I do feel that her response was tacky and foolish. She was the ultimate in being a hoodrat. And I don’t say that, because I feel that she should care what white people have to say or think about this incident.

Solange Knowles

As Brotha and many a black folk in the blogworld have said previously, obnoxious acts of asinine behavior comes in all races. Plenty of times, we have seen white women on reality TV, and those who are celebrities, act like childish idiots. Yet, the spotlight almost always falls invariably on black women, particularly when the media can point fingers of disgust and say, “See we were right all along. They are just dumb angry bitches itching for a fight.” Don’t forget these are the same folks who, when given a chance to use black women to selectively demonize a black man, will jump right on it.

In 1991, when Clarence Thomas was about to be appointed to the Supreme Court by then President George H. Bush, some allegations came out that he sexually harassed a former employee named Anita Hill. The white female feminist brigade came out to so-called support Ms. Hill in full force, completely oblivious to the fact that they have spent many decades ignoring issues specific to black women. They rushed with the style of a jet pack strapped to their back to hoist Anita upon their shoulders as the poster woman of sexual harassment – I assume – in an effort to bring enlightenment and awareness to what women have to suffer daily in a hostile, sexually oppressive environment.

Flash forward some years later to when one time governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton was elected president. Mr. Clinton, or “Sweet Slick Willie” as I like to call him, was accused by a hotel employee named Paula Jones of sexual harassment. She claims that Clinton propositioned her by exposing himself and demanding sexual favors. As to be expected, white women’s attitude changed the minute the race did. They not only denounced Ms. Jones as a liar but said that it was just a sour grapes plot by the Republicans to get even for their treatment of Thomas. They never once caught on that their accusations, coupled with their denial, gave much needed fuel to the conservative media’s fire. A double standard was at play.

Paula Jones and former President Bill Clinton

Around that same time, former boxing champ Mike Tyson better known as “Iron Mike” was embroiled in a rape scandal. A woman named Desiree Washington who was a contestant in a beauty pageant that Tyson attended says he raped her. Once again, the white feminist brigade was supposedly there to rally for her as they circled the wagons. Then, when a member of the Kennedy family named William Kennedy Smith was accused of rape as well, the feminist cries for justice yet again turned to mush. They couldn’t be bothered fighting for the rights of their own when there was a black man to selectively target.

I bring up those two instances to correlate how white people in this case, white women only give a shit when it suits their agenda. I don’t believe that they cared anymore about either Ms. Hill or Ms. Washington than they do about the trash thrown into the streets at New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. It was nothing more than an attempt to further stereotypes and prove their racist mindset valid.

When comedian and beloved TV star Bill Cosby’s son Ennis was brutally gunned down by a white male illegal immigrant from Russia, his own wife Camille blasted the media for disregarding their tragedy, pain and anguish to report on the more salacious tale that Mr. Cosby may have fathered a child out of wedlock with another woman. She even said that the Russian male was taught to hate black people by America. She must have been talking directly about the American media because they do a wonderful job of playing negative racist clichés against people.

“Clueless” star and recent political aficionado, the beautiful Stacey Dash, claimed that her ex-husband, who is white, was physically abusive during their marriage to the point where Ms. Dash had to get a restraining order after they divorced. Now, I have never had to file one, but I would guess that any woman who does, does it because she’s afraid of what her man is capable of. Typical that the same folks, including Negroes, who broke a neck running to protect Rhianna after she was assaulted by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown were nowhere to be found for Stacey.

Stacey Dash with soon-to-be former husband Emmanuel Xuereb

Even queen mammy Oprah was silent, despite her supposed staunch desire to be a guardian for the beaten pop star. Funny, she doesn’t seem that willing to speak out for Ms. Dash or countless other black women who have been victims, even those at the hands of white males such as Mitrice Richardson who was a young black female that got arrested by some white cops for being belligerent in a restaurant . She was taken to a police station where she was later inexplicably dropped off in one of the city’s worst neighborhoods, an area that she didn’t even live at. Her body was found several weeks later bruised and battered. Although her mother stated that Ms. Richardson was bipolar as well as manic depressive, the cops were not reprimanded in any way. And her story was given the brush off by every major news outlet as well as many local ones. The outcry for Ms. Richardson and many other black females is virtually non-existent when they aren’t famous or when there isn’t a black man available to vilify.

Apparently, most people, some of whom are black, don’t give a rat’s ass. Which is why I am grateful that Mr. McHale so adroitly pointed out the lack of coverage for young black girls in need versus that of a young black woman making a damn fool of herself. Thank you so very much Joel.

Vern’s Venting: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: UPDATE


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Vanilla Ice

by Lavern Merriweather

Global embarrassment and decades long punch line Vanilla Ice once had the absolute gall to say in an interview that he was ‘bored’ with hip-hop and rap now. Right, history’s most pathetic has-been whose had to cancel every concert for the past 18 years due to low ticket sales thinks that he has any business commenting on a music genre predominated by black males. Don’t you just love when white folks feel the need to tell us what to do?

And he’s not the only one. Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz also complained that rappers need to step up their game. To that, I say that if you don’t like what black folks are doing, then come up with your OWN shit and stop copying everything we do! Typical that the very same folks who believe that they are so superior to us are always ripping off what we do, as if they invented it themselves.

I was watching a show on VH1 called the “Tanning of America” about how hip-hop and black style in general has become a major influence on popular American culture. When the topic of successful rappers that have changed the game came up, white rapper Eminem was invariably mentioned. Of course, he was spoken of like he was the second coming holy grail of rap music. Apparently, whatever Negroes create cannot get a complete stamp of approval unless a white person comes along. From jazz, blues, gospel, disco and now rap, black people’s music talent isn’t be recognized or acknowledge, until white folks have a hero to shower all the accolades on, especially if they couldn’t stand what black people were doing before. It suddenly turns into something glorious when white people participate.

VH1, being the worst of the lot, is perpetuating that mentality. Those exact same people at that network who are supposedly so holier-than-thou and just hate any form of misogyny or prejudice saw no reason whatsoever to criticize their ultimate golden boy Eminem, despite the fact that he also sees nothing wrong with speaking his mind on his ex-wife or the gay population in the most negative way possible. Maybe they have a different take on respecting women, but I certainly don’t think that anybody who says he will bury his estranged wife’s body where she will never be found is some suave gentleman. Instead, he should be celebrated like he’s a paragon of class and sophistication.

Enimen on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

VH1 also weren’t nearly as bent out of shape when Eminem threatened indie rocker Moby with bodily harm at a MTV video awards show as they were when black rapper Kanye interrupted country star Taylor Swift. Seems that being white means that you are automatically a shitload more talented than anybody else, especially Negroes, and that you can say or behave however the hell you want with no repercussions or consequences. Most of the white media elite obviously don’t think that Eminem even deserves any. Nor do they think that they should start their own form of entertainment because them being white alone makes it better by default.

Lest we forget, rock music was called devil’s music before Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and of course Elvis decided to join in. Also, Bo Derek’s braided hair-look for her signature role in the smash hit “10” was named after her by white folks in the celebrity media, even though black women have been wearing braids in our hair for the longest of times. Somehow when we do it, that isn’t significant enough. It has to be done by a white person before anyone should give a crap.

I remember one time when Prince was performing on an awards show and the announcer said he was doing his new hit “Little Red Corvette”, when in reality, that song was playing for 3 months on black music charts. The ‘fist bump’ move was called ‘daps’ before white people started calling it something else. This is how things usually work. Black people start it then white people end it.

And if it’s not mimicking us, then it’s outright acting as if we have made zero contributions to the society we live in. The street light, cotton gin, uses of plasma, among many other things, were all done by black men. Yet, their inventions or discoveries get ignored by most history books and media denizens who use any and all opportunities to gush about Thomas Edison or Benjamin Franklin. Edmund Perry would have been lost and probably died a horrible death were it not for his black male aide Matthew Henson, whom he often referred to as his ‘little colored boy’. Yeah, well that ‘colored boy’ just saved your sorry ass life, asshole. It wouldn’t surprise me that he was treated like pure crap but did his job anyway to the best of his abilities, like how most black people back in the day did. Do your best with a shuffle and smile, in spite of how you feel about your boss’s overwhelming racism.

Matthew Henson

Even if a black person is revered for their music efficiency, it’s only because their talent can’t be ignored or overshadowed by a white performer. Kanye’s talent can’t be denied. No matter how reluctantly the media has to agree, they still do it with the most grimaced of faces. It’s like yes, we will say it too but we would rather be fawning over another white person. You just happened to be the only one available.

That’s why when I follow a black singer, rapper or what have you, I pay no attention to the attention or lack thereof they get from the white media. I don’t need a group of people who revel in their own importance, pretending they like someone they ordinarily look their nose down on. My self-esteem does not rest on arrogant, overprivileged assholes to tell me who is or isn’t more valuable as an entertainer. Or as a human being either.

CORRECTION: KingoftheTeddyBears pointed out that it wasn’t Edmund Perry, it was Robert Edwin Peary, Edmund Perry was a 17 year old black teen from Harlem, NY who was brutally murdered by Lee Van Houten, a Caucasian plain-clothes officer in 1985 for allegedly attempting to rob him…

Vern’s Venting: Bros Before Hoes


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by Lavern Merriweather

The winner of last season’s “Rupaul’s Drag Race” and the world’s most outspoken conservative Ann Coulter was on Hannity recently, making a distinct point about double standards. She said that the Democrats only hate rape as long as it’s not a Kennedy or Clinton that are guilty, which got me to thinking. Yes, I understand that Coulter was defending the status quo of rich, white male conservatives but the she-witch has a valid sentiment.

There are countless times when the so-called liberal media will be hellbent on demonizing a famous black male accused of rape. Then, they turn a blind eye or deaf ear when the charges are leveled against a white male celebrity. In some cases, the white males don’t even have to be well-known for them to get special treatment.

Two decades ago, there was a group of white male jocks from a high school in California that called themselves the ‘Spur Posse’. They were a bunch of sleazebags who bragged about their sexual conquests with numerous girls, even going so far as to give each other points and a ranking system. Now, while there is nothing wrong with being the human equivalent of a male bull. However, there IS something wrong with disrespecting girls and women to the extent that they did. Some of the girls they claimed to have slept with said that they were – in fact – raped, especially one very vocal red-head who repeatedly stated to any media outlet that interviewed her that some of the boys snuck into her bedroom without her knowledge or consent.

This, however, didn’t stop many in the media from treating these lowlifes like rock stars. They were invited on several talk shows to express how wonderful they were and how highly they thought of themselves.

Flash forward some years later to the University of Colorado. The football team, which is all white by the way, has had multiple accusations of forced deviant sexual acts by at least 15 different women on campus, one of whom was their own teammate Kathy Hnida. Ms. Hnida even wrote a book chronicling her humiliating journey of first being raped and the nightmare she went through trying to seek justice for herself and other women. But instead of focusing any attention on that story, white males in the media chose rather to – once again – target a black male.

Kathy Hnida

Around that same time, NBA superstar and head honcho of the LA Lakers team Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a hotel employee in Denver. It should be noted that the accuser was a young, white blond woman. So naturally, white males in the media and elsewhere had to be her ultimate protector and rip that evil Negro a new one for hurting one of their most precious commodities. Interesting how that attitude is nowhere to be found when it’s a white woman going against a white man. Most, if not all of the girls who called the thugs in the spur posse rapists, were labeled as ‘trash’ by the boys’ parents. They were called ‘loose and slutty’. In other words, it was time to play a game of blame the accuser, something that is never allowed when the accused is black and the alleged victim is white. She just has to be telling the truth, don’t you know, because black men are brutish pigs with insatiable sexual appetites.

Kobe Bryant

That brings me to the infamous Central Park Jogger case from 1990 where a 29 year-old investment banker, who was white, thin and female, was brutally raped, supposedly by a gang of black teens who had been harassing various people at the park that night. To hear the media tell it, the young black and lone Hispanic hoodlums responsible for this woman’s vicious attack were swathing a path of destruction culminating in what happened to her. I guess they wanted to cap off the evening right and go out with a bang.

When the story broke, the media – as usual – took the lynch mob ball and ran with it, without one single shred of evidence, save for videotaped confessions, all of which had extremely contradictory information. The media made them out to be guilty on all counts even before one gavel was slammed. The case didn’t even see the inside of a courtroom before the media had them pegged as the ones at fault for the rape while extra flames of outrage were being fanned by the ever present when-it’s-a-Negro-male feminist brigade.

Of course, they swore on their very white womanhood lives that their protest and anger had nothing to do with race. Right, and I’m going to be babysitting little Prince George when me and his great uncle Andrew tie the know next Saturday [SMH!].

They have yet to explain, then, why is it that they were absent for the woman that the Jodie Foster Oscar winning vehicle “The Accused” was based on. The lady at the center of that sordid little situation walked into a bar in Baltimore, then got sickeningly gangbanged by a bunch of degenerate scumwads. White female feminists must have damaged their vocals chords because I don’t remember them screaming out for victims’ rights then. Even as the families of those assholes who raped that woman held two different rallies on their behalf, sent the victim death threats and subsequently made her a pariah. The woman in that case eventually took her own life and presumably fought many battles all by herself.

The Central Park Five

Same thing with mentally challenged New Jersey teen Leslie Farmer who was gang raped in the family basement of one of the perpetrators. During the brouhaha over the woman in the middle of the Central Park case, feminists got so caught up in vilifying black males that they basically ignored this young girl and her plight, as white males in the media just shrugged their shoulders and declared casually ‘boys will be boys’. The responsibility over one’s heinous behavior and outright indignation is best left for those of a darker hue.

Let’s cut the bullshit! They don’t speak out when it’s a white male for the simple reason that they don’t want to. They need to keep up appearances of perfection. They just can’t be as capable or culpable as those savage heathen Negroes. See, the darkie can’t control himself when it comes to urges, but good Christian white folks, like themselves, are above reproach. It’s why in every case where a black woman is the alleged victim she is disregarded from minute one. She has a lot of lust in her as well. That means they have to protect themselves and their male folk from us. So it shouldn’t matter if their discipline gets away from them every now and again. Their erroneous and preposterous myth of their purity and goodness will win over all.

Banned: Keith Essien


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Keith Essien is a self-proclaimed misogynist, and is seemingly unashamed by it. He has a huge problem with women, painting them as scandalous hoes victimizing poor innocent men. I’ve seen it before. Hell, I used to be him, to a certain extent. But not near to the point of no return.

However, he sealed his fate when his dickery surfaced when he bellowed that when a woman dresses less, walks home alone in the baddest part of town, and men rape her, she deserved it. I’m not lying. You can check it out here.

So, here is the end of the line of this poor soul who won’t let go. My only hope is that there are women out there who beware of someone who blames rape solely on the victim.

Keith Essien, with that rape comment, you have just outed yourself as a male that NO ONE should ever associate with. You are only doing yourself a great disservice. And while you will even blame women for that shit, at the end of the day, you will be alone. You may even end up like your boy Elliot Rodger. Either way, I no longer give a fuck.

I tried to advise you to let go of this rage. You don’t want to. You made that choice all on your own, buddy. And like a little punk, you continued crying and siding with violence against women.

So Keith Essien, you are no longer welcome in my den. Good bye and get help.

Notable Links: 7-4/14


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We are a corporate theocracy now: The Christian right seeks cultural and political domination

“If fascism comes to America, it will not be identified with any “shirt” movement, nor with an “insignia,” but it will probably be “wrapped up in the flag and heralded as a plea for liberty and preservation of the constitution,” wrote in a 1936 issue of The Christian Century. Nobel Laureate recipient Sinclair Lewis put it even more succinctly when he warned, “It [fascism] would come wrapped in the flag and whistling the Star Spangled Banner.”

No one who has followed the rise of the Christian Right in national politics over the course of the past three decades should be surprised by Monday’s Supreme Court decision to grant corporations religious personhood. It was as predictable as Pat Robertson saying something stupid about gay sex. The hyper religious conservatives on the bench of the nation’s high court, all of whom were appointed by Republican presidents, see the federal government as being controlled by ‘secular humanists’ who wish to make war against the purity of the Christian belief system. Like the 89 million Americans who count themselves as evangelicals, they seek total cultural and political domination.

Not only is the Christian Right the most politically agitated and reliable voting bloc of the Republican Party, but it is also emboldened like no other time in their warped history. With recent efforts to legalize discrimination against gay Americans defeated, the Hobby Lobby case against the Affordable Care Act has reenergized the theocratic wing of the GOP base — the wing that is now the party’s fuselage. Throw red meat to their holier than thou rationalizations and they won’t care what big business does to this great nation. They care for one thing – turning America into a theocratic regime. Don’t be fooled by the flag-waving and the obnoxious hyper-masculine jingoistic platitudes; the Christian Right does not love America unconditionally. They love America on the condition that representatives they help get elected are carrying out their political agenda.

What if a Muslim Company Used the ‘Hobby Lobby’ Decision to Impose Its Religious Values on White Christian Employees?

There are many complications that will arise from the Supreme Court’s “Hobby Lobby” decision.
The language of “religious liberty” and “free enterprise” are deified in American political culture and discourse. Those words are blinding and disorienting; therefore, they are also concepts that are not critically interrogated.

For example, “religious liberty” and “free enterprise” were used to justify slavery, as well as Jim and Jane Crow. The move towards privatized schools, “urban academies”, and publicly funded religiously based secondary and primary education are the direct heirs of the “freedom academies” that whites used as a means to resist integration and the Black Freedom Struggle in the South and elsewhere.

300 Koch-Led Businessmen Pledge $500 Million to Turn the Senate Over to Republicans

So, twice a year, the Kochs convene a secret summit of superrich supermen to plot strategy and pledge millions of dollars to their political transformation of America. In June, about 300 of the billionaire brotherhood gathered with Charlie and Dave at the St. Regis Monarch Bay Resort on the Southern California coast. As investigative reporter Lauren Windsor wrote in The Nation, the Koch confab, which bore the heroic title of “American Courage,” took over the entire luxury resort, including its golf course and restaurants, for three days, at the cost of nearly a million bucks—not counting charges for guest rooms.

David Koch provided a keynote talk, modestly titled “Saving America,” and attendees were treated to a feedfest of right-wing boilerplate from a gaggle of GOP congress critters summoned to the summit. The billionaires were especially delighted to hear Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell assure them that he would defend to his last sour breath their right to buy our elections.

Then, reports Windsor, the 300 Koch-headed supermen pledged to do just that, promising to put up $500 million this year to turn the U.S. senate over to Republican control.

How Israel Brutally Punished Palestinian Society For the Crimes of a Few

The dead bodies of three Israeli youths were found yesterday in the occupied West Bank after over two weeks of uncertainty. The three Israelis–19-year-old Eyal Yifrach and 16-year-olds Naftali Fraenkel and Gilad Shaar–had gone missing June 12th after attending a yeshiva in a West Bank settlement. They were most likely killed by two Palestinian militants.

Israel’s response to the abductions has been to essentially hold every Palestinian responsible for the crimes of a few. In response to the discovery of the bodies, Israel’s policy of collective punishment—a war crime under international law— has continued, with vengeful targeting of the families of the alleged suspects.

Vern’s Venting: False Idols


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President John F. Kennedy

by Lavern Merriweather

On the anniversary of his death, there was a lot of remembrance for the late John F. Kennedy. Many of the news programs and cable outlets did countless tributes. They also focused on his alleged killer, the just-as-late Lee Harvey Oswald. The 8 minute film shot by a man named Abraham Zapruder who just happen to be there that day running his little millimeter camera created an image that has been watched and debated on for decades now. I for one, however, have absolutely no interest or desire to salute the legacy of John or any Kennedy for that matter.

A while ago, I wrote a post criticizing the Kennedys and their volatile relationship with the late Dr. Martin Luther King. And Brotha wrote a post trashing beloved and admired Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. That got me to thinking about how certain white male public figures throughout history who have been glorified, in spite of the dirty little underbelly beneath their surface. It’s like that old saying; if you were to randomly lift up a rock, you’ll be very surprised by what you find under it.

Yet, with a number of celebrated white male denizens of the past, I probably wouldn’t be that shocked at all to find out what just what type of asshole they really were. I always find it exceedingly interesting that a lot of the white people who tell black people to stop living in the past have no qualms whatsoever doing that very thing when they are waxing nostalgic about some revered white male who is famous, not one time ever mentioning how utterly despicable he was. From politicians to aviators, authors to rock stars, white folks, particularly those in the media, love to go back in time wearing the most rose colored of lenses. They never want to see their heroes for who they really were. Mind you, these are the same folks who never let one minute pass to remind us Negroes how messed up and shitty our celebrities are.

Famed flyboy Charles Lindbergh made no secret of his full support for the Nazis, even at one time saying how America should just back out of the war and let them rule over the United States so they could get rid of – in his words – ‘the more inferior blood of the country’. Yeah, guess whose stamp I won’t be buying or using when it’s handed to me at the post office. I’ll just ask for somebody else.

Charles Lindbergh

Same thing goes for the aforementioned Columbus. What Brotha didn’t mention was that Columbus also encouraged his men, who were infected, to pass the disease on to the Native women they were having sex with. That way, they could pass whatever they caught on to their men. Talk about your role model!

He’s almost as bad as the white males on the face of Mount Rushmore like Washington and Jefferson who declared all men equal while owning other human beings as cattle. Or one time president Harry Truman who once said that, and I quote, “Any man is a good man as long as he’s not a ni**er or a Chinaman”. Remember, these males were once elected officials making rules and laws that affected a lot of people, many of whom were the very ni**ers and Chinese folks that he claimed were no good.

President Harry S. Truman

Speaking of presidents who didn’t have black people’s back, there was one show talking about Kennedy that I did watch. It’s an amazing show called “African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross”, hosted by Louis Gates. On one episode Mr. Gates was having multiple conversations with people that participated in the freedom riders movement. He showed videos of them preparing for the hostility that they would face trying to integrate lunch counters in the South. There were also pictures of some of the sadistic violence that they experienced while in Alabama, as well as other states.

A former staffer of Kennedy’s said that the president didn’t want to send National Guard troops to protect the protesters, even after countless requests and being told many times that they needed outside protection, since most of the law enforcement in those towns was just as dangerous to the safety of the bus travelers as the bolder racists. According to him, despite the fact that Kennedy had been warned of the impending threat, he didn’t want to be bothered. Kennedy felt that those brave souls fighting for change were an annoying nuisance. He had more important things to worry about than a bunch of foolhardy Negroes who should have known better anyway. Kennedy seemed to think that if they did go ahead as planned then they brought it on themselves. Don’t forget that Kennedy is the very same person who appointed his brother Robert as head of the CIA and gave authorization for him to wiretap Dr. King.

There was also the absolutely shameful way he treated performer Sammi Davis Jr. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, many black folks still think of him as some kind of savior like they do with former president Bill Clinton, even while he flat out refused to send troops to war torn African countries such as the Sudan, Darfur, South Africa and Rwanda. He, however, made sure all the white people stuck there had a way out though. Then again, many white presidents have put on a good show for the masses while behaving differently behind closed doors.

Woodrow Wilson thought nothing of having a showing of that D.W Griffith garbage “Birth of a Nation” at the White House. I wonder if Hollyworthless will do a film about how the black help of Wilson’s felt being so extremely disrespected. Doubtful, seeing how even leaders who weren’t worth their weight in dogshit are thought of as exceptional human beings. It really should depend on who you ask. So, I don’t think they’ll be asking anybody that would disagree. Bottom line is they don’t want to know the truth. They would rather be greeted on Fantasy Island by Mr. Roark and Tattoo.


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