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  1. Folks, I am going to have my first hearing for my Human Rights complaint, with me luck!

  2. I’ll keep you apprised!

  3. Hello Brotha! My case is going to a full hearing. The procedure chosen is to my advantage as these fools do not have a leg to stand on. Anywho I am glad of this. Let the games begin!

  4. Sharina said:

    Ok I don’t know whether to feel sorry for xPraetorius or to laugh. He or she is claiming to be a black woman but whoever the individual is they are extremely childish. She is trying her hardest (if she is indeed a she) to get you to argue with her as if she is simply in it to fight. There is no debate but ridiculous name calling. Issues with men maybe. At this point doesn’t matter but man…angry black women seems to be an understatement.

  5. Hey BrothaWolf, once again, major respect for your blog to help us black folks. In this open lounge, I just wanted to post this video from YouTube I saw recently that every single self-respecting Negro must see. Like any person, he has his flaws and whether you love him or hate him, Louis Farrakhan speaks the truth about white supremacy-ITS A CULTURE OF DEATH. I hope you promote this message. Video below.

  6. My mistake if the comment itself was not there. But Farrakhan’s point was that as black people we are under a system of death even when there is so-called progress. We have had black mayors in Chicago, L.A. and NYC,for example, and how are the black people? Still dead. We have black football and basketball players that make money however how many black boys from the hood are actually going to make it into the NBA? Or if they do make it, how many will not be poor when they retire. That was his main point. Similar to your point on your blog, racism=The more things, the more they stay the same(or probably get worse,lol!)

  7. I know brotha, different day same garbage for us black folks. If I find any more thought provoking messages/links throughout the web, I will post it. Im thankful that you are doing your part in helping us Negroes trying to rise from the dead!Respect!

  8. Brothawolf,

    I want to ask your advice as I was taken back by Abagond in response for my request. As you know I have been going back and forth with xPraetorius. After several twisting of my words and flat out lies, I decided to ask him to no longer engage me. I am sure you saw this so you know everything so far, but when I made note of this to Abagond his response was as follows.:


    @ Sharina

    “@ Abagond

    Notice the quoted comments as this individual continues to make efforts to engage me. I am asking again that his comments that include my name be deleted as I do not wish to be involved with dishonest individuals or pathetic childish behavior.”

    1. On THIS thread I allow people to make personal remarks about xPraetorius, therefore he is allowed to make them back.

    2. On OTHER threads I delete personal remarks upon request. I also sometimes delete them on my own.

    2. Anyone is allowed to comment on what you SAY, mock it even. This is a public forum. If you are unwilling to face that degree of scrutiny, you are in the wrong place. You are expected to stand by what you say.

    I did respond back but I am not sure how to take this lack of regard. A part of me wants to simply just unsubscribe and never look back. I was not engaged in any type of name calling with him but rather talking about obama and the numerous information I had on the racial jokes. I feel slighted and want to know what you recommened.

  9. recommend*

  10. My response was:


    @ abagond

    !. I asked him to stop engaging me as I had decided to stop engaging him, so he had no need to continue to make remarks to me.

    2. I stand by fully what I say, but I have asked him to stop responding to me (for the reasons I noted) and as such he is continuing it.

    “I told you there was a shark in the water and now you are complaining there is a shark in the water.”—No, I am complaining of harassment when I have asked him to stop engaging me.

  11. The reason I had finally had enough was plenty but what really got me was when he got caught in a wrong (which I provided one well known link to show this) he immediately switches up and says I need to provide more as I made the claim of a large sum. Don’t get me wrong I have the large sum of twitter feed, facebook, and articles but it truly dawned on me that even if I provide that then x would still try to weasel out of it. That is when I asked for him to no longer engage me. It became an endless cycle of him trying to avoid, lie, and twist situations in his favor. Abagond’s response to it was very careless.

    • Maybe you should try to email him and talk to him how you felt.

      In the meantime, you should just drop the xPraetorius thread altogether. In fact you should stop responding to him as I have. As long as you respond to that washout or mention his name, he will continue to act like the asshole that he is. This joker thrives on attention no matter what. Even when you’re right, and you are, it doesn’t matter to him because he enjoys cyberbullying. All I can say is to avoid and ignore him and talk to Abagond about it.

  12. I guess I am just really disappointed in his response and I am not sure if I should just not go to the blog for a while or just ignore and let it go.

  13. Thanks brothawolf.

  14. So I think I will be taking a break right along with you for a few days. I actually feel uncomfortable at Abagond’s blog now. xprae actually scares me. I fear being nice to him may be made him think or feel it is ok to harass me in the manner he has been. So I will take a break. Hopefully you will be in full swing by the time I return.

  15. Brothawolf,

    I don’t know if you know, but their is a high-fashion magazine aimed at African-American women now called Jones magazine…not that you’re into fashion, but i thought you should know as well as your readers.

    It really features Black women in elegant editorials.

  16. Brotha, have you had a bird brained asshole by the name of Vlad the Impaler on your blog? The name sounds familiar. If so the asshole has mad an appearance on my blog. Anyhow, it promises to be comical!


  17. patricia said:

  18. Did you drop by the Gentlemen thread over at Abagond’s? lol

  19. This article has Da Jokah and company down to a tee when describing the psychology of the rabid white racist!:


    Praetoriass is too dumb to be included int those cunning array of stunts!

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