Guest Post: What Makes Biohazardous Waste Disposal So Important – Are You Compliant?


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By Jason Webber

Biohazardous waste is defined as materials that are biological agents or conditions which constitute a threat to humans and the environment. The disposal of biohazardous waste materials is governed by strict guidelines that have been put in place by governmental bodies for the protection of the public and the environment.

Businesses that deal with biohazardous waste must adhere to the guidelines put in place and enforced by the relevant governmental agencies in their state – most states have their own specific guidelines for the disposal of biohazardous material – or country and offenders, i.e. businesses that fail to adhere to these rigid guidelines, can expect to be prosecuted and may, if applicable, have their license to work with biohazardous materials revoked.

The Four Categories of Biohazardous Waste

There are four categories of biohazardous waste with each category requiring a different disposal method.

1. Biohazardous sharps

In addition to needles and syringes, biohazardous sharps also include scalpels and any other instrument that has been used to pierce the skin of an animal or human.

2. Liquid biohazardous waste

This includes large quantities of blood and body fluids from animals or humans, and contaminated culture materials.

3. Pathological waste

This biohazardous waste category includes all unfixed animal and human body parts, organs and tissues with the exception of teeth.

4. Solid biohazardous waste (non-sharps)

This encompasses any non-sharps item that’s been contaminated with animal or human diagnostic material, such as gloves, tissues and vials.

Adhering to Local Biohazard Waste Disposal Guidelines

In Texas it’s the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) that puts in place the guidelines that all businesses which deal with biohazardous materials must adhere to.

These guidelines extend to all businesses that handle biohazardous waste which falls into the four categories outlined above, and in addition to universities, clinics and laboratories also includes tattoo parlours, assisted care facilities and nursing homes.

Most businesses that have a need to dispose of biohazardous waste work with a service provider licensed and certified by TCEQ to operate according to the strict guidelines that have been put in place for the benefit of all – clients, customers, employees, rubbish collectors, local citizens, the environment and anyone who could come into contact with biohazardous waste as a result of improper biohazard waste disposal techniques.

Why Is Proper Disposal of Biohazardous Waste So Important?

Without proper disposal there is a serious threat to the health, safety and wellbeing of the general public and anyone – clients, employees, etc. – who could come into contact with biohazardous waste.

The range of diseases that could be transmitted is far too long and worrisome to discuss in any detail and would also be determined by the nature of the material in question. In parts of the world with lax hazardous waste disposal guidelines, local communities living near hazardous waste disposal sites often suffer from a wide array of conditions and diseases as a result of these lax disposal methods.

In addition to the direct health risks that have become associated with improper disposal methods there would also be negative repercussions for business entities in Texas that fail to meet the strict guidelines that have been put in place by the TCEQ.

The TCEQ hands out hefty fines to business that fail to meet their strict guidelines, and in addition to the direct and heavy monetary expense in the form of fines, business organisations that fail in their obligations would also experience a loss of customer confidence and negative publicity as a result of their laxness.

The negative publicity that’s ensued in the past as a result of prosecution by the TCEQ has resulted in a tarnished business reputation, with the loss of customer confidence being been so significant in some cases that offending businesses have failed.

As a result, business organisations that have a need to dispose of biohazardous waste materials should have a service provider – the same service providers that provide death clean up services in San Antonio and other cities in Texas – dispose of their biohazardous waste to ensure they’re operating in compliance with the strict guidelines that have been put in place to protect the public and the environment from the very real threat that improper biohazardous disposal methods present.

The Reporter’s Comments


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Sean Bergin

News 12 New Jersey’s reporter Sean Bergin, a white man, reported a shooting of a rookie cop Melvin Santiago by Lawrence Campbell, a black male. Bergin decided to air out his views on air while covering the incident citing that an ‘anti-cop mentality’ is the result of young black men not having any fathers in their lives. He made that statement during an interview with Lawrence’s widow Angelique who said that he should’ve killed more officers who later apologized for making the statement. Bergin was reprimanded by News 12, because he “voiced an opinion rather than remained objective.” He walked out soon after.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviewed Bergin on her show. His views had not changed, and he didn’t believe he was wrong. He cared nothing about the consequences:

“It’s important to shine a light on this anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America’s inner cities,’ Bergin said. ‘The underlying cause of all of this, of course, young black men growing up without fathers…I knew there would be some consequences; I knew there would be some ramifications. I thought maybe I would get a reprimand, maybe a temporary suspension…If I had it to do over again, I would do the exact same thing.”

I hope I’m not the only one who thinks that Sean Bergin statements make no sense. I fail to see the link in fatherless, young black males and this animosity towards the police. But after careful thought, I see this is a weak attempt to associate young black men, absent black fathers and violence. This racist “logic” is very popular in American society, so popular that even some black people themselves, even the most liberal, accept it as fact. Somehow or another, not having a father in a black household spawns killers and rapists without fail. In this case, it even gives birth to cop-killers.

Bergin says how he was silenced for addressing the problem. He states that the media doesn’t want to talk about this subject due to “stark raving liberals who masquerade as journalists.” While Bergin is entitled to his stupid ass opinion, there are several things that also need to be addressed, but is rarely mentioned in the mainstream, liberal or conservative.

(As a side note, I’m not defending Campbell of any other criminal. But a few things need to be addressed.)

One, America’s problems, with major help from the media, are racialized. In this case, we’re seeing a rehash of fatherless males and violence latched on to the black community as black pathologies. In our case, one creates the other. Black males with no fathers equal violent crime. Only black folks have those problems and only they must take care of it.

Two, the issues of children growing up without dads and violence is not a ‘black problem’. They are social problems that are not stuck with one group of people. They are damning stereotypes that the so-called liberal media likes to present.

Three, Not many people have the knowledge or guts to mention how the media is racially biased in regards to black people. Most of the news you see or read involving black folks involve sports and crime. Positive news about black folks is as hard in the mainstream.

Four, unless there’s an article I’ve missed, we don’t know if Lawrence Campbell had a father or not.

Five, Bergin said, ““I’m in these housing projects all the time, and it’s all for the same thing: black men slaughtering each other in the streets. Why is this happening?” He assumed that those within the projects he mentioned are mostly single parent families with no fathers.

Six, being a black man without a father doesn’t guarantee that he will end up a criminal just like having a father won’t mean that he will definitely not be a criminal. This kind of low-level, racist thinking must cease. There are, have been and always will be young people who grow up to be whatever they want regardless if the father’s in the picture or not, which leads me to…

Seven, we seem to give fatherhood way too much power. At the same time, we devalue mothers, especially single moms, who take care of their children. Yet, the blame for fatherless black males always goes to the mothers. There isn’t nearly as much finger-pointing for the douche bags who committed hit-and-runs. Instead, they usually regarded as ‘thugs’ who women love to fuck over so-called ‘nice guys’.

Eight, and most importantly, Bergin obviously didn’t think to consider that the anti-police sentiment that so many black people have is due to anti-black sentiments that the police have that resulted in serious injuries and even death. Recently, a 51-year old homeless black woman was beaten within an inch of her life by a California highway patrol officer, and from what we’ve learned, she was only crossing freeway medians in bare feet. And just a few days ago 43-Eric Garner, a black man, was choked to death by New York cops after breaking up a fight. Of course, let’s not forget the numerous cases where black people were harassed and taken down brutally by police for hardly anything that would warrant such force. But hey, it’s the fault of black folks without fathers in their lives, right?

Eric Garner, recently murdered by police

Maybe if Bergin was so concerned with black male fatherhood, or the supposed lack thereof, he would dig deeper into the issue or at least question why the media is obsessed in seeing who our baby’s daddies are. But I doubt it. To people like Bergin, it’s simple, and there won’t be a heavy examination, especially to his questionable opinion. What he said in front of the camera is what people cheer for, and his penalty is what people are upset about. In the end, it’s our fault we hate police and it’s our fault we keep getting our asses handed to us by the nation’s finest, whatever it is to ease the collective guilt of the mainstream and law(less) enforcement.

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The Media Shows Its True Colors: Reporter Makes Offensive Remarks

Turning into what should’ve been a regular news report about a New Jersey shootout between a cop and citizen, the attention was quickly drawn to a reporter’s remarks and choice of words when interviewing witnesses and associates of the assailant.

Sean Bergin’s remarks only revealed the stereotypes he believes to be true about Black men. Fatherless, wayward sons who ultimately have a rift with cops. My question is, why is it ok to believe and promote these stigmas about Black people, thus generalizing, minimalizing and ignoring their struggles as individuals? It’s safe to say no two people has ever shared the exact same life, so why does the media always promote these stereotypes and pass them on as facts about Blacks? How do these ideas pass as true?

From him asking the security guard who was physically assaulted if the assailant was drunk or high, this made his report objective and purely bias.

Pro Wrestling Is Fake, but Its Race Problem Isn’t

Mark Henry held ECW’s world championship, and then Smackdown’s world championship. But despite having one of the most impressive resumes in WWE history, he has never won the top prize in WWE.

In the fictional WWE storylines, being the world champion means you are the best wrestler. But in real life, it means you are the best performer. The decision of who gets to be the titleholder simply comes from a team of creative writers with the final call going to WWE owner Vince McMahon himself: Who do we want to be the face of our company? Who do we think is good enough?

In its 62 year history, WWE has never chosen a black wrestler to hold its world championship.

Gaza boy, 12, who lost 18 relatives in air strike vows vengeance

Abdul Rahman Al-Batsh’s pain-wrenched face has become one of the most powerful images of the Gaza conflict.

The 12-year-old boy lost 18 members of his family in an air raid on Saturday night.

A photograph of Abdul Rahman, his shoulders slumped against a car, shows the moment when he discovered his father was among the dead.

Feeling Defeminized

When is society going to stop perpetuating the absurd belief that black women have no right to be womanly? That we somehow cannot claim female as our gender even when our DNA says we are? Why, as a black women, do I feel that we are grouped into this category of not-quite-female but not-quite-male, as if we’re some kind of alien being with some traces of female features but are “unpredictable”, “scary”, “ugly”, “hypersexual”, and “manly”.

Pranking the “Hood”


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An image from one of the videos shot by two white males attempting to prank a young black male.

There’s a series of viral videos going around the net that features young men that wanted some online fame by doing what no one has done before, prank poor black people in the streets of Brooklyn, which to them is referred to as “the hood”. Some may consider it hardcore. Some consider it funny as hell. But many people conclude that those people, who are considered white, are douches with a death wish.

The Etayyim brothers, Moe and Et of Palestinian origin, have done quite a few pranks in their neck of the woods in Manhattan. They’ve engaged others by sitting on random people’s laps to making ridiculous fast food orders. But eventually, they wanted to up the ante by trekking to where they considered is “more dangerous than Manhattan”, Brooklyn, where the hoodrats and homies reside.

So, the Etayyim brothers decide to attempt a prank that any sane person living in the real world knew would earn them a serious ass whooping, or worse. They attempted to steal cellphones from black males in order to “check the time”.  They thought it was be a good idea to film it in Brownsville, which is considered the deadliest neighborhood in New York City, according to Moe Etayyim. Yea, they were practically begging to get clocked.

So, they went on their merry way pranking unsuspecting black males in that area while filming. And if those foolhardy nerds thought they would leave unscathed, or leave at all, they were in for very rude awakenings.

One of the brothers tried to steal a cellphone from a dude’s hand while he was talking to someone. He ended up getting thrown to the ground by the victim. Another brother tried to grab a cellphone from another black male, but the young man snatched it back. Even though he was informed that he was on camera, he didn’t give a fuck.

Despite it all, the brothers’ jackassery has generated numerous hits. No doubt, a lot of people are describing how lame and racist they are for pulling their shit on poor black folks. But the brothers don’t care. They got what they wanted, even though they got their asses handed to them. They were lucky as hell they didn’t get shot, not because they were white Palestinians in a predominantly black neighborhood and are considered automatic targets as many white folks believe. But because they were a couple of trolling ass, shit-starters causing trouble for the disenfranchised for internet fame and glory.

There’s another slightly older video of a white dude stealing gas from people’s cars. This nut siphons some gas from cars, owned by black males, into a yellow bucket. When the owners spotted this fool, they confronted him, mad as hell. In one scene, the white guy got surrounded by black dudes who seriously wanted to kick his ass. Somehow or another, he made it out alive, even though being a dick in a poor neighborhood would get your seriously hurt or killed, no matter what color you are.

A screenshot of a white male stealing gas from a vehicle owned by a black male who saw him and wanted to kick his ass

I remember hearing about a film series where homeless men performed outlandish stunts in front of a camera. The series was called Bumfights. Producer Ryen McPherson and his buddies Zachary Bubeck, Daniel J. Tanner, and Michael Slyman would pay a poor and homeless men and teenagers to perform outlandish stunts in order to make a little bit of cash in Southern California and the Las Vegas area.

Videos of this nature were popular during the 2000′s. But it would end up biting up the asses of the filmmakers. Ryen and his cohorts were charged with misdemeanors were sentenced to months of community service. But that didn’t stop the drive to humiliate poor people as Ty Beeson and Ray Laticia, more producers of the Bumfights series, tried to carry on the legacy of shamelessness. Beeson appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil to defend his videos, but before he could open his mouth, he was kicked off stage. Still, both Beeson and Laticia maintained that the videos were “basically harmless”. And even they got in some serious legal trouble.

Ty Beeson

Basically, we are seeing a pathological phenomenon where middle and upper class white males exploit the harsh conditions of poor people and poor people of color for fame and fortune. The filmmakers consider their ‘projects’ as not only entertaining, but also free of wrongdoing. They manipulate the hardships that people outside their racial and socioeconomic environment face on a daily basis, and most of them see nothing wrong with that.

But don’t think this is unique. We see the same thing in the mainstream media. We see it in Reality TV shows, talk shows, including the aforementioned Dr. Phil, and courtroom dramas. And like the viral videos online, most of them are conducted by white male ringleaders.

Using socially and economically disadvantaged people just to make yourself rich and look good is a sign of moral and mental sickness that this society happily embraces without remorse. To any person with good sense and a good heart, this is morally wrong. But in a racist and classist society such as this, it’s just business and entertainment.

Vern’s Venting: Fools on Parade


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Joan Rivers

By Lavern Merriweather

I’m just going to come out and say it. Joan Rivers is an asshole. I was going to start this post with a cute little quip, but screw that. There is no two ways to put it.

Recently, ‘creature of the swamp’ Rivers was asked if there would ever be a gay president. And the D-list no talent responded by saying that we already have a gay president because Michelle Obama, wife of President Barack Obama, is a pre-op tranny. Remember. This is the same dumbass that made a terrible joke several months ago about the girls who were held hostage by despicable thug Ariel Castro at his house of horrors in Cleveland Ohio. When Rivers took heat for that and deservedly so, she blew a gasket.

Rivers whined that it’s only a joke and that everybody should just calm the hell down. Well, we would Joan, if moronic people like you weren’t running around possessing more mouth capacity than brain capacity and getting pissed, because somebody called you on your undeserved privilege to the point where you get defensive about your unchecked arrogance and stupidity.

Rivers is now trying to take the contrite road by saying that she actually admires Michelle. Then, sang her praises. Much as I would like to believe Rivers is really taking a moment of self-reflection and truly realizing how much of a jackass she was being, I ain’t buying it. Not because I am that cynical or jaded, but because a lot of white people in the media, especially comedians, like to play the C-YA game. What’s really funny is that these people always usually figure it out after the fact.

What’s funny is that who even cares anymore what that gargoyle looking, bitter, worthless old bat Rivers thinks? She looks like she drinks formaldehyde to make her face look that hideous. And she has the nerve to say someone else might possibly be a she-male? For those of you who say it’s petty and childish that I would talk about Joan’s face or that we should make this a teachable moment, I saw tough shit.

Here’s the thing. It’s NOT my job to raise grown folks. Rivers is older than me. Hell, she’s older than dirt, which ain’t too far off by the way. So, she’s knows good and well what she’s doing. It doesn’t shock or surprise me that Michelle, unlike many of the other first ladies, is getting almost as many cruel malicious jabs as her husband. Don’t tell me for one – even half a second that it’s about anything besides race. I may have been born at night, but it sure as shit wasn’t last night.

I am very aware that some in this country believe that any cry of racism from Negroes when it comes to the Obamas is going to be viewed as black people being overly sensitive, that we have no reason to feel that the disrespect being shown to Obama or his wife is automatically about race. Why, of course, where would black folks ever get that idea, that the first non-white male who is elected president would ever have to face the same issue that African-Americans have been facing since we got here? In that case, I will pack all of my belongings right this minute and move to Scotland in hopes of seeing ‘Nessie’ up close and personal.

Let’s get real here. Michelle is being terrorized by obnoxious little shits because the mindset by the white media elite that all black people are men is not only being challenged but threatened. And as we all know whenever white people feel the slightest twinge of fear from Negroes, they go hog wild.

A year ago, Rivers also got into some hot water when she referred to Michelle as Blackie O., which she claims was just a play on words trying to simulate the nickname given to John Kennedy’s wife Jacqueline when she was called Jackie O.

First off, Jackie Kennedy was only called that after John died, and she married a rich Greek tycoon named Aristotle Onassis. It was meant to symbolize her name so that made perfect sense. Calling Michelle ‘Blackie’ is nothing but thinly veiled racist bullshit.

Rivers then went on the Howard Stern to lament how much it sucks that white folks like herself have to cowtow to the Negro-in-chief and not be so quick with bigoted insults. Yeah, it’s must be so rough to be white in a predominantly white society and finally have to give respect and dignity to those lowly darkies. Aww, poor baby Joan do you need a hug?

Then, we have Anthony Cumia of the Sirius XM ‘Anthony and Opie’ show. Cumia was recently fired from his show for going on a racist twitter rant fest. Cumia claimed that he was recently in New York on the street trying to take pictures when a black woman wandered into the frame. Always the innocent victim, Cumia says that he politely asked her to move but she started arguing with him. After that he says the altercation became physical with the woman punching him in the face.

I have no clue if any of his story is true. White people, as I have mentioned in another post, are notorious for padding their tales, particularly when it involves a nasty run-in with a Negro. So, the jury is way out on whether Cumia is telling the truth.

And polite? That’s laughable. Most white male shock jocks are about as polite as a prowling shark that hasn’t eaten in 8 days. I went on a few websites to see the comments from listeners upon hearing that their beloved ‘Ant’ had been removed from the airwaves and was pleasantly surprised. Sure, there were some that defended Anthony, even going so far as to say his rant wasn’t prejudice. While others called him on it and said that we have no way of knowing if the story was true since we were only getting one side of it. There were, after all, no police reports, and Cumia himself didn’t even call the cops. If somebody accosted me on the street and I was a semi-famous celebrity, you bet your sweet ass there would be blue lights flashing in every direction. If he was so outraged about what happened, then why didn’t he get the police involved instead of taking his anger to social media where he is more likely to find allies?

I can sum that up in that it sounds like a horseshit fabrication. Remember, Cumia and his kind create personas. Then, they create controversy and what better way than for a white person to say that a black person did it. Seeing how that term fans white flames hotter than any other rationale, I’m just very grateful a lot of people, judging from what I read, didn’t take the bait.

A few tried to justify Cumia’s rage and blame his bosses for denying his right to freedom of speech. As one person on the website put it, freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from the consequence of your actions. BRAVO! They put that about as well as any smart thinking human being could have. Calling a certain group of people ‘savages’ is old-age white folks code. He might as well said those heathen n*ggers.

The Anthony Cumias and Joan Rivers of the world are all the same and cut from the same cloth. So, as public Enemy once so adroitly put it you can’t trust shit that they say.

Vern’s Venting: Fatherhood


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By Lavern Merriweather

What do Stephen King, Demi Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Rene Russo, Dolly Parton, Tom Cruise, Lara Flynn Boyle and the lead singer of Everclear all have in common? They were all raised without a father in their lives. There might even be more white celebrities on that list. Yet, as Brotha has stated on this blog and others elsewhere, white males in the media seem obsessed with the notion that single parent homes only exist in the black community. And I don’t mean he died from some unforeseen tragedy. I mean his sorry ass abandoned his kids by walking out the door and never looking back.

Matter of fact, when Mr. Brosnan, a.k.a. James Bond himself. mentioned his deadbeat father Tom, you could still see the hurt in his eyes. Believe it or not, white males can be cold hearted bastards too when it comes to not giving a shit about their offspring. Some probably can’t even wait to head out the back door when the true responsibility of being a parent finally hits them. That’s not an excuse, not hardly.

Pierce Brosnan

I think any man who walks out on his family is a pathetic little punk, black, white whatever. But whenever we start a national dialogue on losers who leave their families, the blame almost always falls on the usual suspects. And that is of course black men. There was even some asshole Hispanic comedian, whose name escapes me and probably isn’t all that funny, that made a snide joke about the 50 Cent hit song “Magic Stick”. Mr. self-righteous had the gall to say that the song is called that because every time he gets a girl pregnant he disappears. So what? Latino men stay and not stray when they make a baby with a girl out of wedlock? Right! We NEVER have a Latino man leave a girl with a bun in the oven high and dry. Your absolutely right, dude. Every single solitary Hispanic male that has gotten a girl pregnant has stayed with her from the moment of birth, right up until the time that Junior enters college in the fall. And if you believe that, one then you might as well put milk and cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve. He’s bound to be a little hungry with all that traveling around.

While I understand that there are plenty of black males masquerading as men and not fulfilling their obligations as fathers, the idea that black males are solely causing the problem is not only racist and offensive but pure bullshit. My father was a black man, and he was in my life for practically my whole life until he passed in 2005. So, when I hear some jackass, especially a fellow Negro, knock all black men for not doing what they are supposed as fathers, I want to knock their block off. I’m not even kidding on that one, because I take that mentality personally. My father stepped up to the plate, unlike some white males, and was there for me and my siblings. The next motherfucker who makes a malicious comment about black men not being good dads or dads period better not say it in front of me!

What gets me most is that even if you are there for your kids, you still have to take shit from white men in the media. Famed tennis star Andre Agassi has no relationship at all with his father. Tennis player Mary Pierce had to temporarily hire bodyguards to protect her from her father. Tennis champ Steffi Graf’s dad has been in and out of prison for tax evasion, racketeering and swindling folks out of their hard earned money. And former tennis phenom Jennifer Capriati is a one-woman crime spree.

Yet, it is invariably the father of tennis greats Venus and Serena Williams, Richard Williams, who gets the most grief. The only reason for that, I figure, is the glaringly obvious one. His daughters are well spoken, have never broken the law and have excelled in their chosen sport far past many others in a field where they have held their heads very high, despite taking cheap shots from the media, public and other players, which I can only imagine is that typical reason I was referring to. They have had to face resentment for no other reason than they are young black women in a white dominated game whose father’s amazing and valuable influence is highly evident. Still, that ain’t enough for the white media elite.

Serena Williams pictured with her father Tennis Coach Richard Williams

They just have to find some excuse – any excuse – to hate a black male, including one who is being the complete opposite of what they say black men usually are, and that is available to raise the kids you created. So, you are pretty much damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

When Richard was standing up for Venus because a jealous white ‘bleep bleep’ named Irina Spirlea deliberately bumped into her, he was still chastised. To those pious white males that whined about his comments towards Spirlea, I say kiss his black ass! You are the same ones decrying black men not being there at every turn, yet criticize them when they are.

When a black father was shown on video threatening some of his daughter’s classmates who were bullying her because she is somewhat slow mentally, he was also berated. Okay, first off, those kids were bullying little punks who deserved whatever the hell they got. He didn’t lay a finger on any of them, and he was just telling them if they didn’t back off, he was going to make them back off, something that most parents would do when they discover that some snotnosed fools are harassing their kid. But a black man, regardless of how hard he is maintaining his status as a good father, will face verbal terrorism from white males. His words came out of frustration for how his baby girl was getting treated by those thugs. Any adult worth their salt that has kids would prefer to face whatever challenges or obstacles their child is facing to spare them.

And if it’s not complaining or making stupid hypocritical jokes, white people make it up as they go along. When the late and very great syndicated columnist Carl Rowan wrote that rich, white stars in Hollywood don’t face the same vilifying that poor single black moms do for having kids out of wedlock, some arrogant snot responded in a letter by trying to claim that it was a financial issue. So, somehow that made it okay. Well, if that’s the case, fool, then why do white males in the media yack about rich black male athletes that have multiple babies with multiple women? Not to mention completely forgetting the fact that it’s really none of their business to begin with and that many of the white male celebrities that they admire on stage and screen are guilty of the very same thing.

If we are going to start holding men responsible, then let’s hold them all responsible. But that’s the problem. We don’t hold all men accountable. White males believe they are exempt when the criticism starts flying, particularly for something as serious as not being there for your kid. White males can dish it out, but never have to be bothered with taking the heat themselves.

A while back, the world’s most racist publication Sports Illustrated did a cover story called “Where’s Daddy” that featured a small black child on the front. The article was meant to be a smear campaign that pointed out the supposed rampant hormones of many black male athletes making babies that they didn’t want afterward. Keep in mind, this is the same magazine that has shown white males such as Mark McGuire, Joe Montana and Curt Schilling with their children. But when it comes to black men, the only image we see is of selfishness as a young black boy looks forlorn into the camera as if he were pleading with his eyes for daddy to come home.

The infamous cover of a 1998 issue of Sports Illustrated

This is the worst type of racist propaganda. They might as well be the Nazis spreading lies that Jews eat babies. No, black males just leave them to fend for themselves apparently. How much cash money you want to bet that if it were an entertainment magazine instead, they would not put a picture of one of the many kids Mick Jagger has with different women on the cover. I’d bet 50 million dollars, because that’s how confident I am. I would be right.

Former baseball great Steve Garvey has so many children out of wedlock, he could make a Little League team with just his kids alone. However, because he was once the media’s golden boy with perfect hair and a charming smile, they just can’t bring themselves to hate on their favorite son. Black men, on the other hand, are fair game. In fact, they are the white male media’s best game. They just better not have too many kids with too many baby mommas in the stands, lest they raise the high and mighty media ire.

Vern’s Venting: Abuse of Power


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An image from the viral footage of the brutal beating of Marlene Pinnock by a California Highway Patrol Officer.

By Lavern Merriweather

A viral video of a cop misusing his authority and being a low level street thug is making the rounds on the web. On WorldStarHipHop, as well as elsewhere, there is a video of a black woman crossing the street who is soon accosted by a California Highway Patrolman. Marlene Pinnock, who lives in the state and is a 51 year-old great-grandmother – though I thought she was much younger – was crossing the freeway medians in her bare feet. If that is why the cop approached then proceeded to beat the shit out of her, then the California state patrol needs to find something better to do with their damn time! And if it sounds like I’m heated at the sight of this travesty, then shit yeah I am.

Cops, for the longest of times, have been way out of control with their power when it comes to black folks. This latest incident is just proof positive that they want either a return to Jim Crow or Nazi Gestapo Europe. My guess is the Jim Crow South. Last time I checked, walking around the streets of LA with no shoes on wasn’t a crime, and if he believed her to be mentally unbalanced, then why come at her like she was the female equivalent of John Wayne Gacy. He didn’t approach with any kind of dignity or compassion. It was the typical whoop-their-ass-now-and-don’t-have-to-apologize-later-because-it’s-a-Negro-woman-which-is-the-lowest-form-of-life-on-the-totem-pole-according-to-American-society-law-of-mindset police action. And it’s precisely why this prick felt that he could tackle her like he was Otis Wilson from the Chicago Bears and she was quarterback Joe Montana. Then, the punk decided to rain brutal blows on her head as she lay on the ground screaming while covering her face to protect herself.

I was extremely surprised that most of the cable news pundits were chastising this cop as they should be. Usually, when something like this happens, the media is ready, willing and able to be the police force’s biggest cheerleaders. Not this time, however. I don’t see how anyone. even the most adamant defender of law enforcement. can rationalize what this scumbwad did to that woman. And she is a woman, by the way, incapable of fighting back when another person who is twice her size and has 70 pounds on her is pummeling her into submission.

As difficult as it was to watch, I’m very gratified that a bystander with a camcorder chose to film the cop’s disgraceful actions. He even described the punches as “lights out” type hits, which I gather can only mean that cop was trying to inflict as much bodily harm as he could, regardless of her age, gender or mental state. If he thought that she needed a good old fashioned beatdown, then that’s exactly what she got.

The cop at the center of all this is taking the typical asshole route by saying that he sees nothing wrong with what he did and that his actions were procedural. Of course, you see nothing wrong with it, asshole, because you obviously haven’t seen the tape yet! What I saw was a sadistic abuse of power by a bullying sack of shit that probably gets a kick out of hitting women in any situation you have with them. It wouldn’t shock me if this pig has a record of violations filed against him a mile long.

California Highway Patrol Assistant Chief Chris O’Quinn saying that the officer was protecting Pinnock, who was deemed a danger to herself and motorists.

The frequency of cops getting overly physical and assaulting black citizens lately is reaching frightening levels, to the point where many black people on the blogworld have expressed a desire to carry firearms themselves so they can take on the criminal justice patrol if they ever get harassed. And I’m more than inclined to agree with them. Shit like this ain’t new, not by a longshot. Yet, the lesson never gets learned by the LAPD or in any major city where we have a large population of black folks and cops who treat them like shit. Neither, apparently, does the message become clear that if you continue you to allow your employees to run roughshod over innocent residents. They won’t take it lying down forever.

That’s not a threat. That’s just an insight into what seems a likely possibility.

The higher-ups in law enforcement have done nothing to curb this problem that they created, besides wring hands and give phony promises of reprimands that never materialize. I, for one, don’t plan on waiting for them to get their shit together. This should have been handled 40-some years ago after the first riots in LA from the fucking 60’s. Cops must have more important things to worry about than trying to mend fences and create harmony with those they claim to care about just as much as the rich white folks they really serve and protect.

Speaking of which, even some white folks aren’t immune from the bad acts of angry cops. Kelly Thomas, a 37 year-old white homeless man from Fullerton, which is also in California, was beaten so bad that he was put into a months long coma and later died from his injuries in 2011. There is also a video of Mr. Thomas where you can hear him cry out for his father in the last moments of his life. I was heartbroken and sickened all at the same time, seeing that tragedy unfold before my eyes. I can’t imagine how desperate a place you have to be when you are a grown adult and still call out for the protective caring of a parent.

The cops who beat Kelly to death were put, once again, on a mock trial meant to satisfy the masses. And in typical fashion, all three were acquitted of wrongdoing. Kelly’s father, whom he gutwrenchingly screamed for, held a press conference after the verdict. I’m guessing he’d be the last person to believe that justice was truly served that day.

A screenshot of the brutal beating of Kelly Thomas by California police.

Plus, there is the incident involving another homeless white male named James Boyd. Boyd actually was mentally ill and had recently been released from an overcrowded institution also in California (smh!). Boyd suffered from schizophrenia and depression. He was living in the wooded park area to be, as he said, ‘closer to his grizzly friends’. The cops were called to remove him by, I would imagine, park officials since none of the resident near the park ever complained about his presence. And he didn’t appear to be a danger to anyone, including the cops themselves because they shot him in the back. Yet, three cops later stated that he was a ‘threat’ to their safety, despite the fact that he had his back turned to them and wasn’t resisting arrest. Quite the opposite. He was walking away from them, yet still got shot and like Mr. Thomas, later died from his injuries.

There have even been a growing number of times where a family’s dog who posed no terror whatsoever to a cop was still murdered by their gunfire, although I understand that these instances pale very much in comparison to the countless incidents concerning black folks, but still. Reckless behavior from those in charge where there is no recourse or accountability causes more chaos and trauma. And lawsuits, which Ms. Pinnock’s family has filed, don’t seem to do shit to curb the problem either. It starts from within. And must conclude that the solution must come from there too.

Anthony Cumia, Racist Tweets & White Racist Media Privilege


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Anthony Cumia, formerly one-half of radio team “Opie and Anthony”

White privilege means that whatever you do, the act is not so bad. In some cases, it’s not bad at all. If you’re the person that screwed up, and you’re white, you’re not a bad person. You made a mistake. You’re still human. You’re still a nice person. You are forgiven and, depending on the deed, are given a second chance…or two or three.

This is especially true whenever white men’s racism goes ratchet. There will be those who will defend those fools. The ones responsible will either deliver a fake apology or deliver tired excuses. If a person of color is a target of their bigotry, and this is definitely the case when it comes to African Americans, it’s okay. Mistakes and free speech trump over the emotional, psychological and even physical damage done onto the victim and the community, which are never seen as “true” victims. Instead, the white racist ends up getting that distinction.

Why am I saying all this? Recently, one-half of the SiriusXM radio shock-jock team Opie and Anthony, Anthony Cumia, lost his job due to his string of racially and misogynistic charged tweets. What set him off was during an alleged confrontation with a black woman while taking pictures in Times Square. According to him, the black woman didn’t want to be in those pictures and proceeded to fight him. And the rest is Twitter history:

Im fucking livid. If I was an illegal savage I’d have shot her. The I are violence in her was so predictable. I hope she gets killed.

— Anthony Cumia (@AnthonyCumia) July 2, 2014

It’s a jungle out in our cities after midnight. Violent savages own the streets. They all came 2 defend this pig. I had to yell like at dogs

— Anthony Cumia (@AnthonyCumia) July 2, 2014

Savage violent animal fucks prey on white people. Easy targets. This CUNT has no clue how lucky she was. She belted me 10 times. I had a gun

— Anthony Cumia (@AnthonyCumia) July 2, 2014

The cunt animal kept walking into my arm I had up as a block saying “DONT TOUCH ME!” Then would hit me. I hope a home boy beats her to death

— Anthony Cumia (@AnthonyCumia) July 2, 2014

Great pic of the CUNTRAG bitch fuck animal pig face worthless meat sack shit pile stink crotch ass stain rot bung…

— Anthony Cumia (@AnthonyCumia) July 2, 2014

An image of two of his list of racist, misogynistic tweets. He referred to the woman as “it” and an “animal”. 

As of yet, there hasn’t been any word as to her side of the story. It’s hard to say if she will ever have a say in this. And even if she has that opportunity, I doubt some will take her view into account. In this country, what black folks think and feel are irrelevant. We’re supposed to just shut up and do better. The only victim seen here in Cumia, another victim of black pathology and black racism.

I doubt that she was the true catalyst of the supposed skirmish. I believe that Cumia was the one that started the whole confrontation. After all, he has had a long history of racism. And yet, he was able to land a cushy job as a shock jock for a corporate media outlet. That is, until he unleashed his inner Klansman spirit on social media with no regrets. SiruisXM, for some reason, didn’t want to be associated with this. (Why did they decide now is anyone’s guess.) And they closed the book on Opie and Anthony.

See what I’m saying?

As expected, fans are livid about Cumia’s firing. They cancelled their subscriptions with SiriusXM and tweeted about it, of course. They thought that Cumia’s firing was unfair, because he was just “being himself”, that the whole move was “fascist” and a Facebook page with over 65,000 supporters was created urging people to boycott the company.

Cumia is but one of many white folks in the media landscape that is either definitely or suspected of being racist. His tirade on Twitter was his own undoing. Yet, he was being a racist prick for while and got paid for it. I think it would be far from exaggerating that bullying black people and making fun of their issues is something the media drools over to make big money. From black-on-white crimes to black out-of-wedlock childbirths to black violence, the white male dominated media wants to keep white supremacy alive in a way that is not easy to spot by average people. Cumia slipped up, and so he paid the price.

But, white men like Anthony Cumia will find other career moves and there will be companies that will give him a hand and much support. He will not go under. He will still make money and be loved by many who share his views. Hell, if Maury Povich, Bill Cunningham, Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh were to get fired, they will still be paid and loved.

There will be an audience who will support the media’s bullying and exploitation of Black Americans and the issues they face. Sadly, some people in that audience will be black themselves, and they will support those images as well. Ladies and gentlemen, Jim Crow is part of our regularly scheduled programming.


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