Vern’s Venting: Band of Brothers


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Cast members from the HBO series with the same name

By Lavern Merriweather

Say what you will about acclaimed and controversial movie director Spike Lee. He does at least put his money where his mouth is.

Spike Lee stirred up quite the hornet’s nest when he criticized fellow director and beloved actor Clint Eastwood for his WW2 film “Sands of Iowa Jima”. Iowa Jima is the place where an iconic shot of four white American men struggling to hoist an American flag was taken. Mr. Lee called out Mr. Eastwood, as well as many other directors, for ignoring or outright disregarding of the contributions and sacrifices from black American males during the Second World War.

Mr. Lee made a rebuttal film of his own called “Miracle at St. Anna”, which was a critical and commercial failure. Although the movie didn’t do well at the box office and was soundly trashed by critics, I applaud Mr. Lee for showing some effort and initiative. Once Spike denounced Clint’s movie, he was met with complaints that most of the black soldiers serving at the time could only perform menial jobs. They didn’t have the chance to be pilots, generals, snipers or any serve any valuable purpose to successfully defeat the hated Germans. Okay, what the hell kind of argument is that?

It’s not the fault of the black males that they were given shit jobs and couldn’t be there on the front lines. Though I suspect they trot out that rationale more likely because they appreciate a moment in time where heroes came in one shade only.

Many white males in the media, particularly movie critics, are not at all subtle when it comes to racism. They leave little to the imagination when it comes to the leading men that they prefer to see kicking ass and taking out the bad guys. And I can tell without a shadow of a doubt that his name won’t be Tyrone.

über producer and writer George Lucas made a valiant and respectful attempt to showcase the ultimate bravery from the all black Tuskegee flying men with his film “Red Tails” which also failed at the box office, but I imagine that was more because black folks were buying it on the street for a fiver, rather than spend 30 to 40 dollars seeing on the big screen. I have no qualms with catching movies on the cheap. I do it too. The thing I don’t like is how much negativity the movie was getting before it even came out in theaters.

A lot of critics and some uptight Negroes were not willing to give that movie a chance. Contrary to what some would think about a white male being the driving force behind a film about a group of courageous black males going above and beyond the call during WW2, I thought the film was terrific. It was not as some might suspect, the white guy show with the black people as background props to make white folks feel morally superior. The film’s one and only focus was the young, talented, amazing black men that put themselves in harm’s way to keep white fighter pilots safe. Some, as the film showed, even got to kick some serious Nazi ass on their own accord. Yes “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston was in the movie as well, but he was an obnoxious, bigoted blowhard desperate to denounce the magnificence of Negro men. In fact, the best scene in the film is when Cranston tells the captain of the airmen Terrence Howard that no matter how well they did, he would still never believe they were as up to par as white males. Mr. Howard answers with the matter-of-fact line “We don’t care.” Booyah!

You would think that in this day and age, the same stupid prejudice attitudes those men had to face would be a thing of the past. Well, judging from the sour apple comments coming from many jealous white male critics, you’d be sorely mistaken.The mindset that Negroes just can’t live up to the same standard as white people is still very much alive.

This is the reason why I feel personally that World War 2 movies are so appealing to white filmmakers, not just because of the fact that there isn’t a group – save the Klan – more deserving of loathing than the Nazis. But rather because it’s a time period where black people, both male and female, were so readily denied the opportunity to show that they too could rise to any challenge in the face of war. You never see that many tales told on celluloid about the Vietnam War. And please don’t tell me it’s because the American military had to leave that country with its tail stuck firmly between its legs. There’s way more to it.

Vietnam was a place where African-Americans DID stand on the front lines. In many cases, they were the main people on the front risking their lives. This was something that a lot of white males, particularly the sons of prominent powerful politicians, didn’t do, because they didn’t want to, and because they didn’t have to.

Poor black men looking to leave their world of poverty and have access to a better life didn’t get that same luxury. They were there regardless of how dangerous or treacherous the situation. Yet, we still don’t see their stories hurried to the big screen as often as the mainly white male dominated troops from 80 years ago.

A new film coming out called “Fury” starring Brad Pitt, Shia Leabuf, and Michael Pena is the story of a final stand by five men caught behind enemy lines in Germany circa 1945 with a busted tank. Judging from the previews, it looks like a fascinating tale of heroism as five lone men make a defiant stand against a large and deadly army of advancing German soldiers. As interesting as this movie looks, and I definitely loves me some Brad Pitt, I have strong inclination to pass on this one. Granted, while one of the actors in this movie, Michael Pena, is Latino he still ain’t black.

The white male director, producer and executives who greenlit this film don’t have to worry their pretty rich heads that a Negro is going to be among the men rooted for by cheering audiences. They don’t root for black males or females that are heroes in real life. So, they damn sure don’t need their little fantasy world tarnished by them either.

Quick Thoughts: Black Riots vs. White Riots


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When black folks riot, it’s most likely due to an injustice done against one or more black people. However, in recent years and several such cases like Trayvon Martin’s killer’s trial, a lot of people in the media feared of black people rioting if George Zimmerman got off. Welp, he was never sentenced, but there was no riot. Yet, the media, especially of the conservative variety, thought that black people will raise roofs, start fires and loot the hell out of local businesses as if another example of systemic racism wasn’t a good reason to explode.

But if there was a riot, the media would condemn the people as ‘thugs’ and ‘animals’, unruly, uncivilized lowlifes with no sense of personality responsibility who would rather live by a dysfunctional culture of crime, violence and the glorification of it all. The media will paint black people as the people who don’t deserve empathy or sympathy. They will portray them as the problem with society, not the systems which reduces the value of black life as useless.

As with the case of Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson by a rogue cop, black people protested and marched peacefully. There was no widespread incidents of violence, on the part of the protesters that is.

When white folks riot, and yes, they do riot, it’s seems more likely to be a result of something that happened in sports. From football to hockey, some white folks who support a certain team will go ham if their team loses. However, sports doesn’t appear to be the only reason.

There was a pumpkin festival in Keene, New Hampshire recently. For some reason, all hell broke loose. And most, if not all, of those involved were young white folks. They got so crunked that they even clashed with the police!

The media, as expected, treated this as a case of rowdy, drunk youngsters who were being mischievous. They were portrayed as just being their young selves, not threatening, not imposing and not a problem to the community. There’s no culture of crime and violence among them. And their actions were of no great concern for the welfare of society.

Thanks to social media, many people on Twitter exposed the media bias. Maybe it’s time we actually start talking about the careless behavior of white youth. Perhaps we need to examine white-on-white violence, which should be a part of the mainstream’s lexicon. Until then, whenever I see a gang of young white males coming down the street, I may start walking on the other side for safety reasons.

Welcome to America where white people can start shit for insignificant reasons and not be seen as a problem while black people can gather peacefully to fight a problem that threatens their very existence and be portrayed as the problem.

NOTE: Temporary Hiatus

I apologize in advance for any inconveniences this may have, but I will be going on a short hiatus this week due to a death in the family. There will be no edition of ‘Notable Links’ this week. Lavern Merriweather submitted several more articles that I will upload in a few days. We will be back next week, hopefully, with more posts.

Thank you for reading. Take care and see you soon.

Vern’s Venting: Appropriating Is Not Appropriate


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Katy Perry in her music video “Dark Horse”

By Lavern Merriweather:

Popular singing stars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have found themselves in some very hot water lately. Ms. Perry, in fact, seems to be racking up quite a number of offenses against people of color.

A few years back at the American Music Awards show, she – for some inexplicable reason – thought it would be cool to dress as a geisha. According to some Asian civil rights groups, it wasn’t. They didn’t appreciate Ms. Perry dancing around in traditional Japanese garb making a mockery of it.

She also didn’t make friends with the Muslim community after her video “Dark Horse”. In one scene of the video, a sacred talisman symbol of Allah was burned and destroyed as Katy sits there licking her lips and gyrating while dressed as – I’m guessing – Cleopatra. A number of Muslim groups took her to task about being so utterly disrespectful, as well they should have. Yet, Ms. Perry doesn’t seem to want to learn her lesson.

In her latest monstrosity called “This is How We Do”, Katy is wearing a cornrow hairstyle while spouting off nonsensical comments trying to sound more urban. I watched the whole video out of pure curiosity, because I happened to stumble on it while flipping channels. I would have been angrier if it wasn’t so pathetic.

I have to ask; why the hell is it that white performers think wearing a Negro hairdo and warbling supposed ethnic sayings makes them hip? Either that or she was deliberately trying to make herself look that stupid, because she thinks the people who normally talk that way or wear their hair that way are stupid, lest we forget how much shit black women get for our hair from the white elite. We get shit for damn near everything we do, but this is an especially sore spot. It really gets me how white folks think our mannerisms are so foolish. Yet, they always copy them.

I don’t know if Katy was genuinely expressing some inner black diva or not. All I know is that whatever she was trying to pull off, she failed miserably on all counts.

That brings me to America’s favorite sweetheart Taylor Swift. The media’s sickening refusal to let go of the VMA moment where she got rudely interrupted by Kayne aside; I actually like most of Taylor’s songs. At least Taylor, unlike some artists, writes and produces her own stuff. Still, that doesn’t get her completely off the hook with her video “Shake it Off”.

The video and song itself are very silly. However, the controversy comes when Taylor dons a backward cap while doing some goofy breakdance moves as a bunch of black hip-hop dancers straight out of an 80’s movie twirl and spin on their heads behind her. But that’s not the worst of it. She then decides to do some fake twerking. In what is probably the most she will ever spend around Negroes in her entire lifetime, Taylor – surrounded by a bunch of black females – starts imitating the newest dance sensation. Once she realizes she can’t quite get it right, our plucky heroine just shrugs, then gives up.

When a few critics took Ms. Swift to task, a number of white female bloggers came to her defense. One woman even pointed out that Taylor has several forms of dance in the video, and she can’t perform any of them as well as the back-up dancers. I’m not disagreeing, and I’m not here to criticize or question whether Taylor was making fun of black people or not. I don’t know what the hell her intentions were. Maybe it was all done in good harmless fun. However, it really isn’t up to white person to tell us how we should feel about their imagery of us, particularly when you take into account the long standing and negative history of black folks portrayals by white artists.

Much of it today is still seen as entertaining like the film “Birth of a Nation” which was a recruiting tool for the Klan masquerading as a movie. At least that’s the way I see it, especially since the original title for the film was “The Klansman”. So, if I come off as little less than trusting of your motives, then that is my right.

Another white pop icon and repeat offender Justin Timberlake is also feeling the heat for his use of the slang term ‘ninja’. I found out recently that the word ‘ninja’ is supposed to be a replacement for the word ‘nigga’, which was derived from the highly offensive n-word as – I suppose – a way to make the word less vile. Apparently, Justin doesn’t want to stop making bonehead decisions. Either that, or he must like the taste of foot, because he keeps putting his in his mouth. E channel correspondent Maria Menonous felt the need to protect Justin by telling us overly sensitive Negroes that we should just get over it. Since Maria thinks that Justin didn’t mean any harm by his thoughtless behavior, we whiny black folks should stop complaining about every little perceived insult. Well if some overpaid, privileged, arrogant white woman believes that, then we black folks better take heed.

Like I stated before, it is not – I repeat – NOT for a white person to tell black people what we should or shouldn’t take personal offense to. That also goes for any non-black person, especially when one of them has their very own ‘Negro moment’. We will be the first group that they bitch to, as opposed to the white people that actually said or did something obnoxious to begin with.

Another thing that gets on my very last nerve is talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and her wannabe “Soul Train” bullshit. Perhaps she actually is a fan of all that black folks dance music that she plays every show. Still, from where I sit, it looks utterly phony and contrived. If I got my own TV talk show and came out strutting my fancy moves to music by white artists, I doubt highly that I would be met with her same enthusiasm. Black folks get enough crap for daring to step outside the box by appreciating such acts as AC/DC or Nirvana. Yet, DeGeneres can play black folks tunes all she dang well pleases.

Funny how we are so beneath white people but they still manage to find our music or mannerisms appealing. The so called fist bump was originally named ‘knuckles’ and ‘daps’. However, the minute it caught on with white people ,they just had to change the name. It’s like the white male twin comedy duo Randy and Jason Sklaar once said “Black people create something. White people cultivate it. Then, white people ruin it”. That about sums it up as well as anybody could.

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What’s Wrong with the Right?


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Seriously, I have to ask this question. It seems like those with a right wing mentality live off of hypocrisy, delusion, selfishness, lies and hatred. To them, it seems that logic and common sense are as bad as liberals, whom they hate almost more than blacks and Muslims. They seem to be living contradictions.

I noticed ten things from those who have proudly assigned themselves to the conservative class of the political kingdom.

One, they speak the loudest against terrorism against America, but will side in a hot second with police brutality and murderous vigilantism on unarmed black people. To them, all terrorists are Muslims, all criminals are black and the only victims are white, even if they are the ones causing such bullshit.

Two, they don’t believe there is racism against blacks or any other people of color, even when incidents occur which raises suspicion that race was a motivating factor. However, they are quick to jump on any story, real or fabricated, where a white person is a victim of crime where a black person is a suspect, and conclude that such events were hate crimes. They will even go so far as to blame the so-called “liberal media” (How is the media liberal anyway?) for not covering black-on-white crimes as much as they do white-on-black when the former gets plenty of attention in mainstream news.

The irony, if you want to call it that, is that the right is loaded with racist bigots. Yet, they tried, and failed, to get mass numbers of blacks to join their side. And they scratch their heads wondering why there’s a low turnout for blacks to join the Republican party. Hello?

Three, you may have heard a few conservatives profess their love of God. Yet, they will go on a hating spree in an instant. The people in their Holy cross hairs are LGBT people, minorities, those who practice Islam as a religion, the poor, women and – of course – liberals. Funny how God is supposed to be about love, and yet, the right uses God to hate so many of His own children. Come on, son!

Four, they say how often they love America for the “freedoms” that they have. Yet, when it comes to a woman’s reproductive organs, that is something many of them believe that is totally up to men and not women to control. They are pro-life to the point where they will try and sanction uteri for religious and misogynistic reasons. And they can’t fathom a woman being smart enough to know when she wants to have sex or not.

Five, speaking of misogyny, some right-wingers have a hard time understanding what rape is. You hear certain fellows make the lamest definitions as to what constitutes as rape or sexual assault. Don’t be surprised if they mansplain that somehow or another, the victim got what was coming to her. This begs the question, why are there conservative women?

Six, they think that America’s number one victim are straight, Christian, rich or wealthy white males. Nuff said.

Seven, they constantly preach about personal responsibility. Rarely do they ever practice it. Instead, they go into full number six mode. When wealthy white males fuck up the world making themselves more wealthy, are they blamed? No. And if we try, who ends up being the bad guy? It’s us who are “blaming whitey”.

Eight, they adore the wealthy and hate the poor. Their philosophy seems simple; rich people have worked hard, and that’s why they’re rich. Poor folks don’t work as hard or don’t work at all. That’s why they’re poor. They never consider that some rich people inherit their fortune or stole it somehow from those not as fortunate as they. And don’t bother telling them that the rich have made it so the poor stay poor. They don’t think such things as outsourcing, discrimination in hiring, pay and firing, a lack of employment and other institutional and systemic factors are at work. Nah. Poor people are just lazy as hell. It’s their own damn fault.

But it gets even more insane. Their philosophy appears to suggest that they help the rich (see number seven) and condemn the poor. In fact, they hate the poor. They would rather see them starve than to let them get help, and they have helped to make it happen in recent history. In the end, they think greed and selfishness are truly American, which is funny how they are ready and able to help those who can help themselves. They think taxing the shit out of the poor is fine, but have the rich pay taxes? Not if they have anything to say about it. They think the poor have it easy because of welfare, getting “free stuff” and all, while the rich somehow have it hard. What kind of Bizarro thinking is that? See the flaws in their thinking? They don’t.

How many of them have honestly worked hard to get to where they are and have truly earned it? I’d love to hear the responses. Wouldn’t you?

Nine, they have an outrageous, if not inaccurate, view of history. From what they think the Founding Fathers did, to what slavery actually was and what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for, conservatives seem to get it wrong almost every time.

Ten, the right is supposed to be anti-government. If so, then why are so many of them in office? And then they’re in office, they – again – talk about how much they value freedom. But, they’re trying to dismantle as many rights as possible, including the right to vote for a certain race and the right to give birth or not to a certain gender. Yet, most of them have no problems with the right to bear arms or spending ass-loads of money on military spending as opposed to education and jobs. Am I missing something here?

I’m not saying that the left isn’t without their pathologies. Although, to some conservatives, that is exactly what I’m saying. But I find it hard to join a party that regards me and my people are a problem due to “lefties” and that helping the less fortunate is somehow a sin. The conservatives and Republicans are clubs for rich, straight white men who are afraid of and dislike anyone not rich, not straight, not white and not male. And if it’s not right, then it’s left. There is no neutrality on anything, according to them. That is why I can’t and don’t see myself as one of them. I’m way too nice, too smart, too outspoken and too black for their tastes.

They Are Darren Wilson


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Picture of Darren Wilson supporters along with Facebook comments

Darren Wilson, the infamous cop who shot and killed Michael Brown, a young, unarmed, black male teen, in Ferguson, Missouri has been getting quite a fan base.

First, a fund raising site called had a page set up so his supporters could donate some money for the embattled officer. The amount swelled up like a balloon in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Second, there was a Facebook page showing love and support of Wilson. It currently has almost 80,000 likes.

Then, there are police officers, former comrades of Wilson, who expressed their solidarity by wearing wristbands that read “I am Darren Wilson“.

Finally, there’s the very recent confrontation at a baseball game between a large group of St. Louis Cardinal fans, who turned out to be Darren Wilson supporters and activists calling for justice in Michael Brown’s murder at a baseball game. One of them even had a piece of poster board that read “I am Darren Wilson” taped on his back. But that wasn’t the worst part. Dead Spin listed asshole-worthy moments involving the fans:

We start off with a bang…An old white Cardinals fan begins telling the protesters—all of whom appear to be black—that they need to get jobs. He looks right in the camera, proudly, and says, “That’s right! If they’d be working, we wouldn’t have this problem!”

The crowd of Cardinals fans begin drowning out the protesters’ chants with a “Let’s go Cardinals!” chant. Well, they could be saying worse things…

They start saying much worse things. The “Let’s go Cardinals!” chant has turned into a “Let’s go Darren!” chant. Cool.

One of the Cardinals fans calls one of the protesters a “crack head” and tells him he needs to go see a dentist.

The “Let’s go Cardinals” chant starts up again.

One of the Cardinals fans starts telling one of the protesters that if he ever “saw him in the street” he would “look at the ground.” They argue for a bit about who would and would not whip whose ass.

A small blonde lady starts yelling at the protesters: “We’re the ones who gave all y’all the freedoms that you have!”

An older female Cardinals fan begins telling the man holding the camera, who claims he is a former Marine, that she doesn’t believe he is a veteran. The conversation does not go well for her.

The Cardinals fans start in on a very loud “USA! USA! USA!” chant.

Another Cardinals fan begins yelling at the protesters, telling them that they need to get jobs.

A female Cardinals fan begins chanting “Africa! Africa! Africa!” at the protesters.

A Cardinals fans tells the protesters that they need to remove their hats and pull up their pants.

Since each movement and some other expressions siding with Wilson, who recently testified before a St. Louis grand jury, and having his back during this saga, I would have to agree that these and most other Wilson supporters are indeed Darren Wilson, and Darren Wilson is them! And there’s really nothing to be proud of.

Wilson showed such contempt for the life of a young man for reasons unknown that he played God and took it violently. Those who believe that Wilson was the actual victim may likely hold the same sentiments regarding black life, especially that of Michael Brown, whom many seem to believe caused his own murder by doing something he shouldn’t have. And some may hold the same feelings whenever any black person is murdered by…anyone.

In America, a black male who dies from violence is seen as a black male who himself was violent, whether he was or not. Therefore, his chaotic death is inevitable, and there’s nothing that can be done, because he brought it on himself due to the always exclusively dysfunctional nature of black culture proclaim by racist whites. That’s why not too many people with such thinking will not break a sweat in doing anything about it except complain and point fingers.

Many people, including yours truly, suspect the ever-present specter of racism behind not only the Brown’s death but also how Wilson, a white male, was never arrested or punished. We also sense it in the acclamation these men get, most of whom are white themselves. And unless you’ve been asleep, we’ve seen this bullshit before over and over again, and they are damn good reasons why we see race in the eternal season of black male hunting. When all excuses other than race has been crossed out as illogical and irrelevant by racism deniers, many of whom are racist themselves, there can only be one viable explanation.

Since Brown’s death, there have been what seems to be an increase in police brutality against black people. Some are viciously injured and others are killed. All of those people are Michael Brown, Oscar Grant and Rekia Boyd, to name a few. Those who support the cops who killed them are Darren Wilson, Johannes Mehserle and Dante Servin, also to name a few.

Vern’s Venting: Divide and Conquer


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NOTE: I admit that I had reservations about posting this article. However, Ms. Merriweather has a right to express her thoughts and opinions, and she has been very honest about what she says. So, as always, comment below.

By Lavern Merriweather:

There seems to be a growing and serious divide among black men and women. Not to say that black males and females have always gotten along, but these days it seems to be getting worse.

Many black women columnists and bloggers on the internet are expressing their disgust about the so-called Ray Rice scandal and how it is being handled by NFL commissioner Roger Goddell. While I agree that what Rice did was abhorrent, I also feel that there is a lot of fake self-serving grandstanding being used for selfish purposes. If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s a hypocrite, especially one who is very glaring obvious with their inconsistency, then acts as if nobody else is going to notice.

Several black females have weighed in, and even though I can understand their anger, I have a problem with the motivation behind it. I have written many critical emails to some black women in the blogworld questioning how they can one minute decry the deaths of young black males like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown then freely engage white males in their blatantly racist double standards towards black male celebrities. When you claim continuously that your outrage is being fueled by a despicable act, then shouldn’t you be disgusted with ANY male that commits it?

Black women are many times just as silent as white men when it comes to domestic violence from white male celebrities. Hell, they are silent for any criminal accusation directed towards a white male that’s famous. This leads me to believe that you are more concerned with getting your licks in on black men than actually giving a shit about the issue itself. If that’s not the case, then you should either attack all the guilty parties or fess up and say “Yes, I only want to demonize certain people,” since that is clearly what you are doing anyway. Either come right out and admit that this is a personal issue between just you and black males. Or stop pretending that it’s about the issue of violence towards women when you are selective in your vilification.

I heard very little if any outcry from black women on the internet about the appalling assault on grandmother Marlene Pinnock. Marlene is the black female pedestrian that was savagely beaten by a white male cop in California for – what I could see – was doing nothing more than crossing the street. Blow after blow was rained on Ms. Pinnock’s head by this thug. Still, black women have yet to unleash a derogatory rant on the white male responsible. And before anyone complains that some black women did respond, please email me those posts, because I have yet to see one. Trust me when I say I did look for them, but I never found one.

Not only that, black women on the web decry of this so-called ‘black male privilege’ without ever mentioning how extremely limited it is or ever speak of their own. Black female intellectuals that speak out about the daily luxuries afforded to black men seem to be forgetting about their own. By that, I mean precisely the one that allows them via a computer keyboard to denounce behavior not exclusive to black men as if it were.

Last time I checked, domestic violence cut across every line, be it racial, social, economical and yes even gender. Yet to hear black women tell it, Becky, as she is known, can fend for her damn self when it comes to dealing with an abusive white male, especially one that is well known and beloved by an easily influenced public. It appears that there are some boats black women are not willing to rock.

Another thing that bothers me about all the pious blither blather is when black women speak so dismayed about the issue of facing both racism and sexism. That’s funny, because they don’t ever bring up the fact that it often times comes from the very SAME person! If you think for one second some of that the racism you experience from white males isn’t infused just as much with your predisposed gender, then I have a huge statue that sits on Ellis Island to sell you.

I’m also very troubled by the latest trend of black women demanding that black females who are killed by police in America get as much attention as the Sean Bells and Mike Browns of the world. I must be missing something when the fuck did this become competition? Now, we need a scoring chart to see who life has more value? What a damn crock! I don’t disagree that black women should get equal time too, but to make it a problem that exists between the sexes is foolish and pure bunk. If black women feel so slighted, then why aren’t YOU speaking out on the deaths of black women at the hands of cops who in all likelihood were white, rather than jumping on bandwagons that you are fully aware come from a place of pseudo outrage born out of white male arrogance?

Black women that are currently siding with their white male brethren on the Ray Rice situation could just as easily spend some of that time calling out their white colleagues for ignoring the plight of Ms. Pinnock or any black women for that matter. In case they haven’t noticed, the very people they are so pissed at for not discussing the deaths of young black women are the very white males now fawning over Ray’s wife Janay, as they make a mockery of the all too real problem of spousal abuse.

Brotha himself has discussed at length his disappointment in his fellow black males for how they treat black women, as well as apologized for his what he feels is a privilege that he can enjoy while black women cannot. Although I don’t disagree, I feel that black women, if they truly mean what they say, should also acknowledge the part they play in tearing down the black males that they claim, at certain times, to be defending. That also goes for this supposed irritation at Becky, but standing side by side with white female feminuts when they target black men in the most racist and sickening way.

The call for respect needs to be expressed by both sides, not just one, and black women need to put much of their money where their mouth is. This constantly trying to have it both ways leads the conversation in way too many directions.

When Childbirth Ends Privilege


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Jennifer Cramblett (right) and her daughter (left)

Anything black is hated, feared and just plain unwanted. The (white) liberal mindset is that we are all human beings and that color doesn’t or shouldn’t be show when certain people’s vision operates. But we all know that’s bullshit as a person’s skin color is part of their identity which should not be denied, and that we’re almost 500 years too late for those of mostly European descent to tell us coloreds something their people should’ve thought of since day one, but have chosen generation after generation to, instead, maintain their false, twisted sense of superiority.

Yet, they will deny up and down that racism exists, at least against people of color. Yet, they will cry at the top of their lungs there is racism against whites. The privileged are the first to cry foul whenever their world shakes, even if it’s a slight tremor, but can not and will not completely see or understand the worlds of others crashing by the power structure they’ve nurtured.

Such is true with a lesbian couple in Ohio where a slight mistake damaged their privileged microcosm. Jennifer Cramblett and her partner Amanda Zincon wanted a child. For obvious reasons, they can’t reproduce a child by themselves. So, they went to a sperm bank. One of them got impregnated and delivered a daughter two years ago.

Now, they’re upset, because the child they have is biracial. You see, the couple got sperm from a black sperm donor, but they really wanted a white one. But since their child has Afro-blood, according to Cramblett, the “mistake has created a lot of difficulties for them…in an all white community.” She says her family and apparently the folks in her neck of the woods are not all too keen with nonwhites and diversity. However, Cramblett – as expected – claims she, herself, isn’t racist.

I know what some of you are thinking. You spotted the double talk in Cramblett’s misery. She’s not racist, BUT her community and family are. She’s not racist, BUT she really wanted a pure-blooded white baby.

Before you get riled up and crucify her, calm down, take a deep breath and think with me. First off, we know that white racism is when you prefer whiteness over anything and everything else. Cramblett grew up to value whiteness instinctively surrounded by white people with white ethics. But now, she worries that since her child is half-black, her white euphoria is interrupted.

Which brings me to the second point. Cramblett appears to be not only concerned about her world crashing down, but also the welfare of her child. Is it more so with the former and not the latter? Who truly knows. But she has to realize, sooner or later, that if her community will have a fit over a half-black child in their environment, are they worth giving a damn about? If she knows they won’t accept her daughter, why the hell does she care?

I understand that being around people all or most of your life can have an effect on you, especially if they are loving and kind people. The problem is that Cramblett’s community is, according to her, intolerant about anything that’s not white. In other words, you are loved and welcome by those people, if you come with white skin. The insidious part about Whiteness is where European physical features are placed over humanity itself. A little girl was brought into the world, and she has to pay the price for not coming in the Caucasian variety. Illogical and cruel, but America’s hooked on that shit as if it was ecstasy.

Perhaps, this will be a lesson for the lesbian couple. Maybe then they will get a better understanding of what it’s like to be ostracized because of what you are. Apparently, their neighborhood accepts homosexuality, but when it comes to blackness, it’s still a major problem for them. And even if the little girl doesn’t come into contact with their bigotry, she’s still going to deal with it in these United States. Jennifer Cramblett and Amanda Zincon are both faced with a tough road ahead. But it won’t be as hard on them as it will be for their daughter.

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