Notable Links: 10-31/14


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Tribe members are threatened after Washington high school shootings

GOP to Kick 7 Million from Voter Rolls in 27 States

We must abandon Bill Cosby: A broken trust with women, black America

The Police Are Still Out of Control

Co-Founder of The Weather Channel: Global Warming Is a Complete Hoax

Sen. Lindsey Graham ‘white men’ joke surfaces

African American boys beaten and bullied by NYC schoolmates who called them ‘Ebola’

According to Barkley blacks, not whites, are responsible for their own failures

8 TV Shows That Reinforce Negative Stereotypes of Black People

‘Black-ish’ Season 1, Episode 6: ‘The Prank King’

Robert Reich: Conservatives have an empathy deficit disorder

The Problem With That Catcalling Video

Why VH1 Gets to Be Black Without the Burden

Watch: Michigan Police Fatally Shoot Homeless Man, Firing 46 Shots

Watch Nas React To Seeing An Ancestor’s Bill Of Sale Into Slavery

The Transformation of Justin Bieber From a White Youth to a Black Man

How a century of racist policies made Ferguson into a pocket of concentrated despair

Halloween ‘lynching’ display removed from on-base home at Fort Campbell

7 Things I Can Do That My Black Son Can’t

Texas Teen Dies Days After School Holds Special Graduation

Saa’s Story: How She Escaped After Being Kidnapped by Boko Haram

Passengers at Dallas airport tackle racist, homophobic man after he attacks a traveler

Colorado Station Busts Megyn Kelly for Outright Lying; FoxNews Offers No Correction

Georgia investigator: Lazy and violent ‘black culture’ to blame for 1-year-old boy’s shooting death

Halloween Racism Reloaded


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‘Tis the season to be racist, or at least dress up as if you have that mentality. And already, some folks are gearing up to show their fondness for ignorance and jackassery.

Story number one deals with some photos going around about a few individuals demonstrating how much they “care” about domestic violence. Pictures of white folks wearing Ray Rice’s football jerseys carrying around huge dolls smiling for the camera. There’s even a photo of a couple wearing not only Rice’s jerseys for also sporting blackface. The most disturbing, in my opinion, was that one of the participants in this fuckery was a little boy.

Story number two is a wee bit more disturbing as it revives the horrific images of the bygone era of rope lynching. In Clarksville, Tennessee, someone at Fort Campbell thought it was a keen idea to hang a family of life-sized black figures on a tree in their front lawn. One of the figures was that of a child with a knife in his back. However, after residents of the neighborhood expressed their concerns, the “decoration” was removed.

Most likely, there are other examples of Halloween racism that has gone under the radar. Sadly, it’s not surprising as this happens every year. It’s almost to be expected, which is the sad part. However, you can’t help but wonder what the hell they were thinking.

What made them decide that it was a good idea to dress up in a manner that pokes fun at a serious issue? The couple, as seen in the center of the picture above took it a step further by posing in blackface. I dunno what parent in his or her right mind would think that it was picture-worthy to have their son mock a domestic violence case. And I can not speak on the stupidity and callousness of whoever came up with the idea of lynching black dolls outside of their own home.

A good colleague of mine told me that a guy, a white man, was upset not at such images, but that there are people who saw them as offensive. I can only conclude that it’s not so much that they’re stupid as they are ignorant and full of shit, that they thought such backward holiday spirit is fun and funny and that people like me just need to shut up and lighten up. If that’s the case, they should be happy as hell if I dressed up as the World Trade Center on 9/11. It would be one hell of a costume to make, but hey, they should just love it.

Vern’s Venting: Follow the Leader


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By Lavern Merriweather:

I wrote a post recently criticizing the media’s ongoing double standard when it comes to black males, particularly ones that are celebrities. A person commented that we shouldn’t whine about the fact that white people do it too, that what white folks do has nothing to do with us and is no excuse. I have a problem with that mindset for several reasons. One of which is that it’s a complete and utter cop-out.

This isn’t just about playing tit for tat; it’s about people not being allowed to continuously contradict themselves without having to face any consequences. It’s also about people standing by the very statements that they utter with such conviction that you’d imagine a vein bursting from their skull. When you speak on an important issue as if you are that dogged and determined to bring it to the forefront, then you’d better damn well stand by what you say regardless of who is the target. That doesn’t happen ever in America.

A lot of people, and by people I mean most white people in the media and the public, say one thing one minute, yet change their tune the other minute when the person accused doesn’t fit their liking. Either we are going to have a national discussion on valid issues, or we aren’t, because this half-assed, get-outraged-whenever-I feel-like-it bullshit ain’t gonna cut it!

I can only imagine that the black people who say we shouldn’t worry about what whitey is up to believe that bringing up a white person’s name means we are trying to absolve said black celebrity or athlete of criticism. And I say they couldn’t be more wrong. Hypocrisy, especially when directed at Negroes, has been tolerated for far too long. There have been multiple times when I remind a white person in the media via email the despicable behavior of white people that they adore the voices suddenly goes silent. You mean to tell me that all that gung ho, raring to go attack mode when it comes to black folks can be turned off like a light switch when it’s one of your own? Their going quiet when a white male’s name comes into the conversation tells me everything I need to know. If you aren’t going to fully commit to your own damn arguments, then stop starting them!

They are the ones who wanted to create this so-called dialogue, yet when the comments inevitably become about them, there’s a quick hush. How the hell are you going to begin talking about an issue supposedly so near and dear to your heart, yet stop talking the moment you get dragged into it? You obviously didn’t expect anyone to air your dirty laundry. Although, there most likely is more than enough of it to go around.

And that is exactly what pisses me off when black people make those comments. If it’s wrong, then it’s wrong for ALL accused, not just whoever. As I said in my response, they can blither blather about our pathology every time, but we aren’t allowed to speak about theirs? I don’t think so. Bad behavior is bad behavior, and it should be grounds for vilifying on any guilty parties.

Recently, actor and perennial screw-up Charlie Sheen was accused by a female dental technician named Margarita Palestino of assaulting her. She claims that he flipped out when she tried to administer a nitrous oxide mask. The lady says that he punched her in the face and grabbed at her bra while screaming obscenities. She and the dentist also claim that Sheen then grabbed a knife and threatened to stab both of them.

Regardless of the fact that Sheen has a history of violence involving women, the idiots and fools at TMZ were in a very big hurry to defend him. Correspondent Mike Walters went so far as to have the nerve to say that he talked with Sheen’s ‘people’ and they denied the incident ever happened, that all he did was knock over a tray full of utensils. Well, of course they are going to say that dumbass! What? They are going to actually admit that this thug did something terrible and his ass will finally go to jail? Give me a damn break!

The chuckleheads at TMZ further kissed Sheen’s ass by saying that it was just an outrageous lie by a vengeful woman who’s angry that she got fired for blabbing to her son that Sheen was a patient even as she said that he appeared to be high on a substance which is what really caused him to react so viciously. Right, this woman hasn’t got anything better to do with her life than create a vendetta against some punk who is known for assaulting woman and abusing drugs, and the cops were called purely for shits and giggles?

Still, because for some reason he is so well liked by the TMZ crew, they feel he couldn’t in any way have done this. Despite what Sheen has done in the past, they have no qualms whatsoever rushing to protect him.

I understand the motivation for white people to deny their legacy of brutality and always trying to paint a rosier portrait of themselves even if I don’t agree with it. But what the hell is black people’s motivation for going along happily with the bullshit? Unless, you are that worried you will fall out of favor with the supremacists of this country. For those who say I’m just being petty and want to give it like I get it, I say there’s a lot more to my point.

The same microscope that white people love to shove us under can just as easily point out their own faults and flaws. Yet, somehow that never happens, and the same people targeted selectively seem to be accepting of that which is as outrageous as it is ridiculous. If it’s that damn serious to you, then you shouldn’t be playing games. You should be as willing to attack those in the dominant society as you attack your own. Otherwise, what is your point, that a picked and chosen few should face the gallows while others walk away scot free?

I don’t see how that makes any sense. Maybe it does to them. That is exactly why I call into question their credibility. And why I think all that crying foul they do is just plain old crying wolf.

Notable Links: 10-24/14


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Marchers Protesting Michael Brown Shooting Block Atlanta Highway

Video Showing 7-Eleven Employees Refusing to Sell Chips to a Black Child Until a White Woman Steps in Goes Viral

Expert Who Analyzed Leaked Mike Brown Autopsy Report Says She Was Taken Out of Context

Racial Diversity Among America’s Working Artists Virtually Non-Existent

5 Things About Slavery You Probably Didn’t Learn In Social Studies: A Short Guide To ‘The Half Has Never Been Told’

13 Women Have Accused Bill Cosby Of Rape — So Why Has America Forgiven Him?

This Is How A Tragedy Like The Ottawa Shooting Should Be Reported. I Want To Hug This Reporter.

Rep. Steve King: ‘I don’t expect to meet’ gay people in heaven

CNN Guest: Leaked Michael Brown Autopsy, Witnesses ‘All So Shady’

Fox News: Young women shouldn’t vote or be on juries because ‘They don’t get it’

Smart People Listen to Radiohead, Dumb People Listen to Beyoncé, Says Racist Study

Doctor Assaulted by Police at Dying Son’s Birthday, Tasered so Many Times He Had a Heart Attack

Nevada issues 255 marriage licenses to same-sex couples in first week

Family of Missing Florida Mom Trukita Scott Still Searching For Answers


GOP’s grotesque racist ads: Why it just can’t escape its ugly history

Reagan aide: South should secede and create a new anti-gay country — called Reagan!

“Who do you report to when your rapist is the police?”

Pennsylvania’s Attempt to Silence Prison Activist Mumia Abu-Jamal

Keene State and the Dangers of Drunken Young White Men

Vern’s Venting: Racial Profiling


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By Lavern Merriweather:

One of my most favorite people ever to appear on the Russell Simmons’ produced HBO show “Def Poets” is Arab- American Suheir Hammad. My girl really broke it down with her first poem about the unfair practice of generalizing all young Arab males as terrorists. She said, and accurately so, that people in America didn’t vilify all young, blond, skinny white males after scumbag Timothy McVeigh blew up that federal building in Oklahoma 19 years ago. The audience soundly applauded her words, and I can certainly understand why.

Brotha has had to go in himself many times on the American media for its fanning of the flames when it comes to collectively judging everyone from a race by the acts of a few. He brings up the valid and necessary point that although a number of white males have committed vicious acts of atrocities either alone or with others, they are never seen as a group to hold accountable for the acts of only certain people. No, white males are looked at purely as individuals. There is no recourse of suspicion when a young white male, regardless of his dress, is walking the street in an unfamiliar neighborhood. He is just another guy walking down the street where as a young black male like Trayvon Martin gets pegged as suspicious or a possible criminal despite doing absolutely nothing to earn that moniker.

I was happily surprised by the objective commentary from many on the Facebook community in regards to the Ray Rice story. One man, who was white, even said that elsewhere 16,985 other players went about their business. I say cheers to him for speaking truth where none is being spoken. White males in the media obviously have no interest in telling stories about the many African-American players in all sports who don’t engage in illegal behavior, just like they don’t take one example of a dangerous violent white male then hold him up as the poster boy for how all white males are.

I recall a post on the website Alternet where a young male who was Arab talked about how nobody would sit next to him on the subway after Sept. 11 happened. Someone then made a snarky comment about how you shouldn’t sit next to a white male either because he might be the next Ted Bundy or the aforementioned McVeigh. And that’s where the problem lies.

White males don’t have that worry, because they know nobody will ever lump then in with other white males behaving badly like James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Bufford Furrow, Russell Weston, George Hennard and now this latest punk Eric Frien. Frien is suspected of being part of a white supremacist survivalist group and viciously gunned down two cops in Arizona just days ago. Although he is a wanted fugitive capable of despicable acts, Frien is still not viewed as evil.

Most, if not all, white folks covering this story wax endlessly about how smart and charming the accused murderer is. See how ridiculously fake and self-serving they frame the news about a sadistic white male thug? You’d think that they were talking about some new young rising star on a crappy CW program.

Rolling Stone magazine got a lot of angry flack, and deservedly so, for featuring one of the Russian bombing suspects at the Boston marathon last year on the front of their publication. He looked like some pop star cover boy. And many said that it made a mockery of not only the tragedy which he is accused of being involved in, but also made him look less like the terrifying lowlife that he truly is. It’s like that old saying you can’t pour sugar on shit, then call it ice cream.

Las Vegas couple Jarrod and Amanda Miller, whom I wrote about previously, brutally shot and killed two cops in their hometown for kicks. Yet, any young weird looking white male and female couple walking the Earth will never have to think that they are being unfairly targeted because of what another white couple did earlier. They can just walk around – devil may care – without anyone believing that can’t be up to anything but trouble.

There is always that favorite line white people say when it’s a white male specifically that is guilty. They spout “Oh he just looked so normal; He doesn’t, at all, look like a killer or a bad guy”. Well, what the hell did you expect, stupid? He would be walking around with a neon sign circled about his neck describing all his crimes in grisly detail?

The reason why you don’t see him as bad is because you refuse to see yourself as bad. So, all that prejudice and prejudging you use to justify the killings of Mike Brown, Trayvon and Amadou Diallo will make perfect sense to you, despite the fact that NONE of them were doing a damn thing wrong!

They sure as hell weren’t stockpiling weapons like Eric Frien and his ilk. Nor were they going to the gun range with mommy to learn how to be a better aim against six year-olds like Adam Lanza. They also didn’t make creepy as hell videos dressed up like psychotic Hollywood characters. And they didn’t make any claims that they would hurt any authority figure that got in their way. They didn’t plot or plan to shoot and murder as many people as they could during a late night showing of a popular movie franchise.

The Benetton clothing long incurred the outrage of Teena Brandon’s mom Joann and others when they used one of her killers John Lotter in an ad. Lotter received life in prison for the sadistic rape and murder of Ms. Brandon when it was discovered by him and a friend that she was actually a girl who was passing herself off as a boy. Lotter, who is a white male, was used for a picture in a photo shoot wearing his prison issued handcuffs. Teena’s mom was furious as we all should have been.

I get that the Benetton Company has a very unusual style and has done some highly controversial layouts in the past. However, this not only proves that they are moronic, heartless, insensitive fools, but also completely stuck on stupid. This man isn’t a damn model. He is a murderer who viciously took another person’s life, because he found out that Teena was lying to him and played him for a chump. That’s not a justification though for what he did.

Lotter is a worthless thug who is now where he probably should have been a long time ago. But because he’s not a Negro or a Latino, he isn’t seen through the same prism of disgust so eagerly reserved for men of color. And other white males who might share a personality trait with him will need to do the ultimate in heinous crimes to even be thought of as a criminal.

Vern’s Venting: Band of Brothers


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Cast members from the HBO series with the same name

By Lavern Merriweather

Say what you will about acclaimed and controversial movie director Spike Lee. He does at least put his money where his mouth is.

Spike Lee stirred up quite the hornet’s nest when he criticized fellow director and beloved actor Clint Eastwood for his WW2 film “Sands of Iowa Jima”. Iowa Jima is the place where an iconic shot of four white American men struggling to hoist an American flag was taken. Mr. Lee called out Mr. Eastwood, as well as many other directors, for ignoring or outright disregarding of the contributions and sacrifices from black American males during the Second World War.

Mr. Lee made a rebuttal film of his own called “Miracle at St. Anna”, which was a critical and commercial failure. Although the movie didn’t do well at the box office and was soundly trashed by critics, I applaud Mr. Lee for showing some effort and initiative. Once Spike denounced Clint’s movie, he was met with complaints that most of the black soldiers serving at the time could only perform menial jobs. They didn’t have the chance to be pilots, generals, snipers or any serve any valuable purpose to successfully defeat the hated Germans. Okay, what the hell kind of argument is that?

It’s not the fault of the black males that they were given shit jobs and couldn’t be there on the front lines. Though I suspect they trot out that rationale more likely because they appreciate a moment in time where heroes came in one shade only.

Many white males in the media, particularly movie critics, are not at all subtle when it comes to racism. They leave little to the imagination when it comes to the leading men that they prefer to see kicking ass and taking out the bad guys. And I can tell without a shadow of a doubt that his name won’t be Tyrone.

über producer and writer George Lucas made a valiant and respectful attempt to showcase the ultimate bravery from the all black Tuskegee flying men with his film “Red Tails” which also failed at the box office, but I imagine that was more because black folks were buying it on the street for a fiver, rather than spend 30 to 40 dollars seeing on the big screen. I have no qualms with catching movies on the cheap. I do it too. The thing I don’t like is how much negativity the movie was getting before it even came out in theaters.

A lot of critics and some uptight Negroes were not willing to give that movie a chance. Contrary to what some would think about a white male being the driving force behind a film about a group of courageous black males going above and beyond the call during WW2, I thought the film was terrific. It was not as some might suspect, the white guy show with the black people as background props to make white folks feel morally superior. The film’s one and only focus was the young, talented, amazing black men that put themselves in harm’s way to keep white fighter pilots safe. Some, as the film showed, even got to kick some serious Nazi ass on their own accord. Yes “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston was in the movie as well, but he was an obnoxious, bigoted blowhard desperate to denounce the magnificence of Negro men. In fact, the best scene in the film is when Cranston tells the captain of the airmen Terrence Howard that no matter how well they did, he would still never believe they were as up to par as white males. Mr. Howard answers with the matter-of-fact line “We don’t care.” Booyah!

You would think that in this day and age, the same stupid prejudice attitudes those men had to face would be a thing of the past. Well, judging from the sour apple comments coming from many jealous white male critics, you’d be sorely mistaken.The mindset that Negroes just can’t live up to the same standard as white people is still very much alive.

This is the reason why I feel personally that World War 2 movies are so appealing to white filmmakers, not just because of the fact that there isn’t a group – save the Klan – more deserving of loathing than the Nazis. But rather because it’s a time period where black people, both male and female, were so readily denied the opportunity to show that they too could rise to any challenge in the face of war. You never see that many tales told on celluloid about the Vietnam War. And please don’t tell me it’s because the American military had to leave that country with its tail stuck firmly between its legs. There’s way more to it.

Vietnam was a place where African-Americans DID stand on the front lines. In many cases, they were the main people on the front risking their lives. This was something that a lot of white males, particularly the sons of prominent powerful politicians, didn’t do, because they didn’t want to, and because they didn’t have to.

Poor black men looking to leave their world of poverty and have access to a better life didn’t get that same luxury. They were there regardless of how dangerous or treacherous the situation. Yet, we still don’t see their stories hurried to the big screen as often as the mainly white male dominated troops from 80 years ago.

A new film coming out called “Fury” starring Brad Pitt, Shia Leabuf, and Michael Pena is the story of a final stand by five men caught behind enemy lines in Germany circa 1945 with a busted tank. Judging from the previews, it looks like a fascinating tale of heroism as five lone men make a defiant stand against a large and deadly army of advancing German soldiers. As interesting as this movie looks, and I definitely loves me some Brad Pitt, I have strong inclination to pass on this one. Granted, while one of the actors in this movie, Michael Pena, is Latino he still ain’t black.

The white male director, producer and executives who greenlit this film don’t have to worry their pretty rich heads that a Negro is going to be among the men rooted for by cheering audiences. They don’t root for black males or females that are heroes in real life. So, they damn sure don’t need their little fantasy world tarnished by them either.

Quick Thoughts: Black Riots vs. White Riots


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When black folks riot, it’s most likely due to an injustice done against one or more black people. However, in recent years and several such cases like Trayvon Martin’s killer’s trial, a lot of people in the media feared of black people rioting if George Zimmerman got off. Welp, he was never sentenced, but there was no riot. Yet, the media, especially of the conservative variety, thought that black people will raise roofs, start fires and loot the hell out of local businesses as if another example of systemic racism wasn’t a good reason to explode.

But if there was a riot, the media would condemn the people as ‘thugs’ and ‘animals’, unruly, uncivilized lowlifes with no sense of personality responsibility who would rather live by a dysfunctional culture of crime, violence and the glorification of it all. The media will paint black people as the people who don’t deserve empathy or sympathy. They will portray them as the problem with society, not the systems which reduces the value of black life as useless.

As with the case of Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson by a rogue cop, black people protested and marched peacefully. There was no widespread incidents of violence, on the part of the protesters that is.

When white folks riot, and yes, they do riot, it’s seems more likely to be a result of something that happened in sports. From football to hockey, some white folks who support a certain team will go ham if their team loses. However, sports doesn’t appear to be the only reason.

There was a pumpkin festival in Keene, New Hampshire recently. For some reason, all hell broke loose. And most, if not all, of those involved were young white folks. They got so crunked that they even clashed with the police!

The media, as expected, treated this as a case of rowdy, drunk youngsters who were being mischievous. They were portrayed as just being their young selves, not threatening, not imposing and not a problem to the community. There’s no culture of crime and violence among them. And their actions were of no great concern for the welfare of society.

Thanks to social media, many people on Twitter exposed the media bias. Maybe it’s time we actually start talking about the careless behavior of white youth. Perhaps we need to examine white-on-white violence, which should be a part of the mainstream’s lexicon. Until then, whenever I see a gang of young white males coming down the street, I may start walking on the other side for safety reasons.

Welcome to America where white people can start shit for insignificant reasons and not be seen as a problem while black people can gather peacefully to fight a problem that threatens their very existence and be portrayed as the problem.

NOTE: Temporary Hiatus

I apologize in advance for any inconveniences this may have, but I will be going on a short hiatus this week due to a death in the family. There will be no edition of ‘Notable Links’ this week. Lavern Merriweather submitted several more articles that I will upload in a few days. We will be back next week, hopefully, with more posts.

Thank you for reading. Take care and see you soon.

Vern’s Venting: Appropriating Is Not Appropriate


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Katy Perry in her music video “Dark Horse”

By Lavern Merriweather:

Popular singing stars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have found themselves in some very hot water lately. Ms. Perry, in fact, seems to be racking up quite a number of offenses against people of color.

A few years back at the American Music Awards show, she – for some inexplicable reason – thought it would be cool to dress as a geisha. According to some Asian civil rights groups, it wasn’t. They didn’t appreciate Ms. Perry dancing around in traditional Japanese garb making a mockery of it.

She also didn’t make friends with the Muslim community after her video “Dark Horse”. In one scene of the video, a sacred talisman symbol of Allah was burned and destroyed as Katy sits there licking her lips and gyrating while dressed as – I’m guessing – Cleopatra. A number of Muslim groups took her to task about being so utterly disrespectful, as well they should have. Yet, Ms. Perry doesn’t seem to want to learn her lesson.

In her latest monstrosity called “This is How We Do”, Katy is wearing a cornrow hairstyle while spouting off nonsensical comments trying to sound more urban. I watched the whole video out of pure curiosity, because I happened to stumble on it while flipping channels. I would have been angrier if it wasn’t so pathetic.

I have to ask; why the hell is it that white performers think wearing a Negro hairdo and warbling supposed ethnic sayings makes them hip? Either that or she was deliberately trying to make herself look that stupid, because she thinks the people who normally talk that way or wear their hair that way are stupid, lest we forget how much shit black women get for our hair from the white elite. We get shit for damn near everything we do, but this is an especially sore spot. It really gets me how white folks think our mannerisms are so foolish. Yet, they always copy them.

I don’t know if Katy was genuinely expressing some inner black diva or not. All I know is that whatever she was trying to pull off, she failed miserably on all counts.

That brings me to America’s favorite sweetheart Taylor Swift. The media’s sickening refusal to let go of the VMA moment where she got rudely interrupted by Kayne aside; I actually like most of Taylor’s songs. At least Taylor, unlike some artists, writes and produces her own stuff. Still, that doesn’t get her completely off the hook with her video “Shake it Off”.

The video and song itself are very silly. However, the controversy comes when Taylor dons a backward cap while doing some goofy breakdance moves as a bunch of black hip-hop dancers straight out of an 80’s movie twirl and spin on their heads behind her. But that’s not the worst of it. She then decides to do some fake twerking. In what is probably the most she will ever spend around Negroes in her entire lifetime, Taylor – surrounded by a bunch of black females – starts imitating the newest dance sensation. Once she realizes she can’t quite get it right, our plucky heroine just shrugs, then gives up.

When a few critics took Ms. Swift to task, a number of white female bloggers came to her defense. One woman even pointed out that Taylor has several forms of dance in the video, and she can’t perform any of them as well as the back-up dancers. I’m not disagreeing, and I’m not here to criticize or question whether Taylor was making fun of black people or not. I don’t know what the hell her intentions were. Maybe it was all done in good harmless fun. However, it really isn’t up to white person to tell us how we should feel about their imagery of us, particularly when you take into account the long standing and negative history of black folks portrayals by white artists.

Much of it today is still seen as entertaining like the film “Birth of a Nation” which was a recruiting tool for the Klan masquerading as a movie. At least that’s the way I see it, especially since the original title for the film was “The Klansman”. So, if I come off as little less than trusting of your motives, then that is my right.

Another white pop icon and repeat offender Justin Timberlake is also feeling the heat for his use of the slang term ‘ninja’. I found out recently that the word ‘ninja’ is supposed to be a replacement for the word ‘nigga’, which was derived from the highly offensive n-word as – I suppose – a way to make the word less vile. Apparently, Justin doesn’t want to stop making bonehead decisions. Either that, or he must like the taste of foot, because he keeps putting his in his mouth. E channel correspondent Maria Menonous felt the need to protect Justin by telling us overly sensitive Negroes that we should just get over it. Since Maria thinks that Justin didn’t mean any harm by his thoughtless behavior, we whiny black folks should stop complaining about every little perceived insult. Well if some overpaid, privileged, arrogant white woman believes that, then we black folks better take heed.

Like I stated before, it is not – I repeat – NOT for a white person to tell black people what we should or shouldn’t take personal offense to. That also goes for any non-black person, especially when one of them has their very own ‘Negro moment’. We will be the first group that they bitch to, as opposed to the white people that actually said or did something obnoxious to begin with.

Another thing that gets on my very last nerve is talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and her wannabe “Soul Train” bullshit. Perhaps she actually is a fan of all that black folks dance music that she plays every show. Still, from where I sit, it looks utterly phony and contrived. If I got my own TV talk show and came out strutting my fancy moves to music by white artists, I doubt highly that I would be met with her same enthusiasm. Black folks get enough crap for daring to step outside the box by appreciating such acts as AC/DC or Nirvana. Yet, DeGeneres can play black folks tunes all she dang well pleases.

Funny how we are so beneath white people but they still manage to find our music or mannerisms appealing. The so called fist bump was originally named ‘knuckles’ and ‘daps’. However, the minute it caught on with white people ,they just had to change the name. It’s like the white male twin comedy duo Randy and Jason Sklaar once said “Black people create something. White people cultivate it. Then, white people ruin it”. That about sums it up as well as anybody could.

Notable Links: 9-10/14 (UPDATED)


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Inmate beaten to death at Florida jail after reporting threats by guard

Teen pepper-sprayed in own home after cops mistake him for intruder

CNN Legal Analyst Explodes over “Inherent Racism” of Police in Seatbelt Tasering

Charlotte Lucas, the wife of Lucas Oil founder, spews out bigotry against “minorities”

Texas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan succumbs to virus

Involuntary manslaughter charge dropped against cop who killed 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Why We Must Expect More From Hip Hop Artists

Famed entertainer Geoffrey Holder dead at 84

Video: Cheerios releases well-received ad featuring white same-sex couple with black child

Study: For Black Students, Skin Color and Suspensions Linked

Boston Has a Stop-And-Frisk Problem, New ACLU Report Says

Watch Laverne Cox and bell hooks Talk About Feminism and Pop Culture

Wow. Police harrass and humilate Black Man, White Lady Lawyer intervenes, restores order.

Susan G. Komen fracks for the cure

Cartoon: The Armchair Generals

Yes, the Koch brothers really are that evil

GAO report confirms that strict photo ID laws reduce voter turnout of minorities and young people

NYPD officer caught on video robbing a man and pepper spraying onlookers

Baton Rouge metro council outraged after racist police officer allowed to quietly retire

59-year-old Georgia man killed in no-knock raid, no drugs found


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