Vern’s Venting: Murder Is Not Self-Defense


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Renisha McBride (left). Theodore Wafer (right).

By Lavern Merriweather:

A verdict has been rendered in the supposed self-defense case of homeowner Theo Wafer who shot and killed motorist Renisha McBride. Thankfully, unlike in the Zimmerman trial, or travesty as I call it, the prosecution did their job the right way, and Wafer was convicted on all counts, including second degree murder.

While it’s shameful that another young black life had to be taken for justice to finally be served, I’m very grateful that we had a smart jury this time, as well as an extremely competent prosecution team who showed the defendant’s bullshit reasoning for what it was. I believe that Wafer, himself, created his own undoing, and the jury pool obviously saw through his load of garbage. He told the court that he was in ‘fear’ for his life when he heard Ms. McBride banging on the door at four in the morning. Yet, he told police that he was actually angry and didn’t want to be less of a man and cower in his home.

Here’s the part where I would normally write ‘What the fuck’ in capital letters’ but you all know by now how I operate. So, it seems redundant. If this asshole was so damn in fear, why did he even open his door in the first place? That is the $64,000 question that he couldn’t answer, nor could he speak to why if he thought she was breaking in he grabbed a LOADED shotgun, instead of doing what most rational and intelligent people who are truly afraid do, and that’s call law enforcement.

For his attorney to say that the walls were shaking and the floor vibrating because Renisha was banging her hand so hard, I have to ask: What the fuck were they saying, that she magically turned into She-Hulk? Only a violent act of nature could compel that kind of force on a house, not an ordinary human being. His lawyer also had the nerve to say that he believed ‘they’ were going to get in. Who the fuck is they exactly? It was only ONE person standing at his door which he could clearly see, because he said that it was a screen door and that he could see her. So, how the hell did this prick come up with this idea that they were after him when he was fully aware by his own admission that it was a single person at his home and not multiple people?

There are, of course, the voices on Facebook and Twitter from the Fake Noise crowd pissed that a decent hard-working civil white male, who unlike the darkie that he murdered, is a productive member of society and that he was just trying to protect himself and his home from the Negro horde about to break in and invade his castle. Those same group of stupids never seem to acknowledge anything that remotely resembles the truth. How in the hell could this jag-off be protecting his house when nobody was trying to break in?

McBride wasn’t out for jewels or money; she was looking for help after she crashed her car. Wafer is thinking way too much of himself, because if she were to be out robbing, she’d have probably picked someone with a better home and more wealth. Seriously, this jackass looks like he doesn’t have two nickels to rub together, and he’s got the gall to be worried about getting robbed?

Sadly this is not an unusual or rare situation. However, because the right verdict was rendered, hopefully it sends a clear message that the vicious taking of a black life will be taken seriously, which is the same as in the case of Jonathan Ferrell, a standout football player at the University of Texas.

Jonathan Ferrell

Mr. Ferrell, like Ms. McBride, had crashed his vehicle into a tree and was injured. Also, like Ms. McBride, he sought help from nearby residents by banging on the door. Unfortunately, he was met with the same fate as Ms. McBride.  Mr. Ferrell was shot several times by a white police officer named Randall Kendrick and died on his way to the hospital.

I hate to say that I’m outraged about these and a few other senseless killings more for my own personal selfish edification than anything else. I have been in two different car accidents and it angers me to no end that rather than being seen with compassion, I’d be looked at as a threat to whoever’s home I stumbled upon in desperation. Then again, if you are black, you aren’t afforded the mindset of being human or being a victim that needs help. You are always the bad guy 24/7 even if it’s your own fucking house that you are entering.

Noted author, commentator and host of several wonderful shows on PBS Henry Louis Gates was very rudely reminded of how black life is seen by white homeowners and police when he tried to enter his own place through the window. Apparently Mr. Gates, who is a college professor, forgot the keys to his front door. A friend who had taken a trip with him was helping him climb into a window when a neighbor called the cops, saying later that she assumed he was a burglar breaking in, a story that I refuse to buy with a 4 dollar bill.

The arrest of Henry Louis Gates

I mean please! She must have saw Mr. Gates coming in and out of his house multiple times. So, she knew damn good and well he lived there. Her tale rings about as true as that prick Mr. Wafer’s.

Bottom line, this nosy old bat spied on two black males going into a home in an unorthodox way. Had someone actually been breaking in I doubt Miss Rush-A-Dial would have given a damn about what was happening.

When the cops arrived, they walked into Mr. Gates home, uninvited, and treated him as if he were a criminal. For those of you who still want to harp on the fact that Mr. Gates got belligerent with those pinheads, I say so what? He is in his own damn home and some strangers came in unwanted and unwelcome. You don’t just step into a tax-paying man’s house like you own the place and get pissed when he cops an attitude. Guess what fools, it’s HIS house! He can behave however the fuck he wants and if anything, the cops were the ones breaking in.

President Obama rightfully criticized the main cop who wrongfully handcuffed Mr. Gates as acting ‘stupidly’. Of course, I would have used some other choice words, cause you all know how I do. However, he is the leader of the free world and took some unfair flack for what he said, also for the beer summit at the White House that followed.

But contrary to what some black folks seem to think, he can’t solve a problem that he did nothing to create. This isn’t Obama’s fault. it’s the fault of the dominant society that shuts out any voice of reason calling them on their bullshit and bigotry. Good luck wrestling with that logic. Meanwhile, I will make sure to be extra prepared whenever I get into a vehicle. I prefer to not be an example that black life is as expendable as certain folks in America seem to think.

Vern’s Venting: A Black Woman’s Son


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Lesley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown, a black teen murdered by white cop Darren Wilson

By Lavern Merriweather:

There has been a lot of talk from media pundits, black church leaders and black folks from the blog world saying that our president Mr. Obama should address what has happened in Ferguson, Missouri. Yet, another young black life has been taken by some asshole white cop that obviously sees black folks as expendable. They believe some strong, decisive words from the current leader in chief will bring about change to Ferguson and the nation. And I say that’s the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard!

I am just about done with stupid black people as well as stupid white people expecting Obama to be captain Save-A-Negro. He should not be expected to solve a problem that not only did he not create but that has been around long before he was even born. The only reason I think black folks are saying this is because we have a beige man in office. I doubt highly that either Hillary Clinton, Al Gore or secretary of state John Kerry would have to worry about anyone making such a demand of them.

I want to know where the hell all the damn feminists are? White women, who claim that they are supposedly about protecting and defending the rights of all women voices, go conveniently silent when a tragedy like this occurs. I saw the interview on “Good Morning America” with Mike’s mother and was distraught at how gut-wrenching it was to see her try and stay calm, despite the cold blooded murder of her son. She showed a lot of grace and class as well as restraint, because it must be so hard for her trying not to lose her shit at the entire police force in that small town.

Typical that black women who have had to bury their fathers, sons, brothers, cousins, etc. do so without one word of comfort or condolence from the white female dominated feminist brigade. They called themselves ‘being there’ for Anita Hill, Desiree Washington, and the black women who protested the misogyny in rap lyrics even while white males in the entertainment field make and distribute putrid filth that put the ‘miss’ in misogyny. White women are right there for black women when the target is a black male, yet they are nowhere to be found when a white male is the cause of the chaos. Mike Brown is just one name in a long sordid sad list of young male black bodies left by the wayside, in his case, literally considering that he lay dying in the street for four hours before there was any type of assistance provided.

I guess the feminist crowd is too busy schmoozing rich white men from ‘Hollywhite’ to get another contribution under the table. Damn right I said it! Many white, female, fueled, so-called feminist organizations are funded by white males in ‘Hollyweird’. That’s precisely why they never take them to task for their rampant and often times sickening glee in showcasing depraved images of violence towards women. Now, they are quiet when violence towards black people particularly young males rears its ugly head once more.

The feminist gang must be oblivious to the fact that killing a male who is obviously a woman’s son will cause her immense grief. Apparently, they only care to step in when it’s a case of black-on-black outrage. If a black woman has an issue with a black man, they are ready willing and able to jump in with both guns blazing. But put a white male in the middle of that equation, especially one that represents the ultimate line of protection for them against the darkie horde, and Marlee Maitlin could hear a pin drop!

It’s not a secret that white women, for years, have stood right by their male companions who have made life unbearable for those of color. That includes the ones who pretend to be on women of color’s side, even as they ignore our plight or whatever indignities we face on a daily basis.

And don’t kid yourself in thinking that because we all share a vagina that we should also share a point of view, especially when the only lens they are willing to look through is one that suits their interest and theirs alone. If it wasn’t for the constant badgering, I might slightly agree with the Obama-should-speak-out-about-the-death-of-Mike-Brown’ crowd. However, I feel that he isn’t the only person or group that has to take their lumps for not being vocal enough in the wake of this brutality, particularly since he isn’t the one going around proclaiming himself to be an ally but does everything to prove the opposite.

After watching a TV special on PBS about the historic run of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm to become not only the first woman president but first black female president at that, I saw clearly where white women’s loyalties lie. Judging from how then-head of the America’s most well-known feminist group Bella Azbug treated Miss Chisholm, it doesn’t surprise me at all. What does bother me is that nobody, including black women, are holding white women’s feet to the fire for not practicing what they love to preach or being criticized for their lack of involvement when it’s a black woman that isn’t in direct conflict with a black man. You may say that they don’t care, because they have never cared.

Well okay. Then, don’t keep putting on this fucking dog and pony show making believe that your words are anything but empty rhetoric. You don’t get to continuously play hero for everyone even as you happily disregard those not deemed worthy of your concern. I could probably list a hundred examples from black women that truly shows just how seriously many white women take their own blatherings of sisterhood. If you say that you are about all women, then live up to the standards that you have set, or shut the fuck up! We all have more important things to do than listen to you say one thing while you behave in a completely different manner.

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R.I.P. Buster Jones


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Buster Jones

From Variety:

Buster Jones, an actor on Hanna-Barbera’s “Super Friends” cartoon, which ran on ABC on Saturday mornings fr0m 1973-76, died on Sept. 16 in North Hollywood, Calif. He was 71.

He is probably best known from his role as Black Vulcan in “Super Friends” (the 1980-2 version, which was the fifth incarnation of the series).

The actor also played Blaster in “The Transformers,” Doc in “G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero” and Winston Zeddemore in “The Real Ghostbusters” (subbing in for Arsenio Hall) and later in “Extreme Ghostbusters.”

While “Super Friends” featured the superheroes of the DC comicbook world, Jones’ character Black Vulcan was a creation of Hanna-Barbera.

Click here to read the rest of this article. 

The Media’s Veiled Black Problem


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I can’t hold my tongue any longer. I need to say something about this. And I know I’m not the only one who notices this. But before I start, I want to first set something straight. I do not condone the actions of the people who have been making the rounds in the mainstream news media, and those who excuse them. In other words, domestic violence, child abuse or stupidity of any kind does not sit well with me at all. So, for anyone who thinks I’m making excuses, keep it moving.

Even since TMZ released the infamous footage of former NFL player Ray Rice sock and manhandled his wife like a titled punching bag, the media has, all of a sudden, became very talkative about domestic violence. It’s reminiscent of what happened with Chris Brown and O.J. Simpson. The news is working around the clock to talk about Rice, the NFL and domestic violence.

In no time, Adrian Peterson, another NFL player, made headlines for being accused of child abuse. There was a warrant out for his arrest, and now, his team suspended him indefinitely from playing in any future games. I bet some of you saw that coming.

Yes, there is a serious problem with domestic and child abuse in this nation. However, the media has seemingly heightened their surveillance for any and all bad behaviors committed by black males in the mainstream spot light. In the past week or so, the radar is focused on the NFL. And since two-thirds of the players are black males, it’s safe to presume there will be more cases of violence ready to be picked by news outlets in the disguise of being concerned for social problems rendered into black pathologies with the help of excess attention, imagery and commentary, mostly from white woman who are against it.

It seems too coincidental that the Ray Rice video was released right when black folks were being pummeled, choked and shot to death by police.  When black people were outraged over a string – A STRING of police brutalities and murders, that horrific footage, which has been around since early this year, became public. Now, the American media is up in arms that a black football player not only clobbered his wife, but that the NFL give him a light punishment. Why wasn’t it – the video – released then?

So, it should be understood why some people will suspect that the latest chapter in ‘blacks behaving badly’ will help influence public opinion that black men being shot and killed rightfully deserve it and help strengthen an already embedded belief that black women deserve to get their asses whooped. This is going by speculation alone. But given this nation’s history and obsession with race, it’s a damn good one.

Thanks to co-blogger Lavern Merriweather, I understand better and are more keen to spot the corporate media’s hypocrisy when it comes to social ills. Recently, Federal Judge Mark Fuller was arrested for beating his wife in a hotel. Oklahoma police officer Daniel Holtzclaw is accused of raping a total of eight black women during his career. Tony Stewart is in trouble for running down Kevin Ward, Jr. That Archie Bunker incarnate Rush Limbaugh made a stupid-ass comment about rape. And where is the demonization of Oscar Pistorius who’s pension for gun and domestic violence is noted? Is there a witchhunt for prominent and(or) famous white males and their violence to find and burn at the stake? And are the accused white men punished the same way as black males on the same level as they are?

There is indeed a problem of sexism and misogyny. Let’s do something about it! But it’s wrong to turn it into a black problem. If we are convinced that only black men are this violent, and there are some, make no mistake, but are silent when white men do the same thing, it’s strikes a blow for racism against sexism. If you do think it is a black problem, check out the MLB’s record on domestic violence and let that sink in!

Black men are not more violent than any other human being. But alas, watching corporate media would make you think differently. Let’s keep it 100. Black violence is newsworthy and trendy, and if the suspects are famous, it must be reported and circulated which will bring up conversations on why people are violent with the use of black male and black female images, mugshots included. They don’t have to ask “Why are black folks violent”. Sometimes all it takes is an image to connect the dots. And if reported long enough, the subtly racist point is made. Black skin equals brutality.

If you haven’t already, don’t expect the news media to change any time soon, especially with white males at the helm. Sad to say, but you can almost count on any media outlet controlled by whites to be for whites. Black people, black males especially, will always be a collective of brutes that must be put away while white males will be individuals with problems that need to be fixed.

Let me say this once again. Of course, we should focus on domestic violence in our community. Hell yes, we should focus on child abuse. And you’re damn right, we need to confront and tackle the problem of violence in general. But are only we pulling this shit all the time? Fuck no!

Again, no one’s excusing bad behavior. But if the media was so concerned with domestic violence, child abuse and the like, where are the plethora of white faces and where’s the anger over their bullshit? Nah, instead what we see are black faces more often than white faces. It’s sad that some people care more about looking good than actually being good. Black people hold each other accountable all the time. What’s their excuse?

They have none. There is nothing sensible that can explain this double standard, because it’s anything but. It’s no wonder why most of us don’t trust them. The media will turn white stupidity into an individual problem while turning black stupidity into a raving pathology. White people, with their mainstream media, will get disappointed with those individual whites. While the same media will try to make black people collectively feel ashamed of themselves for problems that’s hitting all of us, regardless of color.

Vern’s Venting: The Black Chauffeur


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Morgan Freeman (front) with Jessica Tandy (back) in Driving Miss Daisy

By Lavern Merriweather:

A while back, I wrote a scathing post about late film critic Roger Ebert. It was about the fact that as much as he pretended to be so liberal, he, like a lot of like-minded white folks, was anything but. There are several examples I could use to support my mindset, but one I hated the most is the whole ‘black’ whatever description for a character.

Case in point, look at the Oscar winning film “Driving Miss Daisy” starring noted actress Jessica Tandy who won an award for best actress with Morgan Freeman as her sometimes chocolate lover/driver hired by the other star of the film Dan Akroyd playing her son. I noticed that Ebert, like every white male who reviewed the movie whenever they described Ms. Tandy’s character of Miss Daisy, were practically writing novels with all the adjectives that they used for her. Yet, when it came to Mr. Freeman, he was written as nothing more than the black chauffeur. They might as well have said that it was a great, starring triumphant for the beloved Ms. Tandy and some black guy next to her. Despite their supposed love affair with Morgan Freeman in his breakthrough 1987 role as the pimp Fast Black in the movie “Street Smart” when he played a subordinate, he became just another random Negro, being the loving always long suffering nursemaid to a white woman who, from all purposes, seemed perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

My big stinking problem with the film’s ridiculous “Song of the South” view on race relations aside, my main gripe here is with white male film critics. The ones who supposedly speak so highly of talented actors from other races, yet don’t want to see anyone that resembles them upended by said POCs. They forever want to be the star/ hero/ love interest.

Even as they pretend to think so much of us darkies, their real feelings are reflected in how they mention us in their columns or magazine articles. Most of the time, it’s with obvious reluctance, as if they would really enjoy this picture, if there wasn’t one of them colored people in it. They seem to not want our presence ever period. And don’t dare be a Will Smith, Wesley Snipes, Denzel Washington. Be any black male star, and they will go out of their way to find something wrong with the picture, all while praising the same subject matter or performance when it’s a white male.

There have been countless dogs starring white males such as Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey. Yet, it’s almost without fail the films of black men that are just the absolute worst. I have seen some of the movies they are so damn quick to criticize, and most of them aren’t that bad. The only bad thing is the biased perspective coming from the person reviewing the film.

Speaking of Mr. Smith, the few times I do see him get praised for his performances is when he is playing a subordinate or subservient like in the Matt Damon movie “Legend of Bagger Vance”, which I still don’t get. Just what the hell his character was supposed to be, besides a well-worn stereotype that is making most white male movie critics giddy with delight? Or when he was starring as their ultimate thrill of emasculation for a black male, a homosexual. It seems that being a caricature, which makes them feel the most comfortable, is the one time they can tolerate a black face on screen.

Will Smith and Matt Damon in The Legend of Bagger Vance

That must be why it’s still so much easier to find work and get praise as a black actor/actress, if you are playing a white person’s servant. Or in the case of Mr. Freeman a driver, obviously since he is too old to play the pimp role. He fits right into the magical Negro. I’m surprised they didn’t find a way to make him a great-great descendant of Uncle Remus from the banned Disney film, seeing how that’s basically what he is portraying only in a slightly less overt and offensive way.

As I have stated previously, I get that the past for black folks is a most hard pill to swallow. But why is it that those same folks i.e. white people who keep telling us to get over it have NO qualms about waxing nostalgic for a bygone era when it paints them in an inaccurately pleasant light?

When the breakdancing craze took off in the mid 80’s, Hollywood attempted to capitalize with several hit movies. Famed movie critic Gene Siskel of the Ebert and Siskel duo was not too pleased. He lamented that the advent of black urban faces in an inner city setting listening to hip-hop music would leave white teens out in the cold, obviously oblivious to the many years of white films that focused on the lives of teenagers with nary a black face in the bunch. Yet, because Siskel and other white males felt slighted, or as he put it, “There was no one that his kids could relate to,” that meant those films were lacking.

He didn’t seem to have a problem with the lily white dance flick “Footloose” starring a very young Kevin Bacon. Hell, even the break dancer in that movie was a white guy. Then again, that’s how most white males, particularly ones that have a voice in the media, operate. If it doesn’t pertain to them or reflect some aspect of their lives, then they ain’t interested. Thankfully, he and the rest of them didn’t determine the box office dollar, seeing how some of those pictures, a few spawning sequels, became smash hits despite his objections.

I recall an interview with comic legend Eddie Murphy. He opined that even as the critics were tearing down his films and performances, somebody had to be watching his pictures, because he was still getting work. And we all know fully well that the executives in Hollywhite aren’t about promoting black culture or stories any more than the white male critics enjoy watching them. So, Mr. Murphy must have a point, because I’m certain that the higher ups who greenlight his movies aren’t his friends. In fact, far from it. He, like Richard Pryor and Sidney Poitier before him, had to work twice as hard to be hired.

That’s why it really burns my butt that white men are usually the final say in regards to what films do well and which ones don’t. Lucky for me that I don’t listen to white male critics, especially since I know the place where it comes from. And that’s one where we are still at the back of the bus, eating in the kitchen, serving their drinks or playing insignificant drivers for their mommas.

Vern’s Venting: Kung Fu Logic


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By Lavern Merriweather

For you youngins not old enough to remember, there used to be a very popular TV show on ABC that debut in 1974 called “Kung Fu”. It starred the incomparable David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine, a martial arts fighting nomad who went from town to town in the old west. In one of their better episodes, a white male was on trial for the death of a Chinese man. A friend of the accused, played by Scott Hylands, tries to justify the killing by claiming that the person murdered wasn’t really a ‘man’. Therefore, there was no murder.

Ever the brilliant philosopher, Mr. Caine explains that if you constantly remind someone that they are less-than and aren’t truly human, then would you not expect at some point for them to believe it?

Apathy towards people of color has been around for a very long time in America. It certainly has helped a number of white people in America justify bullshit killings of black folks in recent years. Apparently, Kwai Chang spoke truth, because that mentality can even come from other black people themselves.

A paramedic by the name of Melissa Jackson, who is black and female, refused to grant help to another black woman named Eutisha Rennix because, as she put it, she was on her lunch break. So, because Ms. Jackson thought her eating her Big Mac dollar meal was more important than saving a life, a woman had to die.

This is precisely why I think so many black male comedians are on the side of the white media when it comes to mocking and vilifying their own. Even while given countless opportunities to make just as much fun of or just as many cruel malicious comments about white people, they opt instead to attack other blacks. I get that a lot of black people back in the day threw another Negro under the bus to save their own skin, but what’s the excuse now? On second thought, fuck that! I don’t get how you can agree with the logic that says you are nothing, especially compared with the dominant culture.

The only way to bring about change is to change the status quo and speak truth to power, regardless of who gets offended or pissed off so the people of yesteryear that eagerly sold their soul get no free pass from me. Let’s be fair here; not all black folks commit acts of behavior for some greater good. Many times they do it because they are selfish assholes that don’t give a crap about anybody but their dang selves. I really don’t see how you can fall in line with the very group of people that keeps telling how inferior/worthless/despicable you are. The more that happens, the more killings of innocent black lives are going to seem like no big deal, even to the main group of people that are being targeted believe it or not.

What makes this all the more aggravating is that it’s not just limited to African-Americans or people of color period. Anybody thought of as different or an outsider is fair game. In 1979, an Amish couple and their two children were going home after having dinner at a friend’s house. Some local white male teens decided to have some fun at their expense. They were on a hunt for ‘clapes’ which is a derogatory slur for the Amish. (It comes from the term ‘clay apes’, something that they call Amish farmers.) The teens were throwing rocks at the family’s buggy and their 7 month-old baby daughter got hit in the head. The little girl didn’t survive; she died days later in the hospital from a fractured skull.

Now, you would think the heartless, senseless, stupid killing of an innocent baby would spark a shitstorm of outrage from the townspeople towards the teens. However, since this is America, if you are seen as strange or different, then your life has little or no value. The townspeople, instead, turned on the Amish couple, criticizing them for being out at that time of the night and for not having a vehicle like normal folks to protect their baby girl. After all, they said she wouldn’t have gotten hit in the head were it not for the fact that the parents were so damn irresponsible. They should have been in a car and the metal or glass would have saved the baby. I guess the notion that those dumbass punks should never have been out throwing rocks at people who have never done shit to them didn’t cross their moronic little minds.

The couple didn’t press charges and said that they immediately forgave the boys, leading me to believe that those assholes targeted them because they knew the religion, which they hate the Amish so much for, would get their sorry asses off the hook for doing something so heinous. The thugs didn’t spend one day in jail or prison and their parents only had to pay fines of 2,000 to 5,000 dollars for what they did. A local prosecutor tried to help the family seek justice, but they didn’t want their surviving daughter to experience the trauma of having to testify against those lowlifes. So, no punishment has ever been rendered, save the fines.

While in college during sociology class, I learned of a word called ‘neutralization’. That’s where those who hate others use words such as racial slurs and insults to dehumanize another person to make them feel as belittled as possible. It’s also why many create stereotypes. If I think that you are this, that and the other, that makes it okay if I hurt or kill you.

The professor also told us the story about the Amish couple which I then looked up on the internet. It sounds a lot like the rhetoric that was used by the Scott Hylands character in that memorable episode of the show. You mean nothing to me therefore your life means nothing as well. Never mind the family and friends this person may have had that did care about them.

I can only hope that the rash of violence and brutality against black folks won’t exist much longer. And that we can stop thinking like the dominant society when it comes to how much our lives matter.

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Dave Zirin on the NFL’s History of Condoning Domestic Abuse

Ray Rice, Domestic Violence, The Video and Sensationalizing and Racializing a Social Problem


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Ray Rice with his wife Janay

Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice, or rather ex-football player Ray Rice, has been let go following the release of a horrific video of him knocking out and dragging his then-fiancée, now-wife Janay Palmer-Rice.

The event occurred months ago. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down a suspension from two games in July. This led to an outrage, calling for a harsher punishment against Rice. Recently, a video obtained by tabloid king TMZ was released to the public. In no time, mainstream outlets and social media made it viral. Soon, Rice’s contract was terminated presumably under the premise of watching the footage. Since its release, Mrs. Rice released statements ranging from apologies to depression:

“I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I’m mourning the death of my closest friend. But to have to accept the fact that it’s reality is a nightmare in itself. No one knows the pain that (the) media & unwanted options from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his a** of for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific. THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don’t you all get. If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you’ve succeeded on so many levels. Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what real love is! Ravensnation we love you!”

There are so many people to blame for this whole matter. Ray Rice, of course, should’ve known better not to clock this woman as if she was a UFC fighter. Whether she provoked it or not is no excuse to almost put her in a coma, or worse.

I blame TMZ, a company all about (mostly black) celebrity tabloid drama that knowingly released the video for reasons speculated. I can assume Harvey Levin was more concerned about a way to profit from this problem as opposed to the actual beating as he is chuckling all the way to the bank with his millions. Whenever black people suffer, a white man somewhere will use it to make money.

I blame the NFL for thinking this is just a minor setback all the while praising Ray Rice for being a valuable player and a “nice guy” to boot. Maybe he is; I dunno. Still, that doesn’t exonerate him from hitting a woman.

Finally, I blame a culture where violence is idolized and where victims are shamed. We live in a world where if we punch someone in the face, we blame the person for having a face while excusing and supporting the one doing the punching! And someone would record the whole incident and post it online for a bunch of likes, shares, retweets, favorites, LOL’s, OMG’s and SMH’s.

So, Ray Rice is no longer playing. Now what? What will come of this now that he’s indefinitely benched?

We seem to think that kicking out a ball playing wife beater would be the end of it, but it’s not. Will Rice learn anything from this? Will he and his family get help? Will there be major changes within the NFL and how it deals with domestic violence as a result? There are so many questions to ask and so many things to consider that this is hardly a straightforward issue. Sadly, I fear this will fade away in a hot second until another face of domestic violence surfaces, and it will likely involve another black couple in the media spotlight which will start another color-aroused uproar.

Fox & Friends’ anchors, using all their worldly knowledge and tact at once, saw fit to poke fun at this incident. While citing Chris Brown and Rihanna and Jay Z and Solange, the crew jokingly saw that the message was that it was best to “take the stairs”. Keep in mind, they made references to famous black couples only.

In cases of domestic violence, or crime in general, in the world of sports or in Hollywood, more attention tends to focus heavily of black people and black couples. This problem with Ray Rice somehow set off yet another conversation surrounding this matter. I say ‘somehow’, because surprisingly – not really – there was never quite as loud a commotion when Ben Roethlisberger was accused of sexual assault – TWICE – from the media or from sports fans. And that is just one example.

Come to think of it, how many white athletes and white celebrities have you heard accused of rape, domestic violence and so forth right off the bat? My guess would be hardly at all. Even if it’s reported, it’s a quick blip on the radar, and then, it’s gone, unless it’s very serious like murder. Most white celebrity news, including those of the tabloid variety, are positive.

When the subject of domestic violence and rape are raised involving the rich and famous, usually black faces are plastered all over the media long and hard. This is not to say that we should minimize the impact of Ray Rice’s crime or domestic violence in general. But I can’t help but see it as a disguised attempt to turn this into a black pathology, demonizing black athletes as a whole, yet again, and con the public into thinking the mainstream media actually gives a damn about the matter of contention when it hardly screams whenever white athletes and white celebs do wrong.

In the end, if this problem is to be tackled honestly, blaming the victim, sensationalizing the issue and racializing it are all the wrong ways to go about doing it. I hope Mrs. Rice, as well as her husband, get some kind of help for the sake of their family without any mainstream interference and scrutiny.

Vern’s Venting: Culture of Silence


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Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice and his wife in child in the foreground pictures with apparent stills of footage of him assaulting his wife from a video just released by TMZ

Days ago, I sent an email to Brotha with a response to the very intelligent and thoughtful post he wrote about the controversy surrounding Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice. It seems that folks were calling for Rice’s head on a silver platter, because he was seen on video dragging his fiancé out of an elevator, apparently after knocking her unconscious when their argument turned into a physical altercation. I don’t know what happened prior to the video but Mr. Rice took a lot of heat from the media holier-thans for what occurred. The commissioner for the NFL Roger Goddell also was criticized for giving Rice such a light sentence. Ray Rice was only suspended two games sending many so called fans and media harpies into a virtual frenzy.

Brotha rightfully pointed out the double standard naming famous white males who have also laid their hands wrong on a woman. To add fuel to his fire I emailed him about a white male MMA fighter named John Koppenhaver who now goes legally by the name “War Machine” (Rolls eyes). If that stupid and creepy moniker just begging for brutality wasn’t bad enough, several pictures surfaced on Instagram of his ex-girlfriend porn star Christy Mack. Ms. Mack was beaten very badly by Koppenhaver, because supposedly he came into her apartment unannounced and caught her in bed with another man. Mack claims that they were broken up already, and he had no business being there, especially considering that he also attacked the man she was having sex with.

Pictures of Christy Mack’s bruises (left) with her and John “War Machine” Kopperhaver (right)

The story caught some steam when noted bounty hunter and lover of the blond mullet Dwayne ‘The Dog’ Chapman became involved. Mr. Chapman didn’t mince words while on the Nancy Grace show of the MSNBC network as he discussed what he thought of that punk Koppenhaver. However, because this is a white male, the story died almost as soon as it was born. Many in the media completely ignored the despicable and criminal act of the MMA champion. They haven’t uttered one fucking peep, save the always-ready-to-make-excuses-for-white-men-behaving-very-badly-supposed psychologist Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Dr. Drew, also on MSNBC, seems to have become a how-to on not taking responsibility for your actions when you are white. And along for the ride is his gang of bubbleheaded Barbie clones agreeing with every stupid, arrogant self-serving word that he spews. He and his crew of airheads tried to justify Koppenhaver’s behavior by whining that he had a bad childhood, took steroids and suffered a lot of distress in his life. Well, gosh golly gee! With that entire trauma, it’s only natural and understandable he would be so stressed out as to do what he did.

For those of you dropping your jaw right now, I’m being sarcastic. There’s no way in hell I agree with those dumbasses, and yes I am calling them that. By the way, Dr. Drew, having a so-called psychological expert doesn’t change your bullshit rationalizing of his horrific and heinous behavior. Nor does sticking your head up your ass as if it were sand and you were an ostrich do anything to change the blatant glaring obvious racism and hypocrisy of the media. In case you jackasses were wondering yes your shit does stink too! And if one of you violently assaults a woman, you should face the same pious venom you hurriedly unleash on black males.

Even more troubling is the snide commentary by many on the internet stating that Dog (Mr. Chapman) was just an attention whore looking to get air time. Maybe he is rightfully excited about treating that piece of shit with the same disgraceful disdain that he did his ex Ms. Mack. Plenty of people experience horrible things in their life and they have never laid a hand on anyone, especially not someone who looks like she doesn’t weigh more than 115 pounds. Him being a well-trained combat fighter, Koppenhaver has won many tournaments, and he knew damn good and well how horribly he would hurt Christy. So spare me the ‘he was caught in the moment’ nonsense. Tough shit!

Still, the high and mighty of the media has stayed silent about this loser Koppenhaver. And please do not tell me it’s because the MMA isn’t as popular a sport as football, because that has nothing to do with anything. I don’t give two shits about how well known a sport is. He beat the shit out of his ex- girlfriend. So, he should be getting JUST as much outrage. Then again, there have been white males in the past who committed domestic violence and nobody spoke one word about it.

Race car drivers Danny Sullivan and Al Unser Jr. have both attacked their former female loves. Hockey player Patrick Roy was arrested more than once for domestic violence. Golfer John Daly once hit his ex in public. And boxer Andrew Golota has also beat his wife as well as brutally assaulted two men in his native Poland, one of whom has been in a coma since 1992. Good luck getting the judgmental white media brigade to say boo about them.

Golfer John Daly

Obviously, white males are determined to make sure that the face of domestic violence stays a black one. It doesn’t even have to be just athletes. There is the sickening and outrageous video of a California Highway patrol officer raining blows on pedestrian and Grandmother Marlene Pinnock. Another cop in Chicago was sued by a female bartender after he was seen on video pummeling her practically into unconsciousness. He claims that it was because he was upset his dog had cancer while she says that he was angry, and she refused to serve him any more drinks, which is the policy of the bar where she works. Yet, this brave young woman was viciously attacked because she chose to do the right thing instead of be impressed by a boy in blue. Keep in mind he is 6’2 weighing 196 pounds while she is 5’4 and weighs only 125. Not exactly a fair fight. Shit not a fight at all. That was a beat down.

Yet, curiously when it’s a white male administering it, those very same folks crying out against a black man are quiet. Either thet have a bad case of laryngitis or they care more about persevering their racist arrogance than the very issue they call themselves crusading for.

NOTE: Kopperhaver’s father is German American while his mother is Mexican. Thanks TeddyBearChubs. 


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